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Living in the Seventh Day

Posted on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 | No Comments

Jasmine, Leeza, and Cristal are thrown together by a chance meeting at the Atlanta Airport during Hurricane Allee. Under normal circumstances, these three diverse women wouldn't have said word-one to each other. By all appearances, they have absolutely nothing in common--one black, one blonde, one diva. But during the long layover caused by the killer storm, they're forced to set aside their differences--at least for the moment--and they form a lasting connection. Having gone their separate ways, however, it's not long before their own well-ordered plans spiral out of control. Will their lives be blown away like their broken dreams and the six-day reign of Hurricane Allee, or will they be able to help each other find the faith and courage they need to hold on and begin again...Living in the Seventh Day?

Free Days: 12/20-12/21


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