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The Misunderstood and Other Misfit Horrors

Sunday, May 31, 2015 Category : , , 0

The world is filled with misfits. The world is filled with the misunderstood. Enter the shadowy underbelly of society where the outsider is king and learn why... ...the Death Angel visits a small town year after year ...an old collector of clocks holds the keys to Armageddon ...a nocturnal game turns deadly when an unexpected player joins ...a church of snake-handlers insist on introducing a visitor to their god ...a group of scarecrows reveal their true nature to the farmer who made them
 Free Days: 06/01-06/05

Axeman's Jazz

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A place where he (or maybe she) can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee. A supposedly "safe" place where anonymity is the norm. The horror who calls himself The Axeman has figured it out and claimed his territory-he's cherry-picking his murder victims in the 12-Step programs of New Orleans.

And he's had the gall to name himself after a historical serial killer. He just needs to go down, and fast, because this is New Aw'lins, dawlin'-half the town is either alcoholic or co-dependent!

Who better to take him out than tall, funny, social-misfit Skip Langdon, now a homicide detective on the Axeman team, a gig that takes her into the 12-Step groups to meet the suspects (giving the author a chance for gentle satire). As Skip threads her fascinated way from one self-help group to another, she finds she has more in common with the twelve-steppers than just the murder-her mother, for one thing, whom she encounters at Overeaters Anonymous! And she knows what they do not: that among their anonymous numbers is a murderous, and dangerously attractive psychopath...

Free Days: 06/01-06/05


Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3

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An epic story, carefully crafted alternative reality, where humans and aliens meet. The vision of reality presented in this trilogy is a roller-coaster ride, evocative and intensely emotional. Characters, human and alien alike, come to life, bringing the reader the worst and the best of what life offers--love, brutality, caring and indifference, triumph and tragedy. If you love intrigue, mystery, science fiction, and romance you will love this book!

Free Days: 06/01-06/03

Dirty Blood

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I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. But that's not the part that got me. The part that scared me, the part I can't seem to wrap my head around and still has me reeling, was that when she charged me, her body shifted-and then she was a wolf. All snapping teeth and extended claws. But by the time I stood over her lifeless body, she was a girl again. That's about the time I went into shock.

And that was the moment he showed up.

Now, all I can do is accept the truths that are staring me in the face. One, Werewolves do exist. And two, I was born to kill them.

Free Days: 06/01-06/03


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This novella is also available as part of the Perpetual Darkness collection

Janet and Paul are on holiday in the States in an attempt to work through their marital difficulties.

When the poolside erupts in carnage they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against the other hotel guests who have been driven into a frenzy of violence and bloodshed.

Will they make it out of the hotel alive?

And if they do will there be anything worth escaping for?

Free Days: 06/01-06/05

Tess Awakening

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Tess Awakening is a fast paced action novel set during the second Gulf War in Iraqi, a story about three remarkable people caught in a web of obsession and deceit.

Tess is a military helicopter pilot; beautiful, aggressive and relentless. Basically raised as a man, she gradually awakens as real woman due to the love of two men.

Jake is a brilliant CIA operative that saves her from committing a mistake that could affect her career.

Amir is a wealthy, sophisticated but dissolute Iraqi general who initially captures Tess during a battle and becomes infatuated with her. Tess has to fulfill a promise that involves taking something from Amir. In a globetrotting series of events, Tess and Jake attempt to go after him in Istanbul, Paris and London. Amir persuades her to spend time with him in France and England in exchange for what she is seeking. Here she meets Fadime, his alluring and decadent sister.

In the end, Amir deceives Tess.

Tess returns to Iraq, flying dangerous missions and rescuing wounded soldiers. Eventually, she has to make a choice, until an unforeseen event changes everything.

Free Days: 06/01-06/05



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The Midwest lies in complete ruins after a catastrophic disaster kills tens of thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands injured. Nicholas Keller emerges out of the devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into the shadows in order to protect his secret. However, as Nicholas begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange and unexpected things begin to happen. He soon tumbles into a web of doomed love, extraordinary talents and a secret past, which threatens the lives of everyone he cares about. It's up to Nicholas to confront the truth, even if it means his own death.

