> > Book Two: Part Three, Phantoms In Pursuit

Book Two: Part Three, Phantoms In Pursuit

Posted on Saturday, December 13, 2014 | No Comments

The Ring of Fairies gather in the dell to celebrate Surrain's good news. Secrets are told and a mystery unfolds. Surrain begins to hallucinate and she slips away from the group unnoticed. The fairies senses are heightened as evil forces approach...and attack.

Surrain is found near to death and is taken to her cottage. The little fairy makes a surprising recovery...but all is not as it seems. As ghoulish fiends manifest, the atmosphere grows heavy. Darkness looms over the fairy kingdom. Surrain endures a harrowing journey. Feeling weak and vulnerable, Surrain is terrorised as the Grim Reaper seizes his moment.

Free Days: 12/28-12/30

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