Sobriety = Contentment

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I've made it through the second year of sobriety. Follow my journey, the ups and downs, the highs and lows. No one said it would be easy but with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous I have a sober life now; a life full of new friends, new opportunities and above all the one thing I didn't have for years - now I have contentment. From the same author: "Sober Truths, No More Lies" "Great book! Very open and honest journey of the first year of sobriety. I look forward to reading year 2". "I have read and love the honesty, you have truly spoken from your heart and I was on the journey with you, there is hope for all after reading this".

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Minetta Lane

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Stay and fight or cut and run?  Young Bodee Rivers can save so many from a terrible fate, but he must find the courage to act.

1904 New York City- Bodee Rivers, who has always avoided major challenges in his life, moves to the most dangerous block in the city, MINETTA LANE. Police in pursuit of criminals often give up the chase as they approach the entrance to Minetta because even they know better than to test the hardened criminals who hide in the shadows.

Bodee’s circle of family and friends help him successfully manage some initial tests of his perseverance, but when he finds himself alone and confronted with an overwhelming challenge aboard the General Slocum Steamship, he isn’t sure he’s up to the task.  Many lives are at stake and Bodee must make a choice.  Stand and fight or cut and run?  Running is what he knows.  Running is what will keep him safe.  Will Bodee find the courage to fight? 

MINETTA LANE, the third volume in A. Robert Allen’s Slavery and Beyond series, is a stand-alone novel that continues the broad themes of the first two volumes, FAILED MOMENTS and A WAVE FROM MAMA.

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Bust Your Fears: A personal guide to making smarter decisions faster

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Do your limiting beliefs, stresses and anxieties hold you back from your career goals? Do you want to harness your fears and snag the job you love, win that promotion you deserve or find the career you enjoy?

This short book gets down to the essentials to show how you can reel in your fears to make smarter decisions faster, so you can live the life you dream about.

You'll learn:

The five aspects of fear and how you can use fear to your advantage.
The four essential mindset shifts you need to conquer your worries and limiting beliefs.
Three easy-to-use tools you can apply within minutes at work or at home to make better decisions faster.

If you’d like a shortcut to busting your fears and making choices with confidence and clarity you’ll enjoy this book.

Learn from an award-winning author who used these techniques to go from being an almost-homeless immigrant teen to managing multi-million-dollar projects and traveling the world.

Get access to a live course on busting your fears in the back of this book.

Pick up Bust Your Fears today to conquer your worries and take action.

This book is part of the Rebel Diva series designed for the busy working woman who’s juggling it all and wish life had more to give her.

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The Deceiver's Secret

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Prepare to lose yourself in a fascinating world of romance, intrigue and sultry secrets, a world of decadence, adventure and excitement, a world you’ll never want to leave!

Enter the world of Eve Lafoy - a world filled with decadent parties, sultry encounters, and a fabulous nightlife.  A world inhabited by jealousy and betrayal.

Encompassing a captivating combination of romance, mystery and drama, this novel works beautifully on so many levels. This is J.A. Jackson at the top of her game – not to be missed!

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The Learning Delusion: Discover The Truth Behind Learning: Increase Your Memory, Learning Abilities, Focus And Direct Your Own Education (BECOME A GENIUS)

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ATTENTION! You have been programmed to study the wrong way your whole life... And because of this you have achieved far less than what your capable of... Well don't worry because If you make a few simple tweaks to how you study you could immediately learn and memorize more in less time, Stay focused, quit being frustrated, and absorb info like a human sponge If you find learning difficult, struggle with poor memory, distractions and interruptions, consumed by procrastination and wandering mind and wish you could get really good at something quickly, smoothly and effortlessly Then look no further this book is for you Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn: The 2 core groups of strategies that will empower you to excel in your learning An effective system to set powerful life goals that will ignite you with enthusiasm to score A+ How to read faster and comprehend better with power reading strategies Discover the difference in the mindsets and strategies of an average student and a top student The brain revision method that taps on both sides of your brain and increases your brain’s thinking power! Quickly read, comprehend, and remember complex course materials and studies How to develop a photographic memory to memorize facts and figures (You can even remember the exact page) Master difficult tasks and break the procrastination habit Time management skills for revision You need to study for an exam, improve your grades, or do better in school And much, much more

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Fearing for her life after witnessing a gruesome murder, Juliette Granger whisks her two-year-old daughter Nora away in the dead of night and flees, planning to start a new life in a small, forgettable town under an alias. An hour into the escape, headlights flash behind her. A vehicle pulls alongside, and a masked man demands she stop the car. She refuses him, and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins.

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Ribbons of Death

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Myth...or more? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved.

Reluctantly, Stella, a reclusive academic agrees to accompany Carter, a federal contractor, in search of the source of bizarre riots. She’s hiding in Montana for many reasons and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope of finding answers to questions he’s been asking ever since his face became marred with horrible scars.

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