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Step into My Parlor (Bk 1 of Women on the Run)

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 | No Comments

What do you do when you're in jeopardy and running for your life and your last hope lands you in Houston on a cold, windy night with only sixty-three cents to your name and a friend who doesn't answer her phone? Anne Foxworth Jennings finds a pawnshop to hock her watch for food and a place to sleep. But instead of the safe haven she was looking for, she feels as if she's fallen into a rabbit hole. The place is crammed full with a bizarre collection of items ranging from fine china to a riding lawn mower and from a stuffed monkey to a live, chatty myna bird. When Anne encounters the Pawn Parlor's owner, Spider Webb, a rough-looking ex-pro football player who oozes sex-appeal designed to blister the polish on any woman's toenails, she considers bolting. But to where? She's at the end of her rope. And then things become dreadfully more complicated.

Is she crazy to cast her lot with Spider Webb? Can Anne trust a total stranger with her life?

Free Days: 11/11-11/15

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