Free Days: 06/01-12/31

Coke Air - Chesapeake Crime Confidential

Saturday, May 30, 2015 Category : 0

Cocaine and politics are a big part of life in the land of pleasant living. Maryland State Police detective Christy Lee Vennetti and her newspaper reporter husband, T. J. Kent share a life together. Join them as their paths cross more than a few times as major figures in a drug ring explode into the headlines when their gambling boat is blasted into the hereafter.

Free Days: 05/31-06/01

The Story of The Rag

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Travel along with the most feared man in Southern Maryland. So notorious even the mob backed down. Cops who went after him found themselves in federal court on the losing side. His name is Ken Rossignol and he packs a fully loaded Smith & Corona (or at least the digital equivalent). Ken's ammo: words. He's a champion of the First Amendment and an old fashioned pain in the ass. The story of St. Mary's Today is one about advocacy journalism coming to a community where the press wasn't known for acting this way. No more go-along to get-along. There wasn't a hand providing nourishment that Rossignol wouldn't take a little flesh and muscle from. At one point or another Ken pissed off just about everyone, including a couple governors of Maryland and me. But he sold newspapers and those who hated him still read his words each and every week. Dave Statter - Broadcast news reporter WUSA, WTOP in Washington, D.C. for 32 years

Free Days: 05/31-06/01

Teaching The Boss

Friday, May 29, 2015 Category : 0

Business-school student April Morgan is ready to graduate--from school, from the secretary pool, and from never-gonna-happen fantasies involving Sam Hunt, her hunky billionaire boss. But when Sam's girlfriend of the week pushes her too far, April finds herself quitting on the spot with only a mountain of student loan debt to keep her company. In steps Sam's worst enemy, his father, with a job offer she can't refuse.

Free Days: 05/27-06/30

The Prayer Warrior's Ultimate Handbook

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Every Christian must dedicate themselves to an active and effective prayer life. If you don't dive into continuous, deep, and purposeful prayer you may never plunge the true depths of a relationship with God. From tips for massive faith, to 8 months of devotionals this 14 book boxset is a must have for the serious prayer warrior.

Free Days: 05/30-05/31

Until Morning Comes

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Secret Service Agent Carlie Simmons began her day surrounded by trusted colleagues in an inter-agency shooting competition in Tucson. It ended with a staggering body count as the world around her unraveled from a deadly virus. With her mission to extract the President's daughter from the University of Arizona gone awry, she must choose between her sworn duties and her moral obligations to others as the city is overtaken by roving packs of flesh-eating mutants. If she and her small group are to survive the night and find a way out of the ravaged city, she will have to summon all of her training, mental prowess, and tactical abilities. Book One in a new series. Approximately 152 pages.

Free Days: 05/30-05/31


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Al Culver worked for the St. Louis Police Department as a detective until one day four years earlier when he and his partner crossed paths with a group of notorious criminals. This was their chance to even the score and gain infamy within the ranks of the department. Since that day life as Al has known it has never been the same.

Free Days: 05/30-06/01

Gods and Monsters

Thursday, May 28, 2015 Category : 0

As a widower, Nathanial Durham has the monumental responsibility of finding suitable husbands for his two daughters. Flirtatious and changeable Bethany might have nearly anyone, but she seems determined to toss her suitors away almost the moment they appear. Laynie, on the other hand, far behind her sister in looks and charm, is of especial concern to her father. And so, when Harold Vaughn returns home to inherit, it seems the problem, at least for one of his daughters, is solved. Only which daughter will it be?

Free Days: 05/29-05/31

Ten Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary

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On a glorious fall day in 2012, while sitting in a garden graced by a statue of Mother Mary, Gina Lake heard Mother Mary address her: "You are my beloved child." This began an ongoing relationship and communication with Mother Mary. Ten Teachings for One World is a message from Mother Mary to all her beloved children on earth. The teachings are intended to bring us into closer contact with the peace and love that is our divine nature, which has the ability to transform our hearts and our world. Mother Mary's gentle wisdom will inspire and assist you in awakening to the magnificent being that you are.  Here is a quote from the book: "Looking for what is good and wondrous about life will bring you to a place of gratitude and connection with the Divine within you and all around you. Choosing to notice the hand of Grace within life and being grateful for it results in an experience of fullness and completeness, which can never be found in the things the ego desires. The life you are given in this magnificent world is all you need to be happy. What an amazing thing it is to be alive in a body, to breathe the air, walk among the hills, drink in the sun, and gaze into another's eyes and see yourself looking back."

