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The Children and the Blood (The Children and the Blood #1)

Saturday, January 31, 2015 Category : , 0

Ashley's life is normal - if normal means living on a farm that you never leave. Ashley's life is happy - as long as she doesn't think of the Christmas Eve when her mother died. She can't remember anything of what came before her mother's death, but still, Ashley's life is good.

Until one night, everything changes.

Her home burns and her family is murdered. People with superhuman powers hunt her down, killing everyone who stands in their way. She runs for her life, only to make a terrifying discovery.

Those people aren't the only ones with powers.

And hers just might kill anyone she meets.

Free Days: 02/13-02/15

Ethan's Mate

Category : 0

Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. If he has a problem...he solves it. If it's an evil problem...he kills it. But his uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her.

Free Days: 02/08-03/07

Rebecca Hamilton

Thursday, January 29, 2015 Category : 0

Ophelia's been successful at hiding her true identity, until the mark of the serpent appears on her neck-a death sentence, should it be seen by anyone in her town. Hiding the mark might save her from falling victim to the witch hunts of her era, but the scorching sensation it carries can't be ignored.

When the mysterious Ethan is sent to collect her for a life of something more, she learns concealing the mark is the least of her worries. She's destined to don a new mask-to join a dark, supernatural world and protect the future of people she may never meet.

What she doesn't know-what she learns too late-is that her initiation won't be complete until she kills the man she loves.

Free Days: 02/15-02/20

Film Production: Theory and Practice

Category : 0

A basic primer on film production, from idea to distribution, this book covers the basic need-to-know for filmmakers.

Free Days: 02/13-02/17

Inspirational Poems about Life and Success: Thought-provoking and Empowering Words to Uplift and Inspire You

Category : 1

I have no idea why, but both the proof-readers CRIED (were emotionally moved) when they finished this short poem book - Inspirational Poems about Life and Success: Thought-provoking and Empowering Words to Uplift and Inspire You. It contains an impressive collection of insightful poetry that will touch your heart, give you hope and motivate you to be your best. The poems provide a powerful source of wisdom and inspiration and will make a great addition to any self-improvement or motivational book collection. It is a great resource for speakers, coaches, teachers, leaders and parents. To sample the content, take a "Look Inside" on Amazon.

Free Days: 02/06-02/08

Mine For Tonight

Category : 0

Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source.

Free Days: 02/04-02/28

In A Stranger's Arms

Category : 0

Wed to the Enemy! The War left Caddie Marsh a widow with only a rundown plantation, her children and Southern pride to sustain her. She would do anything to salvage Sabbath Hollow for the sake of her son and daughter, even wed one of the Yankees against whom she's so bitter. The fact that Manning Forbes bears a disturbing resemblance to her late husband only makes matters worse. It would be easier if her new husband's integrity and kindness didn't stir up feelings he claims not to want from her...

Sworn to Protect... Manning Forbes has his own reasons for wanting to protect and provide for the Marsh family. Reasons he is desperate to keep from Caddie. If his beautiful, inquisitive bride discovers his true identity, Manning fears he would lose the family who has captured his heavily-guarded heart!

Free Days: 02/10-02/14

Four Small Stones

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Category : 0

Warning: Before you grab this book please be aware that Four Small Stones could make your head fall off. Heads have been seen rolling down suburban streets without their bodies. Please do NOT get this book if you do not want people to see you chasing your own head. It will be embarrassing.

However, if you don't mind being completely grossed out one minute and laughing your head off the next, please read on ...

Free Days: 02/06-02/10

Month of Judgment

Category : , 0

As the Carolina swamp heat cools with the approach of autumn, an ancient evil stirs among the cypress.

Drifting through the shadows cast by the twisted trees, it awaits the feckless and unwary. Those who elect to ignore the legends do so at their peril and are rarely seen--alive--again.

Unaware of the mystery surrounding the swamp, Emily Anderson is desperate for a change. A tragic series of events has left her alone and aching with sorrow over the deaths of her husband, son, and daughter-in-law. Her home no longer feels like the refuge it once was, and the fleeting shadows and ghosts of the family she lost darken the empty rooms and haunt her sleep. When a friend suggests a camping trip, Emily jumps at the chance to get away for a few days and relax.

Unfortunately, neither woman realizes that November is the wrong time to enter the swamp. Something awaits them, a power beyond imagination that haunts the woods, and unless they can unravel the mystery and escape, they may become just two more names on the list of the missing.

