War's Edge: Dead Heroes

Monday, April 6, 2020 Category : 0

At the bleeding edge of space...

In the 35th Century, mankind has colonized vast reaches of space, yet war remains constant as galactic governments and interstellar corporations fight for control of resource-rich planets and lucrative interstellar trade routes. And if centuries of war has taught man one thing, it's that planets are valuable and lives are cheap.

In a desperate attempt to escape his current life, Mark Rizer drops out of his prestigious university and enlists in the elite Marines of the United Systems Alliance defense forces. It's a decision that will take him across the galaxy, first to endure a sadistic boot camp designed to transform him into a ruthless killing machine, and then to join the ranks of the hardened Marines of Murder Company.

Deployed to Verdant, a remote jungle moon at the edge of Alliance space, Mark finds himself fighting a ghostly enemy in an unending conflict where victories are measured in body counts and death is the only ticket home. The daily grind of combat patrols transforms good men into cold-blooded killers and weak ones into bitter memories. At the bleeding edge of space, Mark learns the true cost of war as he fights for his life, his platoon mates, and his humanity.

"War's Edge: Dead Heroes" by Ryan W. Aslesen only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle from April 6 - May 15, 2020

Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts (Divine Warriors #1)

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A clumsy school girl with the magic of a goddess. Mechanical beasts attacking her friends. Can she become a divine warrior and save the floating city?

Fifteen-year-old Riwenne is bad at school, chronically late, and lost in a daydream, but she has help from her best friend, Nexita—until the two of them get separated. During the mysterious test on Choosing Day, they both wanted to become priestesses, an important job in the sky city. But only Riwenne became a novice, and Nexita was chosen by the engineers. Now she’s on her own for the first time in her life.

When a talking bird tells her that her best friend is under attack, Riwenne faces her worst fear. She must become a divine warrior and save her best friend from mechanical beasts!

As she juggles warrior training and priestess duties, Riwenne can’t let herself get distracted. She must recruit other warriors and lead the quest to find out the mystery behind the mechanical beasts, but most of all, she must follow her heart.

If she fails, the gods will judge her.

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Blood Brothers: Dragon Wars - Book 1

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Brothers with a nose for trouble collide with dragons in the sky.

Born into servitude, two special youths, an elf thief and a human warrior, form an unbreakable bond.
Reluctant to serve the iron hand the feeds them, the bold pair hatch a plan to escape.
Pitted against bitter rivals, they must overcome all odds and begin a journey destined liberate the world from darkness.

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Fresh off the Starship

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Readers’ Favorite book-award winner: A friendly, bewildered alien aims to land in Washington DC where she could help humanity on a grand geopolitical scale, but ends up in...Kansas! Wrong place, right time? Laugh through and be inspired by this fun, feel-good, moving and captivating tale that reminds us how truly awesome life on Earth and this being-a-human thing are.

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Gunslinger: Killer's Brand

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Shortly after finding a murdered man with a strange brand on his forehead, Connor and Abby Mack, along with their mentor, River Hicks, come to the aid of a black settler being menaced by a band of gunmen.

Upon arrival in town to report the murder and the incident, they’re confronted by a powerful rancher and his four sons, who have aspirations of taking over the entire territory. The beleaguered sheriff is of little help. The settler is charged with the branded man's murder and is also accused of being the leader of a band of masked killers, known as the Phantom Riders, who have been terrorizing the countryside.

Drawn into the web of deceit, Connor, Abby, and Hicks start their own investigation, but they're unaware that the three of them are being stalked by a cold-blooded assassin who specializes in long-range killing. Battling against overwhelming odds the trio engages in a desperate struggle to uncover the truth behind the killer’s brand.

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Lori Daniels Mystery: Lover Come Back

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Police Sergeant Daniels leads a team of detectives that uncovers a plot by a corrupt city official, who uses murder and intimidation, to try to take control of both city hall and the largest crime gang in the city. Witnesses are refusing to talk and the body count is rising, while the team methodically zeros in on the diabolical mastermind, who will go to any extent to win power, including arson, torture and mass murder. No one is safe from violence, as the villain resorts to desperate measures to keep from being caught.

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Seraphim Collective Chronicles: Book 1 - The Shard

Friday, April 3, 2020 Category : 0

'From Brit Writers Award Shortlisted author James R Bowman comes a brand new instalment into his sweeping apocalyptic saga.' Over 8900 years ago, The SERAPHIM COLLECTIVE was formed to protect the fledgling humanity from creatures who believed this world was theirs and ruled everything on it. 7500 years ago. The final cataclysmic battle against the malevolent and tyrannical Kalithine Empire took place, the Drakareth – the Dark Dragons - chain of domination was broken, though at great cost to both sides, even the victors. Present day and the SERAPHIM COLLECTIVE still protect us from the shadows, for humanity has forgotten their origins and what terrified them, but that's about to change drastically. Two have been found this century who fulfil an ancient Drakareth vengeance prophecy, screamed in blood by a dying Drakareth seer foretelling the return of Their Malevolent Queen Kalith and her brutal Kalithine Empire

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