Free Days: 05/29-08/29

The Last Colonial

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Love, passion and greed are set against the horror of a brutal civil war in 1970s East Africa.

Insurance engineer O'Grady is sent to investigate an explosion on a hospital ship. Motivated by his attraction to a lady doctor, he takes charge of trying to save the old vessel. He meets Alan Craig, Government military advisor and the soldier and engineer become firm friends.

O'Grady then buys and commissions an ancient tug for a lucrative contract that also keeps him near the doctor. He and his son are welcomed by the colonials, where nobody is quite as they appear, including Craig and his promiscuous wife Muriel.

However, the feudal kingdom has provided a platform for ruthless exploitation and everyone's lives are shattered in the ensuing brutality and destruction. As the warfare envelops them, the friends plan to steal a fortune in a desperate bid to escape...

Free Days: 05/29-06/01

The Bed I Lie On: A Novel

Category : 0

You can run...

Luke has never stopped running. He fled a quarter of a century ago when the body of his best friend's wife was found on Christmas Eve, bludgeoned to death in her kitchen. The crime has never been solved. It wrecked the sleepy pattern of life in the Southern college town of Old Wells and, when Luke finally returns, he comes to realise that he is responsible.

...But you can't hide

Now someone wants him dead. But who? And why?

Surrounded by the sometimes surreal characters that populate this corner of Dixie, Luke can't decide whom to trust. It takes the renewal of an old love to teach him that real survival means not just solving the murder, but also the crazy jigsaw puzzle of his life.

Free Days: 05/29-05/31

BEHEADED: Terror By Land, Sea & Air

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Category : 0

What should have been a pleasant cruise in the Caribbean for Leopold Holmes and his team of crack investigators after they boarded the Sea Empress should have been predictable. Joining a voyage on the world's most famous cruise liner under the protection of husband & wife security experts Marsha & Danny Jones is not always a picnic...or a midnight buffet! Terror has been stalking this ship for seven years. Now the world is upside down and terror returns again to the exotic islands and peaceful beaches of seas once hunted by bloodthirsty pirates. Join the Sea Empress for a fateful adventure. Will the world once again be safe for a vacation?

Free Days: 05/28-05/29


Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Category : 0

It's been a bad night for Teacup. He's hungry, wet, and tired. He's run afoul of the assassin's guild, lost a bag of stolen goods, and bet his last penny on the local darts champion when he should have bought bread for his kids. Maybe fate needs a little help . . . As a pastiche of Sword and Sorcery, "Darts" represents the core fantasy characters and archetypes that enthusiasts love (and hate), explores their deeper motivations, and reminds us that best friends are hard to come by.

Free Days: 05/25-05/29

The Eden Plague

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Spend time inside a good book today! A Kindle Book Review 2013 Best Indie Award Winner semi-finalist. When veteran combat lifesaver Daniel Markis finds a mystery woman with armed invaders in his home and it all goes sideways, he turns to his brothers in arms to fight back. On the run from the shadowy Company, soon he finds himself in a war for possession of a genetic engineering puzzle that threatens the stability of the world. But who is behind it all - and are they even human? The Eden Plague is a free futuristic thriller that will grip the imagination of readers who relish high-energy adventure. No zombies were harmed in the making of this book. In fact, no zombies appear anywhere in this book. Seriously. It's not a zombie book. The Plague Wars apocalyptic thriller series begins in the world of today with a man and a woman twined together by circumstances, destined to change the world. It leads readers into an ever-darkening future of upheaval, struggle and war marked by the depths of evil and the heights of selfless sacrifice. Plagues, new technologies and extraterrestrial meddling provide the backdrop for heroes and villains to struggle for control of the destiny of humanity.