Free Days: 02/05-02/09


The Overending

Category : , 0

For untold ages, the Granite Hulks at Tilk Duraow have been the impregnable center of the High One's slaving system. Overpowering. Impenetrable. Final. The point from which there is no return. But now, fifteen-year-old Helga's revolution-one she hardly expected to begin-is way bigger than she ever dreamed. Tilk Duraow itself is in danger. Unexpectedly finding common cause with a troupe of oddball characters, Helga and old comrades are reunited in a chain of events that portends the Overending. Now even the High One himself is no longer safe. The Overending opens a crack...

Free Days: 02/03

Highland Barbarian (Highlander Series Book 1)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 Category : 0

A Scottish Historical Romance Classic from New York Times Bestselling Author Ruth Ryan Langan.

Meredith MacAlpin, Scottish noblewoman, is kidnapped at the altar by infamous Highland Barbarian, Brice Campbell, and spirited away to his fortress in the Highlands. It is rumored that he is the one who has killed her people in a series of raids.

Brice Campbell is desperate to prove his innocence and bring peace to his people, but when he kills the wrong man, his enemy vows revenge.

Can enemies become lovers?  Is love strong enough to defy even death?

Free Days: 02/09-02/13


The Bank of the River

Category : , 0

Steven is anticipating a quiet sabbatical at a new home. Recently divorced and with a son in college, he should have plenty of time to himself. Instead, he's kept up at night by strange knockings - a series of four raps, a pause, and then another four. They arrive every night at the same time.

Steven is determined to find a rational explanation. When the knockings progress to strange apparitions, Steven believes he must have a brain tumor.

His father, Roy, recognizes the problems in Steven's home because he's seen them before. Roy has "the gift," and can enter a place called The River, where he can see things others cannot. In The River, Roy discovers there are far more sinister forces at work in Steven's home than just ghosts.

Steven shares Roy's ability, but is skeptical of it. When the apparitions intensify and attack, Steven is forced to learn how to fight back if he wants to save himself and his father.

The Bank of the River is a fast-paced and suspenseful paranormal novel that confronts evil, ghosts, and the dead -- and explores the supernatural gifts a father and son use to fight them.

The Bank of the River is the first book in The River series.

Free Days: 02/08-02/12


Category : 0

Imagine a place where magic is merely myth, legends are little more than fireside stories, and monsters...

Well, that's just absurd.

Now imagine if all that were to suddenly change.

Ben can see with his eyes closed. It's called Mindsight... and it's just the beginning.

With the passing of ages, the origins of folklore can sometimes be forgotten. Some tales were never intended to be myth and some horrors are rooted firmly in history.

In a remote trading town, full of seasoned soldiers, the most terrifying of all fables is coming to life. When nightmares from the days of myth awaken in the forests, even the bravest of men can be gripped by fear.

Now, one man must rise to play the role of hero in a real-life tale of encroaching evil and impending human annihilation. In a race against time to unravel the secrets of an ancient poem and master the skills of a mythic warrior, Ben Karr soon finds himself becoming a legend.

Free Days: 02/05-02/09

The Never Heroz

Category : , 0

Every hero's story follows a path. To save mankind, he will have to abandon it.

When Jonathan Tibbs awoke in a pool of his own blood, there wasn't a scratch on him to explain it. In the days that followed, a violent and merciless otherworldly enemy came from nowhere. It killed in the streets, all the while screaming out for a challenger, but only Jonathan understood the trespasser's call. That was the night he found he had been drafted into an ongoing conflict, a war that no one else remembers. Now, the man Jonathan saw himself becoming is not the man who can endure his future.

The first installment in this mind bending action adventure series, TNH is a gritty and honest look at the psychological journey of a man forced to forge himself into a weapon. Abandoned with little guidance, at the mercy of a bargain struck far outside his reach, Jonathan races to unlock the means to surmount the odds. All the while, trying to understand the mystery behind a battle of two species raging outside of time and memory.

Imagine that when you died, no one would ever know you were all that had stood between mankind and the enemy. In the end, the real question is who you would be willing to become to save a planet that can never see your sacrifice.


Free Days: 02/11-02/14


Monday, January 26, 2015 Category : 0

Journalist Meredith Hale's ex-husband claimed her Nora Roberts addiction gave her unrealistic expectations about marriage, and she believed him. All dreams of happily ever after-or Nora Roberts Land as her mother calls it-went up in smoke. But when her family asks her to temporarily help their Dare Valley, Colorado newspaper, she decides it's time to change her life and prove her ex wrong. She's determined to find her own small-town Nora Roberts hero, prove that true love exists, and publish a story about her quest.

War correspondent Tanner McBride has just returned stateside to work for a major newspaper, and the last thing he expects is blackmail. Yet, before he can even unpack, he's headed to Colorado. His assignment? Make his boss's ex-wife fall for him and then break her heart. Her article about discovering love a la Nora might air dirty laundry about her marriage to the media mogul, threatening his senate run. The mogul wants Meredith stopped, and he makes sure Tanner has no choice in the matter.

