A Time for Change?

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Manchester in the 1960s is a man's world. Yet Connie Campbell has defied convention and built a successful career in the city. Proud of her working-class roots, she still lives in Ardwick; a community now condemned for demolition. A fighter, Connie battles to protect the neighbourhood she loves. But can she overcome the arrogance of the planners and the corruption of business and political elites?

Will Connie's own search for love end in anything other than betrayal and disappointment? Will the ultimate price of her professional success be the denial of her personal happiness? Connie's story is Manchester's too. A time when social and political change is transforming the city and its people.

Whilst bringing the promise of opportunity and freedom for many, will it destroy the traditional values of the city's proud, working class communities?

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You Are Perfectly Flawed...and Rarer than any Diamond!

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Do you find yourself struggling with your self worth? Do you find yourself struggling with perfection or lack of perfection? Do you feel labeled and judged because of the labels that someone put on you or you put on yourself?

Do you compare yourself to others and feel unloved? Do you find that your past is reliving in your present? Do you feel like you don't make a difference in the big picture? You will be given tools on how to make the past, stay in the past.

You will be given new light on the beautiful rarity that you are and your connection to the big picture of the world. You will learn what you have in common with diamonds.

You were meant to shine too! Isn't it about time that you ROCK your life, instead of your life ROCKING YOU?

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53 Essential Bug Out Bag Supplies

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Every wonder what you would do if you were forced to evacuate your home on foot? Not only do natural disasters strike without warning, but now a global pandemic and civil unrest threaten all of us.

Don't be caught without the right tools and gear! Discover exactly what you need to stay safe, healthy, and ready for the worst inside this book.

Christopher Columbus: A Captivating Guide to the Life of an Italian Explorer and His Voyages to the Americas

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Christopher Columbus was one of the most courageous of the world’s explorers. He embraced risk in an era when the blinding expanse of the Atlantic Ocean frightened the Europeans.

The cartography of the day was incorrect, as he learned through bitter experience. Columbus is credited with the discovery of America but never realized it during his lifetime. His career as a navigator was peppered with mishaps that shattered the ignorance of the age. Although he was no scientist, Columbus initiated new fields of study and analysis.

In 1492, he landed at San Salvador in the Islands of the Bahamas, and he was the first European to have explored the Caribbean Sea. He was the first European to set foot in Cuba, Haiti, and Trinidad, as well as the countries in Central America. Columbus’s voyages astonished all of Europe and started a virtual stampede of competitors in search of the East Indies by sailing west.

His life was fraught with adversities such as betrayal and character assassination. It still is today. However, his loyalty cannot be assailed. The life of Christopher Columbus is a fascinating portrayal of a man whose ego was greater than his common sense.

His brand of reckless abandon makes Olympic champions out of foolhardy amateurs. This is the story of a man devoted to a goal he was willing to pursue or die trying. And, tragically, he did die trying. If you want to learn more about Christopher Columbus, get this book now!

Independent Wealth: How to Start and Online Business in 5 Steps

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Knowing where to start when you want to make money online is the most challenging part. "Independent Wealth" is a guide to starting an online business in 5 Steps: a full-time business that an individual can run from home, doing something they love doing.

The author is an online tech veteran, and his business blueprint covers blogging, e-commerce, podcasting, digital publishing, social media and Youtube, and other online models.

The book is easy to read and full of practical advice based on real experience, with examples from successful entrepreneurs. The key takeaway is that if you get the first steps right, in time, you can build an online business that turns your passion into passive income.

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Fury of the Scorned

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The green-eyed monster rears its head in "Fury of the Scorned." As Sugarfoot and Clarice begin a sweet romance in Jemison Beach, Freddie Dee Varner is having a meltdown in Sipsey.

Furious that she’s been dumped, she sets out to expose him and the secret he's been hiding for many years. Will the love between Sugarfoot and Clarice survive the scandal?

Ancient African Kingdoms: A Captivating Guide to Civilizations of Ancient Africa Such as the Land of Punt, Carthage, the Kingdom of Aksum, the Mali Empire, and the Kingdom of Kush

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Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

Ancient Africa: A Captivating Guide to Ancient African Civilizations, Such as the Kingdom of Kush, the Land of Punt, Carthage, the Kingdom of Aksum, and the Mali Empire with its Timbuktu

The Kingdom of Kush: A Captivating Guide to an Ancient African Kingdom in Nubia That Once Ruled Egypt

Africa is the continent where the first humans were born. They explored the vast land and produced the first tools. And although we migrated from that continent, we never completely abandoned it. From the beginning of time, humans lived and worked in Africa, leaving evidence of their existence in the sands of the Sahara Desert and the valleys of the great rivers, such as the Nile and Niger. Some of the earliest great civilizations were born there, and they give us an insight into the smaller kingdoms of ancient Africa.

Egypt is the main source of knowledge of many neighboring kingdoms that were just as rich and developed. Unfortunately, they were forgotten in time, as other civilizations and kingdoms replaced them as the continent’s power bases. Only recently are we rediscovering the might of the Kingdom of Aksum, the political prowess of Kush, and the richness of the mysterious Punt. The early medieval kingdoms of Ghana and Mali are still being researched due to their unique pre-Muslim culture and their own outlook on Islam.

If you want to learn more about Ancient Africa and Kingdom of Kush, get this book now!

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