Free Days: 05/24-12/31

Shell Game: The First Aloha Navy Hero- Former Navy SEAL

Category : 0

He's High Risk... She's High Stakes.

Tricked into taking a Caribbean cruise, former Navy SEAL Luke "Brooklyn" Chapman is expecting free-flowing booze, bikini-clad women, and an abundance of recreation.

Hardworking Sharla Kramer has her hands full keeping her sticky-fingered grandmother out of trouble. Looking forward to a nice rest while on vacation, the last thing she needs in her life is a high risk Navy SEAL.

Toss in a couple of swindlers, a retired cop, and a few fun-loving ladies in red hats, and a little high seas R&R quickly becomes a lot of high stakes shenanigans!

Free Days: 05/27-06/30



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Marie-Therese is about to take in another child in foster-care. But Edwina is no ordinary girl as Marie-Therese is about to discover. Stories of death and destruction follow her trail and soon events in the small Danish town will take a decidedly macabre turn on one horrifying and endless night.

EDWINA is a spinoff from Willow Rose's third book in her bestselling Rebekka Franck-series Five, Six ... Grab your crucifix but can be read separately.

Free Days: 05/27-05/31

DEATH ON DAYTIME, A Tess Darling Mystery

Monday, May 25, 2015 Category : 0

Feisty TV producer Tess Darling is battling through yet another murderous shoot, when she unearths the body of her murdered presenter - live on air.

Thrust reluctantly into the spotlight, Tess is forced to investigate.  Probing the dark secrets of daytime TV, she must grapple with ruthless stars, vicious talent agents - and competition from her own very famous father.

So will Tess prove the failure he's always held her to be? Or can she stop the killer before they strike again?

As the stakes rise, inhibitions drop: Tess may have hunky cameraman Miller by her side, but it's stern Detective Selleck she's got her eye on...

DEATH ON DAYTIME is the sizzling, funny read to start your summer!

Free Days: 05/26-05/28

Trusting God: Why His Plan Is Better Than Ours

Sunday, May 24, 2015 Category : 0

We, as humans, go through seasons in our lives as God works, grows, and teaches us. I personally believe I do my best writing when I write about a season that I am currently in.

In this particular case, I knew I was in the midst of a season of learning to trust God in a BIG way. He was challenging and testing me, seeing what I wanted to do. Ultimately I had to make a decision. Fortunately, that decision was to follow God in whatever direction He pointed me in, even though it required a massive amount of trust.

We as Christians need to understand the importance of trust and all that it entails. This means learning both the requirements and ramifications of fully committing to God.

Sure, we love the idea of faith, but what do we really do when the going gets tough? When the finances stop flowing, our relationships are struggling, or our health isn't perfect, what do we do? Do we trust God, or do we begin to back away and blame Him?

The truth is that it's incredibly easy to trust the Lord when the waters are calm, when everything around us is going well. But the true test of our relationship with Him comes when the storm hits, when the waves crash down on us and everything is out of control. This is when it is the most crucial that we run to Him and trust that His plan is better than ours.

Free Days: 05/25-05/29

Shadow Tag

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A body is seated at the head of a conference table in the ACC boardroom in Minneapolis. A pearl-handled revolver is still clutched in the executive's left hand-an entry wound in his left temple. The Board of Directors insists the company's new president committed suicide.

Paul Davis? Suicide?

Detective Ray Schiller isn't buying it. After twenty years of waiting to take over his late father-in-law's company, why would Davis kill himself within twenty-four hours of succeeding? Ray knew the man from a recent case. He didn't like Davis then or now, but he plans to see justice done all the same.

The Board and Davis's successor are quick to answer Ray and his partner Dick Waverly's questions, but their actions suggest they're hiding something. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones keeping secrets-not by a long shot.

Ray's case and personal life both fall victim to complications, and what originally seemed to be a relatively straightforward case takes a turn that puts Ray and Waverly's lives in serious jeopardy.

Free Days: 05/25-05/29

Bluegrass State of Mind

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This is the first book in Kathleen Brooks' Bestselling Bluegrass Series, a romantic suspense novel with loads of Southern Charm and humor.