When the two meet, sparks fly. Meredith, who vowed never to date another journalist, begins to succumb. Could Tanner be her Nora Roberts hero? As they work together to uncover the truth behind a suspicious death, the depth of their feelings unfolds and both realize they've kept their secrets for far too long. But before the truth can be revealed, their investigation takes a deadly turn, one that might make Meredith's personal Nora Roberts Land go up in flames.

Free Days: 02/05-02/27

Relative Malice

Category : 0

When four family members are found dead, Detective Kendall Halsrud takes charge of the case. In the murder house, she discovers an empty crib with blood drops next to it on the wood floor. The family, has been fatally shot . . . but where is baby Philly?

The desperate search to find the child derails when a man is arrested for murdering the family and claims to have killed the baby. Suspecting he had an accomplice, Kendall isn't convinced.

Refusing to give up on finding the child, she persists in unearthing the family's secrets. With the help of a hacker turned spurious fortune-teller and a former cop hired by the missing baby's uncle, she discovers a furtive pedophile ring is planning on buying and sharing a baby. Can she expose them while there's time to save Philly?

Free Days: 02/21-02/26

Death By a HoneyBee

Category : 0

Josiah Reynolds is a beekeeper trying to stay financially afloat by selling honey at the Farmers' Market. She finds her world turned upside down when a man is found dead in her beeyard, only to discover that the victim is her nemesis.

The police are calling the brutal death murder and Josiah is the number one suspect! Josiah makes the rounds of quirky characters that can only be found in the lush Bluegrass horse country. Fighting an unknown enemy in the glamorous world of Thoroughbreds, oak-cured bourbon, and antebellum mansions, Josiah struggles to uncover the truth in a land that keeps its secrets well.

Free Days: 02/16-02/20

Spy for a Dead Empire

Category : 0

AELFA, THE GRAND CAPITAL of the once mighty Aelfan Empire, has fallen. Barbarian leaders now inhabit her buildings and attempt to ape her customs. Meanwhile, war parties and nomadic tribes still harass her broken legions across the shattered remains of her once rich lands. All that stands against them now is the city of Zyren, the last bastion of Aelfan rule.

But at least one man in the captured city stands with Zyren, too. Grant Scotland, a man leading a double life because his own had been taken away from him by the very people he served. An unwilling recruit into the business of clandestine missions and deceit, he searches for anything real to cling to as the world around him devolves into insanity. And when an old friend shows up asking Grant to help save his family by delivering a mysterious book to a shadowy figure, Grant's two lives collide and he is thrust into an even stranger world than he had known; one where ancient magic is wielded by deadly players who compete against one another for a prize greater than simply the rotting carcass of a dead empire.

Free Days: 02/11-02/13

Storm Damages

Sunday, January 25, 2015 Category : 0

I DIDN'T PLAN TO FALL IN LUST that scorching hot summer day. And yet, that's exactly what I did. Having reached the ripe age of twenty-two, I thought I knew everything about men. In truth, I knew next to nothing, at least when it came to him.

Beautiful, brilliant, damaged Gabriel Storm. The drug I can't live without. I risk everything I've worked for to be with him-my job, my career, my future. But I can't walk away. Because all I care about is his kiss, his touch, and the way he makes me feel when I'm in his arms.

Free Days: 02/09-02/24

The Unorthodox Arrival of Pumpkin Allan

Saturday, January 24, 2015 Category : 0

An uplifting and moving story of an urbanite couple's move to an unexpectedly quirky country hamlet. 
Tom falls off his mountain bike three days before buying their cottage, leaving a pregnant Lois and her close friend to collect the keys. The horrors that greet them have Lois sick with worry that she should never have persuaded Tom to leave London. But as they settle into their new community, Lois uncovers a wonderfully eclectic mix of friends, enemies, crooks and eccentrics whose strength of character astound her.

Lois and Tom's rapid series of major life events culminates in high drama, with their wedding and the birth of the baby in very quick succession and a melodramatic twist, as uninvited guests arrive at the home delivery.

Free Days: 02/01-02/02


Serita's Shelf Life

Category : 0

Serita goes off her brain-numbing medication to reclaim her old pizazz and find love. And it works... for a while.

Serita's Shelf Life gives us a peek inside the head and heart of a crazy loving character you'll never forget. Vivacious six-foot redhead. Plump fashionista.

Shameless flirt who never meets a stranger. "What's a good-looking middle-aged woman to do, Hon?"

