A Love So Wrong: A Forbidden Romance

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Gideon Lattimore was the town's all-star prince. Mr. Perfect, who gave out gleaming smiles and wicked winks--and he was Jade's hero. From the moment she met him, they had been inseparable. For Jade, Gideon was everything: he was her self-proclaimed protector, her best friend, and her family. Living in a beautiful, sleepy town by the ocean surrounded by family and friends, their sparkling futures were all mapped out. She would graduate high school and attend the same college as him, and maybe one day, she would even get over her secret crush. For now, though, life was simply perfect, and Jade was content to dream. But everyone knows perfect things never last.

Cast from the only place they had ever called home, Jade and Gideon Lattimore are forced to downsize their lives into seventy-seven inches of their recently deceased father's semi-truck. Together they travel across the US, taking every paying load they can in hopes of planning out a new future. With every mile passed, tensions begin to build, and unspoken feelings between them begin to rise to the surface, daring the other to acknowledge them first. But one poor decision comes crashing through their fragile existence, and it may just cost them their lives--or it just may make their forbidden dreams come true.

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As the world descends into chaos, a young cyborg tightens the noose around his neck. How could life spiral down into such a black hole? The cyborg terrorist revolutionaries attacking the clones; the riot police retaliating with public hangings; executions being streamed live across the entire sector; and true love failing. The new world order brings a class struggle, social unrest, and injustice where an interracial love has no hope to survive.

Watching over these proceedings is a trio of guardian angels, the Soul Sisters, who are there to remind us that everything and everyone are connected through the universal energy of love. Without love, you ain't nothing but a Cybersoul. Originally written as an allegorical stage musical, Cybersoul was inspired by the U.S. black civil rights movement and soul music of the 1960s. Here, the songs inform each chapter and add a lyrical poetry to the story.

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What Led Me to You

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After graduation, I thought I would have the life I had always dreamed of. But like everything else in my life, it was taken away from me. 

The people I trusted the most, betrayed me. So I left Las Vegas and found myself in a new state. New state, new surroundings, new beginnings. 

My mom always told me when one door closes, another one opens. This new beginning was just that, the closure of my past. I thought I was starting fresh. Even with my love life. 

However, just when I think I can move on and enjoy life, my past came knocking. Now my past is getting ready to take everything away from me, again. 

I thought I was safe from my past. I was wrong.

What Led Me to You is an 80,000+ STANDALONE book with suspense, romance and has a HEA.

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Constance & Enzo's Tea Time With Peyton

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From the author of the Rose's Ghost Trilogy and Asylum comes a thrilling new tale featuring familiar characters...

Peyton’s come a long way from the awkward twelve-year-old girl we met in That Summer, but her incredible gift is still wreaking havoc with her life. In her ongoing quest to find others like her, she’s unknowingly left a trail of breadcrumbs to her front door – for commiserating friends and desperate souls, alike.

But she couldn’t have predicted the lengths one visiting stranger would go to take advantage of her ability to talk to the dead. She’s never been good at predicting the actions of people, dead or alive, But this time her weakness - combined with the all-encompassing need of her captor - results in her disappearance.

Her advantage? Those who love her will do everything they can to find her and bring her home, including the recruitment of two uniquely qualified women. Will Margot - a pioneer in the world of science and the supernatural, and Charis - a sometimes reluctant, but highly gifted psychic - succeed in using their own special talents to see clues the police simply can't?

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Between Us

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She waited 20 years for him to return to her. Now four of her patients are dead, and the cause of their deaths lead back to the man she loves.  

Mimi de Soto is the Administrator of Hope for Another Day convalescent home. One night, three of her patients commit suicide, and in a matter of days, her staff will find two more seniors who have died in the same manner. Soon, Mimi reunites with Noah Taylor, her childhood sweetheart.

But their reunion sours when Noah’s father exposes Mimi to a world of drugs, lies, and murder.   Can Noah and Mimi expose the deception killing the seniors, or will the attempts to destroy them prevail?

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Romanian History: A Captivating Guide to the History of Romania and Vlad the Impaler

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

History of Romania: A Captivating Guide to Romanian History, Including Events Such as the First Roman–Dacian War, Raids of Vlad III Dracula against the Ottoman Empire, the Great War, and World War 2

Vlad the Impaler: A Captivating Guide to How Vlad III Dracula Became One of the Most Crucial Rulers of Wallachia and His Impact on the History of Romania

Romania was internationally recognized in 1878, but its history is much older. To understand the people who inhabit this country, one must go back thousands of years and meet the first king who united the local tribes, Burebista. He and his successor, Decebal, warred against Roman legions, and although they displayed extraordinary bravery and military prowess, it wasn’t enough to preserve their independence.

Romania lies on Europe’s eastern border, and as such, it is often neglected in history. Although it is a culturally very rich country, the world displayed little interest in its promotion. By reading this captivating history of Romania, you will learn about the turbulent past of the region, the many wars it fought, and the people who led them. You will also learn the truth behind the character of Vlad the Impaler and decide for yourself if he was a ruthless, bloodthirsty ruler or a politician, tactician, and national hero.

If you want to learn more about the history of Romania and Vlad the Impaler, get this book now!

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THE PEOPLE’S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME! A Beginner’s Practical Guide on All You Need to Know on How to Profit from Gold (Bonus! Practical Tips for Investing in Silver)

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Don't have gold in your investment portfolio? Here’s why you're missing out. Is gold just for the rich? Will it be of any use to your already diversified portfolio? With prices at thousands of dollars for a few grams, gold is an expensive element. You'd have good reason to believe that it's only something the wealthy would buy, and probably just as a part of their collection of expensive things. But gold is much more than a material for luxurious jewelry or for ornate decorations.

Nowadays, gold is considered a safe haven for investors in an increasingly volatile market. Some investors invest in gold when they foresee a recession, inflation, or uncertainty. Others hold on to gold to preserve wealth, while having a vehicle to pass it on to future generations.

In THE PEOPLE'S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME!, you'll discover: - A step-by-step guide to getting started with gold even without any investing background - How to legitimately invest in gold with less than $100 - Why you need to buy physical gold - How much of your portfolio to invest in gold so you don’t lose out on market gains, but still protect yourself in case of a severe downturn - An easy and accessible way to invest in gold without having to worry about storage and theft - Have a better understanding of your profile as a gold investor Don't wait until the economic system collapses. Get some gold now and ensure that you're financially protected!

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