McKenna Mason, a New York City attorney with a love of all things Prada, is on the run from a group of powerful, dangerous men. McKenna turns to a teenage crush, Will Ashton, for help in starting a new life in beautiful horse country. She finds that Will is now a handsome, successful race horse farm owner. As the old flame is ignited, complications are aplenty in the form of a nasty ex-wife, an ex-boyfriend intent on killing her, and a feisty race horse who refuses to race without a kiss. Can Will and McKenna cross the finish line together, and more importantly, alive?

Free Days: 05/25-05/30

Clockwork Twist: Waking

Saturday, May 23, 2015 Category : 0

Twist has never left London, until today. Now he's traveling on an airship-with a crew that insists they're not pirates-on his way to find the clockwork princess because he's the only one who can fix her...

Free Days: 05/24-05/26

Improve Your Credit Score: How to Remove Negative Items from Your Credit Report and Raise Credit Ratings. Step-by-step Credit Repair Guide

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Do you want to repair your credit?

Do you want to improve your credit score?

We have good news - it is possible to repair your own credit and raise credit score. All you need is a proven to work techniques and a few dispute letters from new book:

Improve Your Credit Score: How to Remove Negative Items from Your Credit Report and Raise Credit Ratings.

Written in plain English, this easy to read and easy to follow book has helped many satisfied customers to remove negative marks from their credit report.

Jennifer, work at home mom from California, says, "The best thing about the book is that it has simple to follow instructions. I was able to remove negative marks on my credit report and raise credit score by 160 points."

After reading this book you'll be able to fix your credit report, raise your credit score, stop collection calls and get loan or credit card applications approved.

Don't be the person who misses out on opportunities in life because you have a bad credit. Be the kind of person who takes control over your finances. Be the kind of person who takes action and does so immediately!

Free Days: 05/24-05/25

Before Clock Strikes

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A quiet neighborhood is torn from its peaceful sleep by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a hail of bullets rip into the front of a house.

Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons is assigned one task: Catch the killer before someone else takes matters into their own hands.

Then something strange happens: A long forgotten contact of the detective has been killed. The evidence is crystal clear that this was a cold and calculated hit.

But as Simmons works both cases, a disturbing thought keeps popping up in his head: What if the two cases are somehow connected?

Detective Simmons races against the clock to quickly find the proof to solve both cases before all hell breaks loose. E.G. Michaels delivers a debut action-packed thriller with white-knuckle twists, unexpected humor, and leaves you wanting even more.

Free Days: 05/24-05/31

No Cure for Murder

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Superb! January 14, 2013
By Dorothy

I started and finished this book in one day. I am an avid reader of mysteries. As a retired nurse, medical mysteries grab my attention before all others. The plot for this book is not only superb, it is a 10 star work in that we have more than one mystery, and all of it is woven together so well, we never loose track. The characters are totally believable and so well written that I can relate to them all. This book grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

I was going to add something about the culprit here, but decided I did not want to wreck the intrigue of the book. Jacob and his wife Lola, well, if they were real, I would love to have them for parents, they are that well written.

When I selected No Cure For Murder as my next read, I did not realize I had already read one of Dr. Gold's books. I was almost finished No Cure when I decided to look at the list of what he wrote. Lo and behold, I saw First Do No Harm, and that I had not only read that one, but reviewed it as well.

I plan on reading more books by this author. His work is just totally amazing! Buy both the above mentioned books and you will never be sorry.

Free Days: 05/24-05/27

Giant Journeys: Becoming an Ironman

Friday, May 22, 2015 Category : 0

Ironman finisher Douglas Thomson shares his incredible journey of preparing for and completing an Ironman race in honor of his brother-in-law, Stu Mills. Stu was diagnosed with cancer while in his twenties and fought his own "giant journey" to overcome this life-threatening illness. Stu's odyssey inspired Thomson to attempt something far beyond his own physical limits. Giant Journeys: Becoming an Ironman is a compilation of Thomson's competition, Mills' battle and universal life lessons.