Come ride the emotional roller coaster with Serita.

Free Days: 01/28-01/29

Marking Time

Category : , 0

Seventeen-year-old tagger Saira Elian can handle anything... a mother who mysteriously disappears, a stranger who stalks her around London, and even the noble English Grandmother who kicked Saira and her mother out of the family. But when an old graffiti tag in a tube station transports Saira to the nineteenth century and she comes face-to-face with Jack the Ripper, she realizes she needs help after all.

Saira meets Archer, a charming student who helps her blend in as much as a tall, modern American teen can in Victorian England. He reveals the existence of the Immortals: Time, Nature, Fate, War and Death, and explains to Saira that it is possible to move between
centuries - if you are a Descendant of Time.

Saira finds unexpected friendships at a boarding school for Immortal Descendants and a complicated love with a young man from the past. But time is running out for her mother, and Saira must embrace her new identity as she hides from Archer a devastating secret about his future that may cost him his life.

Free Days: 01/23-02/28

The Perseid Collapse

Thursday, January 22, 2015 Category : 0

America is under attack, in the epic, post-apocalyptic sequel to "prepper themed" bestseller,  The Jakarta Pandemic.

2019. Six years after the Jakarta Pandemic; life is back to normal for Alex Fletcher and most Americans. Appearances can be deceiving. An undercurrent of paranoia and fear still runs strong below the surface; the collective angst spawned by 28 million American deaths forever stamped into population's psyche.

On August 19, 2019, an inconceivable "attack" against America's infrastructure will unleash a darkness over the United States. A human darkness with a vast appetite for chaos and violence. Alex Fletcher, former Marine, will wake to this new world, thrown headfirst into an impossible journey. His skills and preparations will be put to the ultimate test, in a brutally hostile landscape, where the forged bonds of friendship and family remain the only true constant.

Free Days: 02/03-02/06


The Webbing Blade

Category : 0


In the Kingdom of Shellacnass, a generation-long curse plagues the land.

Meanwhile, a great secret lingers in the veins of Louson Dorf, a simple working hand. A secret that may hold the key to setting the people of Shellacnass free forever.

Or spark total destruction.

And-as Louson soon learns-to aim for the top means starting from the bottom.

An action-packed fantasy adventure.

Free Days: 02/01-02/16


Armageddon's Princess

Category : 0

ANGRY PRINCESS IS ANGRY. Investigator Lexus Nancy Toulouse, ex-soldier extreme: finds her Libido Generator is on the fritz, learns her old warship wants to "get back together" (despite the fact she already has four husbands!), loses whatever war-torn sanity she had left in a crime reenactment and becomes the Princess Concubine to the mysterious Empress. Then, while trying on lingerie, someone tried to blow her up and she regenerated all the way back to a teenager. Now there will be lots of blood AND NONE OF IT HERS.

Free Days: 01/30-02/28


Prairie Academy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Category : 0

It would seem incredible that a house fire in New York City could have ripples around the world. But stranger things have happened. This book launches the Carlile Corners series set in middle America in the late 1800s, where one seventeen-year-old girl with an advantaged background has a sudden opportunity to show the stuff she's made of... on the frontier of Oklahoma Territory.

Josie Wheeler and her younger brother Josh are suddenly orphaned when their New York house goes up in flames. Having lived their whole lives in the city, they are suddenly forced to journey across the country to live with their nearest relatives in the just-settled Oklahoma Territory. Fighting snakes, wolf packs and other hazards of frontier living, Josie experiences and learns more than she ever would have thought.

"Prairie Academy" describes a time on the American frontier where life wasn't to be taken for granted -- and one's family and community pulling together was the only means of survival.

The "Carlile Corners" series stretches from Conestoga wagons and foot-sore travelers to the birth of the tin lizzie. It grows from the bow and arrow to a tail gunner in a stick and canvass flying machine. From jackrabbit stew and venison to chow lines in Europe, and from the spinning wheel to machine-woven wool worsted. In short, it was no life for the weak minded, so come along and check it out... See how a group of Americans lived, loved and simply persevered to get through it all.

Free Days: 01/28-01/30


Category : 0

Author Jeff Powell wakes up to find the impossible has happened. He is within his own novel-summoned into the fictional world of Feldall's Keep by a spell he didn't write. One the House enchantress hasn't figured out how to reverse.

When the villain he's been struggling to write reveals himself, unleashing waves of terror and chaos, Jeff must use more than his imagination to save the characters he created-and the woman he loves.

Trapped within a world of his own creation, he must step outside the bounds of his narrative to help his characters defeat an evil no one anticipated, even if he must sacrifice his greatest gift. In the end, he has to ask: are novels really fiction, or windows into other worlds?

