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She thought she would be safe far away in Kentucky... McKenna Mason's perfect life in New York City has just been destroyed. She is now a witness to a horrific crime involving some of America's most influential men. She knows she must get away and can think of only one outsider that might help her-Will Ashton. The flame of their brief romance during their teenage years never completely died out, and now it is about to explode. Trouble at every turn, a feisty horse that refuses to race without a good luck kiss, and three old ladies hell-bent on playing match-maker turn this newly rekindled romance into a wild race to the finish. Can Will and McKenna cross the finish line together, and more importantly, alive?

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Alexandra was a married woman with kids, she had a great job, wonderful future and dreams. Everything was going on well until she falls into the temptation of having an affair with her boss, she risks everything including her family and her life.  That temptation changed her life forever including her career. Alexandra tells her story in an epic novel “alleged affairs” the story of love, lust and murder. A true-life story that is intended to change your own perspective and the views about love, life and relationship. It is written with moving pieces and vividly description of events to create permanent imagery that will have a lasting impression on the readers.

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Renn and the Bounty Hunters

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Renn and his protector, the mage Artio, disappeared without a trace and have been hiding from powerful warlock's and evil magic users for nearly two years. According to an ancient prophecy, Renn will change the balance of power. The most powerful warlock, Kahn Devin, is convinced the boy, Renn, is still alive and will stop at nothing to find him before he learns to use his powers and can defeat the warlock and stop his bid to rule all of Lemuria. Kahn has placed an enormous bounty on Renn and the mage, and they are running out of places to hide. Now, when they are nearly done with their self-imposed exile and preparing to leave for the safety of Elder Island, ruthless bounty hunters have tracked them down.

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End if By the Gun

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"An ambitious psychological thriller that reads like a fever dream. Tailor-made for fans of Franz Kafka..." - Best Thriller Strong ambition drives Beck Blades, an aspiring writer from rural Nebraska, to become obsessed with having big Hollywood studios make movies based on his fiction stories. Taking a heavy toll on his marriage, Beck's writing ambition soon proves hard to achieve. However, he is not a man to give up, even as rejections trail his efforts. He continues to write one fiction story after another with no breakthrough, until he writes his eleventh one, the unusual one, which grabs headlines through an unexpected route. Success begins for Beck, but little does he know his female literary agent has an extra plan way beyond representation.

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The Last of the Sages: The Complete Five Kingdoms Trilogy (Books 1-3)

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In the kingdom of Allay, Sages are born.

Powerful warriors with supernatural abilities that would rival the strength of whole armies. And there is an academy that trains such warriors, forging them out of young, ordinary students and casting them to the cold unknown. Few survive, but if there is any hope for this now desolate kingdom, the tests must be given to all that enter its walls.

One such student is James, a self-proclaimed slacker that has just been forced into the academy by his father. And if he plans to see another day, he will have to weather through four lessons in life: determination, maturity, trust, and love...

The Five Kingdoms Trilogy contains the three novels: The Last of the Sages, The Dark Kingdom, and Hail to the Queen in their entirety. 

Martin & James vs The Evil Mosquito Scientist

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An Evil Scientist has developed giant mosquitoes - but Martin & James are out to stop him Will they be in time to stop his plans? Headquarters top agent, Martin, has taken his trainee, James, up the side of a mountain to the lair of their quarry. They have lost most of their team and must survive giant mosquitos to gain access to their enemy. Martin must figure out how to stop this man while protecting James. If you enjoy pulp fiction style stories in the vein of Lester Dent's Doc Savage or Maxwell Grant's The Shadow, then you will enjoy this action adventure short story. Modern pulp fiction is back in style, and stories from Amazing Stories and Weird Tales are once again popular. Martin & James stories continue this tradition. Get Martin & James vs. The Masked Moss-Trooper and join the ranks of action, adventure readers You'll enjoy this if you like: Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft The Shadow by Maxwell Grant Dick Tracy by Chester Gould Short action, adventure spy thrillers The adventures of Martin & James are written to give you a thrill in a short amount of reading time. Similar to Patterson's Bookshots, you can read each of these on a train ride to work or while waiting at the doctor's office. Get the latest spy suspense thriller starring the new pulp heroes

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Fuel Your Employer Brand

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A Short-Haul (designed to be consumed in a couple of hours) look at why Employer Brand is so important in today's Talent War and what you can do to help improve your Employer Brand. This book is for business owners and key stakeholders responsible in part or full for Talent Acquisition. That doesn't preclude HR professionals and others reading it, but I can't provide a warranty for your future stress levels if you do! This book is a practical guide based on 20 years of making mistakes then getting it right!

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