Free Days: 05/23-05/25

The Invisible Woman

Thursday, May 21, 2015 Category : 0

The Invisible Woman, explorers the emotional minefield that is marriage. The book concentrates on Kitty's account, explaining how her once happy marriage began to disintegrate before her. It's a journey of disbelief into a changing and deteriorating relationship. The book is very poignant and heartfelt. It's impossible not to become immersed in the story. As it progresses, Kitty is constantly forced to face up to her worst fear. Leaving and beginning her life over again from scratch. A life that she fears she will be destined to live alone.

Free Days: 05/22-05/24

Magic/Blade - Notes from an Arena Onlooker

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The world of the Arena is a personal one. In the shadow of the crowd, on the sands of battle, each combatant has something to prove. Here, a wizard wants to show everyone that an orc can become the most celebrated spellcaster in history. Here, a barbarian craves victory so much that he would sacrifice his soul to win. Here, a giant needs success on the grandest of stages to achieve riches beyond his wildest dreams. And here, a dwarf trained by elves may defy them all in his quest to become the greatest Arena fighter of all-time.

These are the scrawls of a scribe who saw every one of their encounters with each other. These are his chronicles. This is their combat. The Arena beckons.

Free Days: 05/22-05/26

Financial Meltdown

Category : 0

Winding his way through the complex world of international finance, Andrew Leather's involvement begins as a fifteen year old schoolboy playing the stock markets with a million pounds worth of credit lines, opened to him just as the markets began to rise and plunge on a rollercoaster of fiscal crises.

His personal life echoes the highs and lows of his career as he develops as a gay man moving through the landscape of an intolerant Europe.

Finding love and respect at both work and play, his deep knowledge and understanding of the money markets enables him to steer a course through the mayhem of social and financial disaster on the world stage.

As Andy progresses from past to future, will his expertise at predicting the volatile events unfolding around him be enough to save the world's banks from collapse, or will everything descend into the ultimate financial meltdown?

Free Days: 05/22-05/24

The Bliss King - Captive

Category : 0

"The irony of my scarred, tattooed, gun toting, global drug empire running kidnapper, who goes by the nickname Lord Ruin, the Bliss King, telling me I'm safe is not lost on me."

When ghostwriter Greer Gibson woke wearing silk pyjamas, in a room she didn't recognise, she figured she'd done it again. Picked up a stranger in a local bar and gone to a city hotel with him.

Except she had no memory of doing that, the room was an expansive suite on a tropical island, she didn't own silk pyjamas, and she was locked in.

Lek Hetherington needs a talented writer. But the best in the business, Greer Gibson, is booked out for years. That's just a shoulder shrug for an underworld figure who rules over a global drug empire from his island hideaway.

Lek gets what he wants, even if he has to take it by force.

Captive is book 1 of 4 in The Bliss King.

Free Days: 05/22-05/24

Blood Oath, Blood River

Category : 0

Downwind: the area of the United States that received the brunt of the fallout from nuclear testing. As a result, humans developed cancers and congenital malformations... and so did the creatures in the River, the place where people with "the gift" see things others cannot.

Twenty-year-old Deem is gifted, but she is on her own without her mentor, her late father. Deem's family is tormented by a strange creature that climbs on their roof at night and infects the house with poison. With help from the charismatic Winn, Deem tries to stop the attacks, but this is only the beginning, with more ghosts, Callers, and mutated creatures to come.

Deem met Steven and Roy when she helped save their son from the ghosts at St. Thomas. She was impressed by Roy's use of their ancestors' journals to assist with their work. Deem is confident her father left behind a journal for her somewhere, but her dangerous search becomes riddled with menacing secrets and revelations, putting people's lives at risk.

Deem and Winn are not alone; they are helped by Awan, a handsome Paiute who knows Native American tradition and can explain the strange forces targeting Deem. They also meet Carma, a friendly soul with a fantastic and valuable secret buried in her house.

Free Days: 05/22-05/26


Temperance's Trial

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Category : , 0

In 1941 Great Britain a special war department assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives. Four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot are each hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring mission in Occupied France. As plans are laid to engineer the largest prison break of Allied POWs in history, the Nazis capture the Virtues' radio operator. It will take the cohesive teamwork of the rest of the women to save her life before Berlin breaks her and brings the force of the Third Reich to bear.