Free Days: 01/26-01/28

Star Guild - Episodes 1, 2 & 3 (Star Guild Saga Book 1)

Category : 0

An Award Winning Novelist Presents Star Guild, an Action Packed Science Fiction

They've lived in orbit around planet Lumus for centuries and, for all they know, no one else exists but them.

However, they don't know how their race got here. No history book has an answer and no historian has the guts to find out. It's as if the history of their race, the human race, originated in orbit around this planet. Any knowledge of their distant past has either been erased or their Prime Director is correct--they were birthed here.

Most don't question it. Some do.

Regardless, life is undisturbed. All they know is peace. There is no torment, no struggle and no war. The starships and starfighters that make up their military -- Star Guild -- are for show, unneeded, and manufactured only to help with tech research. They know of no enemy, no threat, no carnage, and because of this...

...they aren't prepared for what's coming.

Free Days: 01/25-01/26

Become a Genius: Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power, Speed Reading, Learning Efficiency, and Advanced Memory

Category : 0

Do you have a large desire to increase your brain power? And do you feel you have not yet reached your potential?

Have you ever read a book or an article that takes you a long time to finish and you feel you've wasted a lot of time on it, but you would like to read faster?

And it does not end there - your memorization ability isn't at its best - right after finishing you cannot remember what you read, so you need to go back and read it once or even twice again, and waste more time.

This does not mean you're not intelligent or talented. You are, and you have the potential to becoming a genius!

In this book you will find techniques on how to become a genius.

Free Days: 01/21-01/25


Rebel of Benaras

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Category : 0

A riveting tale of a young boy's rebellion against religious dogmas and his fascinating journey into the mysteries of inner space.

Fifteenth century Benaras is a place where only right granted to masses is submission to religious authorities and ruling elite. At this point in history a twelve year old boy Kabir, born in a poor family, does the unthinkable. He begins to rebel against the age old traditions and orthodoxy, creating ripples of anger among the formidable religious circles.

His adoptive father Nur fears for the life of his beloved son, who is no match against the powers that were ruthless against any disobedience. Seeking a diversion for the boy, Nur persuades him for an apprenticeship at cotton fields where he would learn the nuances of cotton growing and ultimately be a weaver who knew inside out of his craft.

The day he enters those fields, his life is set in an incredible motion. Here he would learn to listen to the voices of plants and rivers and forests and ultimately of silence. He would dive deep into the mysteries of inner space and walk the fiery terrain of his yearning to know the true meaning of his existence.

Enter this gripping tale and find the true meaning of living at edge and the metamorphoses of human soul into its highest potential.

Free Days: 02/02-02/06


The Woodlands

Category : 0

In Russia, after a race war has decimated the planet, the Superiors who control the compounds of the Woodlands are obsessed with creating a 'raceless' race, convinced it is the only way to avoid more fighting. Collecting troublemakers for use in their high-tech breeding program, they should have lifted the claw when it passed over sixteen year old Rosa's head. She is strong. She is loved. She will fight.

Free Days: 01/30-02/27


Love in Reality

Category : 0

Never has the Philadelphia legal community generated so much passion -- it has to be the fictional world of former lawyer Magdalen Braden, who introduces us to The Blackjack Quartet with the story of a law student who discovers Love in Reality ...

TV producer Rand Jennings isn't looking for love -- he's looking for a flirty female contestant for his reality show, The Fishbowl. Pretty bartender Lissa Pembroke is bright, outgoing, and the perfect "Fish" to play the part. Although sparks fly between them when Rand approaches her with the role, she wants nothing to do with him or his show ...

Law student Libby Pembroke is too busy with school and work to have time for love -- or reality TV. She's temporarily switched places with her identical twin sister Lissa, balancing Lissa's job with her own studies and preparing for a summer internship. So while the handsome and charming Fishbowl producer knocks Libby off her feet, there's no way she's going on national TV, and acting like, well, her sister.

The irresistible chemistry between Libby and Rand can't be ignored, however, and soon Libby discovers that pretending to be Lissa gives her a freedom she's never known before. She goes on the show to be close to Rand, even though Rand still thinks she's the "flirty" twin.

When Libby decides to reveal the truth, will Rand forgive her deceptions? Or will exposing her secrets -- and her heart -- ruin everything?

Free Days: 01/29-01/31

Downstream - Episode 1: A time travel story

Category : 0

Let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph Bridgeman.

I am a moderately depressed, reclusive insomniac with a failing antiques business and a constant headache.
And you need to trust me when I tell you, that's the good bit.

