Live Wire

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A hook-up turned lethal. A spurned, angry cowboy. Can rebel Maggie turn the tables before a killer adds her to the list of lost causes?

Washed-up alt-country-rocker-turned-junker Maggie Killian is pulled to Wyoming by an irresistible force . . . former bull rider Hank Sibley, the man who broke her heart fifteen years before. When she unexpectedly meets his Sunday school-teaching girlfriend at a saloon, Maggie seeks liquor-fueled oblivion between the sheets of a younger man’s bed. But after her beloved vintage truck breaks down and leaves her stranded in the Cowboy State, she learns her hook-up died minutes after leaving their rendezvous. Suddenly surrounded by men with questionable motives, Maggie searches for the murderer while fighting the electricity between herself and her old beau and her new penchant for local whiskey.

When the police zero in on Maggie despite a disturbing series of break-ins at her guest cabin, she realizes she’s got no one to rely on but herself. To stay happily in bars instead of behind them, she must stop the killer before the cops realize the man she really suspects is a jealous, angry Hank.

Live Wire is the first standalone book in a trilogy featuring sharp-tongued protagonist Maggie Killian from the addictive What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series. Readers who like nerve-racking suspense, electric characters and relationships, and juicy plot twists, will love USA Today best seller Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ Silver Falchion award-winning series.

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Frugalpreneur by Sarah St John

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Do you want to learn how to launch, manage, and market your online business for under $100 per month?
Look no further!
Are you looking for a way to...
Make some extra money on the side?
Build up your savings and/or pay down debt to achieve financial freedom?
Work from home to avoid rush hour traffic and spend more time with family?
Escape the rat race climbing the corporate ladder and work for yourself instead?
Build passive, residual, and scalable income streams?
˃˃˃ Perhaps you are like me and ALL of the above apply.
But, there's just one little problem (ok, BIG problem): Money. After all, you are wanting to start a new venture to MAKE money, not SPEND money.

We've all heard the phrase: "You have to spend money to make money". That is a certain extent.

I have spent years researching ways to be able to run online businesses on a tight budget, and I want to share with you the tools, resources, and processes I find most useful and provide the most bang for your buck (some are even free!)

˃˃˃ In this book, you will learn not only the various options when it comes to making money online such as:
1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Drop Shipping and E-Commerce

3. Content and Product Creation

4. White (Private) Label Reselling

5. ...and more

˃˃˃ But, you'll also learn how to start, manage, and market your online business for under $100/mo.
Let's get started. Time is money.

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San Francisco is on the edge of a blizzard, the first in a hundred years. A cannibal killer stalks the streets. A rash of abductions targets people seemingly at random. A city falling into chaos.

Chris Black sees the connection. On the trail of a missing woman, he uncovers the delicate threads uniting the disparate mysteries. But he is mentally ill and all of it could be the product of his diseased mind. Balancing the fog of medication with his descent into madness, he struggles to remain lucid in the face of horror.

Delving into a mystery that might be of his own making, he discovers a secret world. A world where women become serpents, the very ground can be his deadliest enemy, a world of the blackest magic. He has found the edges of something older than he can imagine, something that can change the fabric of reality.

And the storm itself is his only ally.

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Living on the Edge by Gary Roe

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Living on the Edge: How to Fight and Win the Battle for Your Mind and Heart (Teen Edition)

We’re all living on the edge.

Life is tough. Bad things happen. To us. To those we love and care about.

We wonder what's coming next. We're scared, anxious, angry, and sad.

We try, but never feel good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough. We wear masks. We try to fit in. We live lies.

We're on a downward spiral. Maybe you're on a downward spiral.

You've felt this. Perhaps you're feeling it now.

There’s a fierce battle going on in your mind. Your heart is at stake.

This is a battle you must win.

It’s time to expose the lies and embrace the truth.

It’s time to become who you really are.

For more than 30 years, multiple award-winning author, speaker, and grief counselor Gary Roe has been helping teens and adults heal from past wounds, discover who they are, and live with passion and purpose. With more than a dozen books and 600 articles in print, he has become a trusted, inspirational voice to thousands of wounded hearts.

“Life is about overcoming,” Gary frequently says. Let him help you face your battles, beginning with this book. 

In Living on the Edge, you’ll learn…
Why you struggle with feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or hopelessness at times.
How your struggles come from lies you’ve been fed and embraced along the way.
How to identify the specific lies tripping you up and keeping you stuck.
How to begin to replace these lies with the truth.
How to deal with self-harming or suicidal thoughts that can derail your life. 
Where to go from here to become the Difference Maker you were meant to be.

It’s time to move from walking on the edge of a cliff to living on the edge of your seat.

The battle is raging. You can win it.

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Undamage me ... Jack (Undamage Me Trilogy Book 1)

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A sexually-naive, yet mature young woman, overhears a phone call that leads her to search for a special man. Can she find him and can he undamage her and release her from her nightmare of many years? Prepared to compromise her deep-set principles, could her long-held unshakable fear of men, that had tormented her since childhood, be solved by a handsome stranger? Was it the blood on her skirt, that long lingering look or his first exciting touch that set her on her quest that led her to this, their 'memory bench' in an English park? Yet, so far from the white boiling surf of Bondi Beach... and the sickening abuse that her vile uncle had subjected her to. Wanting to explore her capacity for sexual feelings, she feared their risky arrangement would lead them into a strong unwanted emotional connection. What will her future be now he has gone from her life? Why has he deserted her? Will she find him? Has she been damaged again?

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Don't Fear The Reaper

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'The Grim Reaper fled across the land and the antichrist followed. The full moon cast monstrous shadows in their wake. They appeared to float as opposed to ambling. The long, curving blade of the scythe reflected the pale radiance. The white horse was free of the Reaper's burden and strode forward alongside them. Then a luminous green fog ascended the horizon. Its core pulsed, spreading across the terrain, shrouding the moon and casting pitch blackness...' This spine-chilling novel will have you turning the pages with eager, if not fearful anticipation! Written in the same taut, crystallised style of his former book, Abducted, the author has created a different yet similar tale that nudges at the edges of the supernatural and the unknown, exploring the darkness that lies deep in the psyche of every man and woman. Read this novel, if you dare...

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Beyond McCarron’s Corner

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Sassy and Owen Winslow were historical experts on the Revolutionary War and the Culpers, Washington’s spy ring. After her husband dies unexpectedly, Sassy struggles to find new meaning in her life. When she goes exploring in the Cohutta Wilderness, she falls through a hole in time, and finds herself in the Indian Territory in 1778, falling in love with Big Sexy Will Selk.

Will Selk, one of Washington’s spies, falls in love with the spunky widow who came to live at McCarron’s Corner after her husband’s death. When he learns she came from Beyond, both Will and the Commander-in-Chief are eager to pick the historian’s knowledge of the American Revolution – and in the process, Washington identifies the Culper Ring’s Madame X, who turns the tide for the patriots to win the war when Sassy provides vital information.

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