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'Outstanding' is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedy. Take a failing school, a pig farm and an ice cream factory, add an inspection and a fly-on-the-wall documentary. The results are explosive! When the worst school in England is inspected, a cast of unforgettable characters are caught up in a spiral of outrageous events. This is a book that answers the big questions: Why is a school inspector naked on a hotel corridor with only The Guardian to cover his embarrassment? Why are two men chasing after a pig in a giant vat of ice cream? Why is a police officer fishing sticklebacks out of his helmet on a Sunday afternoon? Are Ofsted in league with ISIS? Palmers Inn Grammar School is about to be the subject of popular TV documentary series 'Educating Norfolk.' It is also about to be inspected. Both sets of visitors couldn't possibly turn up on the same day, could they? ...and when the psychotic Eric Halftree, operations manager at Farnley's ice cream factory is humiliated by shady local farmer Bernard Allsop, his thirst for bloody revenge sets in train a series of events that winds towards an apocalyptic climax.

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A Life With My Golden Retrievers

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This is my story about my life with Golden Retrievers over the last 21 years, from the day my first puppy was brought home to my current Goldie, who is 10 years old. The highs and lows faced, and each challenge we had to overcome together with the utmost heartache experienced from their loss. Most importantly, that special bond we have all uniquely shared.

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Murder at Merisham Lodge (Miss Hart and Miss Hunter Investigate: Book 1)

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A mansion, a title and marriage to a wealthy Lord - Lady Eveline Cartwright has it all. Unfortunately, it's not enough to prevent her being bludgeoned to death one night in the study of Merisham Lodge, the family's country estate in Derbyshire. Suspicion quickly falls on her ne'er-do-well son, Peter, but not everyone in the household is convinced of his guilt. Head kitchen maid Joan Hart and lady's maid, Verity Hunter, know that when it comes to a crime, all is not always as it seems. With suspicions and motives thick on the ground, Joan and Verity must use all the wit and courage they possess to expose a deadly murderer who will stop at nothing to achieve their aim...

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Medicine Man

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Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences. But this is no ordinary castle. It's called Heartstone Psychiatric Hospital and it houses forty other patients. It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns.

It has a man, as well. A man who is cold and distant. Whose voice drips with authority. And whose piercing gray eyes hide secrets, and maybe linger on her face a second too long.

Willow isn't supposed to look deep into those eyes. She isn't supposed to try to read his tightly-leashed emotions. Neither is she supposed to touch herself at night, imagining his powerful voice and that cold but beautiful face.

No, Willow Taylor shouldn't be attracted to Simon Blackwood at all.

Because she's a patient and he's her doctor. Her psychiatrist.

The medicine man.

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A Question of Faith

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Abbilene loses her husband and her dreams in the fire that destroys the flour mill. The town is crying out for answers, and the Mayor promises justice. During the reading of her husband's will, Abbilene’s faith is tested when she discovers the true depths of his betrayal. She will inherit the mill and the money to rebuild as long as she adopts his son, left in an orphanage in San Francisco. The son no one knew existed. How can she love a child her husband fathered with another woman?

Tucker Manning, childhood friend and Sheriff, is ordered by the Mayor to uncover the truth of the explosion that took eight lives. He doesn’t believe the rumors around town about Abbilene and Sterling, her husband’s cousin. Could the woman he grew up with have planned and plotted to get rid of her husband and inherit the mill? The past has shown him that some women aren’t to be trusted, but Abbie is different. Isn’t she?

There are those who do not want the mill rebuilt and seek to stop Abbie at all costs. Even if that means harming a child. With Tucker at her side, they must retrieve the child and return home to finalize his adoption.

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Moving Abroad: The Essentials

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Decided to move to another country? This is the Guide for you.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the preparation of the move, the actual move and accommodation in the new country.

You'll be accompanied by:
• Detailed and comprehensive explanations
• Extensive and user-friendly checklists
• Easy move tracking exercises
• Real stories and useful tips from immigrants who’ve moved abroad successfully
• Very useful and country-specific online resources
… all in this first Master Guide of the Smoovster series.

The next two Smoovster Master Guides are:
• Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden
• Moving Abroad: The Mental & Emotional

In this first extensive Smoovster Master Guide, Moving Abroad: The Essentials, find out how to:
• Decide on the perfect location for you
• Take care of all the paper work
• Find a house you enjoy living in
• Find a job you love
• Make the packing short and sweet
• Inform yourself properly about the education, healthcare, insurance, bank, transportation, telecommunications, utilities
• Very valuable Bonus: Be on top of your budget at all times
• …and many more

Is this you?
• You want to move... but you don't know what to expect
• You feel overwhelmed by all the existing, but scattered information... and have many question
• You don't know what to do and when... in order for you and your family to be fully prepared, including emotionally

Use this Guide to avoid expensive mistakes, save time with your planning and get rid of your stress and overwhelm.

In the Smoovster program, we cover the
• Administrative
• Logistical
• Financial
• Social
• Mental
• Emotional
... aspects of your move.

Become the expert of your move, for you, your family and the ones around you! Let's do this!

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Unspeakable Prayers

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In occupied Poland, there are whispers of a terrifying darkness in the northern forests. When a young Lodzi Ashstein learns the horrifying truth about the Treblinka extermination camp, he is kidnapped and tormented by a senior SS officer, Janich Heiss. After a prisoner uprising, Heiss disappears into the woods and Lodzi is left with nothing but his nightmares and the eternal scars of a survivor.

More than 70 years later, Heiss has been mysteriously murdered, and Lodzi is accused of a crime of revenge. When attorney Thaddeus Murfee takes the case to trial, he unearths a startling trove of evidence that has the power to change everything. But can he bring the truth to light in time to save Lodzi from another nightmare?

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