I've lived alone for years, avoiding social contact and emotional connection very nicely thanks. Until now. You see, when you stop earning, money tends to run out (ever noticed that?) and if I don't do something soon, Martin says I could be out on the street; and that would mean connecting with people and for someone with my affliction that never ends wells. Martin? Oh he's my annoyingly successful accountant. This morning he gave me the name of a hypnotherapist, said it might help. Clearly, he doesn't understand how busy I am? I have places to go, things to do, people to avoid, vinyl to buy.

Anyway, I went to see her and things got a little complicated. I thought my day started badly but where I ended up? I could never, ever, possibly have imagined. Oh, did I just say where? What I meant to say was when...

Downstream is a contemporary, kick-ass time-travel series with attitude. Expect wit, comedy and well observed characters and of course, the unexpected! What would you do if you could travel back in time?

Free Days: 01/30-02/06

Winter's Bite (Isabella Rockwell Trilogy Book I)

Monday, January 19, 2015 Category : , , 0

Is your worst enemy the one looking back at you from the mirror?

Through her own recklessness, headstrong Isabella Rockwell (15), raised entirely in India in the 19th century, loses the two people she loves most in the world.  Sent to England, she must recreate herself to fit in with the street children who become her family in everything except name.  But when the safety of a rich new acquaintance, Alix (14), comes under threat, Isabella must look to the harsh lessons of her past.  Instead of taking advantage of Alix, will Isabella put her own needs aside, and cast herself into mortal danger to save her friend?  Or will she leave Alix to her fate - a fate tied up with Isabella's own?

A fate which will have consequences far beyond those Isabella could have ever imagined.

Free Days: 01/29-01/31

Clockwork Twist: Waking

Category : 0

Twist has never left London, until today. Now he's traveling on an airship-with a crew that insists they're not pirates-on his way to find the clockwork princess because he's the only one who can fix her.

Clockwork Twist is set in a lush and vibrant world where things are as you might expect in 1878. That is, of course, if fantastic creatures like djinn, faeries, kitsunes and vampires were commonplace. An increasing number of people are being born with supernatural senses, called Sights. And while airship tourism is sweeping the globe, air-piracy is also on the rise.

Twist is Sighted, but his Sight is unusual. While some can see over great distances, or recognize any flower by scent alone, Twist's Sight shows him only damage. Whenever he touches a broken clock or machine, he can fix it easily. If he touches a person, however, his mind fills with a terrible vision of their past pains. Naturally, he's chosen a solitary existence and shuns all human contact.  But when a treasure hunter arrives at his door with a broken piece of the fabled clockwork princess, it's up to Twist alone to bring her back to life.

Set out with Twist on a harrowing journey across the world in this first installment of a long running series.  Find out first hand if Twist can actually handle any of this, or if he'll loose his grip on sanity in the first few days.

Free Days: 01/29-01/30



Category : 0

When a body is found in front of the campus arts building, college newspaper editor Colin Mitchell immediately suspects there is more to the case than meets the eye.

His first clue is the severed hand that shows up in his inbox - a hand that belonged to a girl whose story Colin tried to write and both the college and the police did their best to ignore. His second is the strange symbol found at the scene of the crime, one that may have a connection to a murderous cult whose origins go back almost a thousand years to a highly secretive military religious order founded during the Crusades.

As he digs deeper into the mystery, Colin begins to uncover a trail of murder and corruption that extends beyond his wildest dreams. He's going to need every last bit of his innate investigative talent and insider knowledge of how the school operates to get to the bottom of it all because the police are starting to zero in on him as their prime suspect...and the real killer is closer than he thinks.

Free Days: 01/28-02/01

Living in the Light of Eternity

Category : 0

Do you want to do something of lasting significance for God, yet find yourself constantly bombarded with real-time concerns and distractions?

Combining examples from Christ's life, eye-opening statistics and fascinating true stories, Dr. K.P. Yohannan will help you discover the keys to gaining -and maintaining-  a vertical motivation in your service to God. And building on that solid foundation, you will learn how to begin reorganizing your priorities in light of eternity.

Free Days: 01/25-01/27


The Pied Piper of the Undead

Category : 0

Peter is 13 years old. He is also the only survivor in his hometown, Rockville, of the zombie apocalypse. With the town overrun by undead residents, Peter has taken refuge on the town's water tower. Safe from the hungry zombies, he passes time playing video games and eating junk food.

But as the familiar residents become more fixated on young Peter, he finds he will have to make a choice that could change his life for better or worse.