Free Days: 05/21-05/25

HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it

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Blogs have the potential to be unbelievably powerful. Never in the history of mankind has such a valuable, simple, and inexpensive tool existed for exploring topics, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and building businesses.

I never dreamed that blogging would lead to more personal and business opportunities, financial success, and clarity of mind and purpose than anything else in my life...but it has.

Blogging, combined with the power of social media, is one of the most powerful tools for massive exposure that exists today...and it's virtually free.

Let me put it this way: Everyone needs to have a blog. The potential upside of having one is just too great to ignore.

Not only will a blog offer you opportunities in all kinds of unexpected and immeasurable ways, the writing will force you to organize your thoughts and analyze topics in ways that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

In other words: The benefits that come from blogging will surprise you...over and over again.

I'm going to teach you how to create a professional blog, as well as how to strategically pick your blog topics and write your blog posts (based on keyword research). I'm also going to teach you how to best monetize your blog, promotional strategies that will drive traffic, and how to create a growing readership. I also include links within to supporting video lessons for extra clarity.

Free Days: 05/21-05/22

Lies I Have Told

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Everyone tells lies. Some of them are dumb lies. Some of them are silly lies. But the best lies of all - the ones we call "fiction" - can be incisive, inspiring, or just laugh-out-loud funny. LIES I HAVE TOLD is a collection of flash fiction by Curtis Edmonds, a frequent contributor to McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and contains stories about interplanetary dining, vengeful wizards, and hyper-aggressive British chefs with camera crews. Each of the thirty-two stories in this collection is guaranteed to be funny or at least mildly amusing. All of these stories are lies, but the best lies contain a kernel of truth. This hilariously funny collection is FREE over Memorial Day weekend, but you don't have to read it then if you have something else to do.

Free Days: 05/21-05/25

The Eleventh Ring

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Category : 0

The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy is the tale of Bartholomew Rabbit and his evolution from a rather silly and self-absorbed rabbit to a fully awakened enlightened being and the most powerful shaper on earth. A shaper can convert his thoughts into physical objects or energy fields. Along the way Bartholomew meets the gregarious Oliver T. Rabbit, a skeptical scientist who over time comes to realize that these seemingly miraculous events have a solid foundation in certain esoteric principles of physics. The two rabbits become steadfast friends and adventuring companions, each growing in their understanding of the world around them. All the events in the trilogy are based on known metaphysical phenomena and philosophical beliefs which have been in existence for thousands of years. That being said, The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy can be read and enjoyed by a young adult with no interest in metaphysics or philosophy. The book is written very simply and on one level is a fun and breezy read.

Free Days: 05/20-05/21


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"A kaleidoscope of a thriller that's at once smart, funny, touching and relentlessly paced. Rudy Yuly's debut novel Sparkle does what only a great thriller can do-it defies you to stop turning the pages."

- Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author of Victim Six

Free Days: 05/20-06/20


Monday, May 18, 2015 Category : , 0

Helena is incarcerated. She has crossed the lines, but what has she done?

Once a week, Helena see a psychologist and talks with him, and the truth is presented piece by piece. For several years she had a relationship with a man who gave her the courage to live, despite her dark secrets, but she was always "the other woman" and finally Helena's fragile world crashes.

We meet Helena in shards: talks with the psychologist interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood and Helena's inner conversation with the love of her life.

The story is full of nerves and tension rises with the realization of who Helena really is.

Seared is a psychological thriller that insightfull depicts a broken womans desperate attempts to create a life worth living.

Free Days: 05/20-05/21

The Woodlands

Sunday, May 17, 2015 Category : 0

Sixteen-year-old Rosa lives in one of the eight enclosed cities of The Woodlands. Where the lone survivors of a devastating race war have settled in the Russian wilderness because it's the only scrap of land left habitable on the planet. In these circular cities, everyone must abide by the law or face harsh punishment. Rosa's inability to conform and obey the rules brands her a leper and no one wants to be within two feet of her, until she meets Joseph. He's blonde, fair-skinned, green-eyed, and the laid-back complete opposite of Rosa. She's never met anyone quite like him, and she knows that spells danger.