Free Days: 01/24-01/26


Murderous Muffins

Saturday, January 17, 2015 Category : 0

From Lois Lavrisa, Kindle Bestselling, Award Wining Author of LIQUID LIES and DYING FOR DINNER ROLLS

"Murderous Muffins is a hit! Lois Lavrisa writes smart, fun, page-turning fiction." Andrea Domanski, Author of The Omega Group Series

Bezu is a beautiful southern belle with genteel manners. But her problems are anything but. Deep in debt, she's illegally taken in a few lodgers. A sweet stripper and her bodybuilder boyfriend, an Asian man loudly learning English through pop music, and a mysterious stranger with the most amazing blue-green eyes -- and a secret. When one of them mysteriously dies and it looks like her muffins were the murder weapon, Bezu and her fellow Chubby Chicks Club member, Cat, must discover who the killer is before she ends up in jail...or worse. Will they succeed? Find out in Murderous Muffins, book two in the Chubby Chicks Club cozy mystery series.

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For  thousands years they waited, waited for the old knowledge to fade away into the mists of myth. Imprisoned; banished, separated they waited as the population grew to numbers that could sustain their appetites. Humanity developed habits that made them fat; slow and ripe, memories of the old ways forgotten. They waited for a re-birth of the time of legend for the time when demons ruled and man was naught but the fodder upon which they fed. They waited for the time when the old gods die and the new were ready to take their place. They waited for today.

A young man resisted the sweet words of compulsion forsaking money and unlimited power to be with the woman he loves. It was a condemning of his self to the focus of a demon who had once been banished to a minuscule grain of sand. A demon worthy enough to turn that grain of sand into the vehicle that starts the destruction of the sum of humanities freedom, enslaving an entire species to his will he knows that he can do what no other has. A thousand years ago he was accused of having a god complex when already he has done what god would never do.

God complex hell, he was god and the earth should rue the day, every day.

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An Odyssey Into Other Realms of Thought: Self-Retrospection

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This is a book of an ordinary Indian's pilgrimage to ascertain the essentials of eternal question about the importance of God or gods in our daily life and to find out the answer why we are here for.

Imaginary God and consequently, communal discord that has followed are the topic of discussion.

The book can throw you back to ancient religions where truth and myth are distorted to befool the common masses.

Reality is otherwise if true search is made.

It has not crossed the irrationality of rationalist and the rationality of irrational adherents to religious superstition.

You are to feel an approach to truth.

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Just Beginning: A Prequel to Just Destiny

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From award-winning author, Theresa Rizzo, comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny.

Twenty-something Jenny Campbell's life has been a series of screw-ups, and the latest one endangered her little brother's life. But when she falls for sophisticated Gabe Harrison, she has a chance to turn her life around...if she can keep her past a secret.

Gabe's career as a successful doctor has left just enough time for his teenage children and little else. But when beautiful, vivacious Jenny comes along, she breathes love and happiness into his lonely life. There's only one problem: their families are opposed to their relationship.  Money and age differences mean nothing to Gabe as long as they have trust, love, and respect.

But can two out of three be good enough?

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Screw Friendship

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Enjoy the first novel in the darkly fun Frank Friendship Series: secrets, murder and weird relationships.

Rosy only thinks about one thing: the biotech company she'll work for once she graduates. Frank is Rosy's biological dad, a man she's never seen, a man so monstrous, his own mother has snipped his face from all the family photos. Frank only thinks about one thing too.

This summer, the summer Rosy assumes will be the start of her high-flying genetics career, she will set eyes on Frank, and genetics might well undo her. Because nothing has prepared her for what happens next.

Grab yourself a copy and a coffee, but don't relax too much-not in Frank's cafe. In the off-kilter world of Frank Friendship, even Snuggy the sausage dog has a beastly hidden side.

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Just an Old-Fashioned Love Story

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This boxed set is a collection of sweet romantic novels: RETURN TO RAINBOW ROCK, by Susan Aylworth. A FATHER FOR PHILIP, by Judy Griffith Gill. JENNY'S TURN, by Vanessa Grant. MARRY IN HASTE, by Moyra Tarling. A CHANGE OF PLANS, by Donna K. Weaver.


Marcie Carmody feels broken. Wounded by a disastrous relationship, she limps home to heal. Ryan Fields has never felt so broken. Little can they know of the wounds and healing that will alter both their lives.

A FATHER FOR PHILIP, by Judy Griffith Gill

Eleanor's son Philip needs a father. When his "imaginary" playmate, Jeff, turns out to be David Jefferson-the husband who went missing-can she accept him back? She knows she still loves him, but why did he stay away seven years?

JENNY'S TURN by Vanessa Grant

Jenny loves working for documentary filmmaker Jake Austin, but after five years doing things Jake's way, she's had enough! She leaves--but fleeing to a Pacific island just south of Alaska isn't nearly far enough!

MARRY IN HASTE by Moyra Tarling

Years ago Evan Mathieson broke Jade Adams' heart when he ended their engagement. Now he's back and he needs a wife to help parent his orphaned nephew. Jade can't refuse, but will her secret jeopardize their chance for happiness?

A CHANGE OF PLANS by Donna K. Weaver
Lyn wanted to move on. She just didn't know it would take pirates, shipwreck, and an intriguing surgeon to do it.

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Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her.

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE, ONE TO HOLD NOVEL. Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and elements of erotic romance, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Adult Video: Episode 1

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Meet Heather, Tiffany, and Seth: the clerks behind the counter of Happy Endings -- a brightly lit "couples friendly" sex shop. Tiffany is the good girl who thinks all people deserve healthy sexual expression. Heather can't stop making fun of the customers ... or taking care of them in the back room. Seth, the all-American slacker, just wants to have sex with them both. And all the while, glory-hole attendant Sancho (AKA "Guacamole") waits in the back, eager for leftovers.

In this first episode, toy company Naughty Koala has just issued a recall for its most popular item: the "Fisting Mitten." But between trying to ensure customers get the refunds they're owed (Tiffany) and trying to sell defective Mittens for personal profit (Heather), hilarity ensues as idiot customers fill the recall box with defective toys and even more defective user complaints.

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The Power of Courtesy: 71 Habits of Extremely Considerate People

Thursday, January 15, 2015 Category : 0


You certainly knew that already!

But what you may not know are the countless and effective tactics that highly considerate people use to show respect to others, get what they want, and thrive in nearly everything they undertake. Through empirical research, personal testimonies and everyday observations, we've seen that exceedingly chivalrous people typically are flexible and always signal a greater openness to finding a middle way in every situation. Let us tell you how they do it.

The book contains a helpful Discussion Guide and information about sequel The Purpose-Driven Life - How to Achieve Everything You Want in Life. Through thought-provoking questions, the book gives extensive advice on how to use the discussion guide, how to inform decisions related to the topics at hand, and how to best read it - alone, in reading groups, with your partner, or as part of learning activities, among others.

After reading this book, you will know how to:

Use contextual awareness to your benefit;

Communicate effectively and appreciate the value of patience;

Show measured care to anybody you come across; and

Transform empathy and sympathy into telepathy.

Who will benefit from this book?


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Shriek of the Harpy

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Film archivist Muriel Sharpe's dreams come true when she is tasked with salvaging a derelict movie theater and uncovers a treasure trove of lost film prints from Hollywood's golden age. Instead of reporting them to her bosses as she was instructed, resentful Muriel decides to have her own private film festival to experience the forgotten gems as they were meant to be seen -- on the silver screen. But what the opinionated young woman isn't prepared for is Shriek of the Harpy, a notorious horror picture directed by a sadistic, misogynist auteur that features a terrifying female monster drawn from ancient mythology. When running the twisted bit of celluloid proves too great a temptation to resist, Muriel unwittingly unleashes a nightmare that seeks to destroy her mind, body and soul.

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Cafe de Flore: A guide to spiritual and emotional intelligence

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Category : 0

Addressing the escalating global issue of mental health and suicide, Cafe de Flore is a serious book that provides inspiration and relief to those caught in the net of despair. Identifying the critical error made by mankind over the centuries, Cafe de Flore points towards an escape from the madness of the human condition.

An easily digestible form of philosophy, written with graceful authority, the reader is taken on a journey that captures sublime messages contained in the wreck of literature, poetry and prose.

Dostoevsky once said: "It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently." What more does it take?

Encouraging the world to stop thinking, to entertain a degree of madness, to live with passion and to laugh more, this book provides a fresh perspective on the perceived struggles and difficulties we often find ourselves trapped in, in this sad, mad and lonely world.

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In 2051, the Bhutanese Empire rules post-apocalyptic Shangri with iron-fisted Buddhist compassion.

Happiness is compulsory, but making everyone happy isn't easy in an overpopulated world. Breeders are ghettoed, homosexuality is mandatory, and Shangrians' happiness levels are strictly monitored by hedometers implanted in their heads. Become depressed, or feel too happy without helping others feel the same, and The Tax Man will get angry. Very angry.

Gemini and Cyan, winners of the pregnancy lottery, are on the run. Cyan can't fall pregnant, and Gemini is addicted to the Experience Machine. Will they evade The Tax Man, and find a way to end the brutal pleasures of Shangri?

The lovechild of Brave New World and The Handmaid's Tale, HEDON is gritty satire on a dystopia drunk with bigotry and positive thinking.

Free Days: 02/19-02/21

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