Free Days: 05/18-05/23


Failed Moments (Historical Fiction)

Category : 0

Read what people are saying: "Immersive, Amazingly Original---Epic Story Across Two Centuries---A Tale of Redemption for the Ages"

What if the only way to survive your life is to go back in history and right the wrongs of two other men's lives?  Patrick Walsh finds himself in this precarious position as he goes back in time from modern day New York City to:

The French Caribbean in 1790

Biracial plantation owner Patrice Beaumont is known as a "kinder" slave master and claims to be committed to ending slavery, but his actions don't back-up his words.  Is being the "best of the worst" all he's capable of?

1863 New York City

Irish street fighter Patrick Allen is days away from the biggest fight of his career, when the Draft Riots ignite dangerous racial conflicts around the city.  Never one to take sides outside the ring, he steers clear of the angry mobs.  So when he stumbles on a lynching in progress, who can expect him to do anything more than look away?

Tackling race relations from a unique perspective, Failed Moments is a thought-provoking adventure that questions the measure of a man not by his decision to do no harm, but his willingness to act on what is right.

Free Days: 05/18-05/20


Adventure Cruise Line Box Set

Category : 0

This volume contains three stories of romance and suspense set aboard luxury cruise liners sailing in tropical waters. First, share security officer Skylar Davidson's dangerous mission to western Mexico aboard the Intrepid in High Seas Deception. Next, cruise director Avery Knox gets an unusual assignment as she sails on the Valiant to the Caribbean in His Reluctant Bodyguard. Finally, as the Endeavor sails the Gulf of Mexico to Central America, passenger Tammy Knox makes unexpected discoveries in New Year's Endeavor.

Don't miss the boat! Thrilling action, riveting danger, and pulse-pounding romance await you in exotic ports of call. Sail away with Adventure Cruise Lines!

Free Days: 05/18-05/19

Into the Darkness

Category : 0

Sasha has grown up with one surety: she's not normal.

She sees things in the darkness that no one else can see. Mysterious men cloaked in shadow, moving through the night. The problem is, pointing out invisible people is a fast track to a padded cell. Orphaned at age five, Sasha quickly learns an important survival tip: keep her mouth shut and stay out of the spotlight.

Until one night, everything changes. She and her boyfriend, Jared, find themselves stranded on the wrong side of town. Suddenly, the men she was convinced were hallucinations, are very real. And very dangerous.

As a new world opens up around her, she meets him. The Boss. An alpha leader who entrances her mind and tugs on her body. Primal and sexual, his people have a different set of rules. And they don't always play nice.

As danger rises up around her, her differences may be the only thing that saves her life. Sasha must embrace the things she tried so hard to hide, while resisting the person her body craves most. She has finally found her shadow men, and they will change her life forever.

Free Days: 05/18-05/23

My Billionaire Stepbrother

Category : 0

Parker Altman has it all. He's king of an empire -- a billionaire who lives large and parties hard. He owns a fine penthouse, a limousine, a luxury helicopter, a private plane, and all the power money can buy.

But Parker has spent his life hiding from a past on the poor side of town, where he grew up tough under the thumb of a drunk and abusive father. He's also tried to forget the woman his father married, who hated him and declared him bound for Hell. But most of all Parker's been running from his own taboo feelings for that woman's daughter: his goodie-two-shoes stepsister Angela -- a girl he hated, then came to secretly desire. A girl who blossomed from nothing into forbidden fruit in the bedroom next to his. A girl Parker always wanted, but could never have.

On Parker's 30th birthday, he finds a card in his mailbox signed by all three cast-offs from his past -- including Angela, who never wanted to see Parker again -- the card forged without Angela's permission, against her angry wishes.

With that one act, old gears of love, desire, and temptation begin to turn -- dominoes falling one after the other, reopening old and forbidden wounds.

Angela resents when Parker reappears with all the wealth she'll never have. When he tries to sweep her away to reconcile, will it mean facing the man who abandoned her ... or the fulfillment of fantasy she's been hiding even from herself?

Free Day: 05/18

Candy's Chocolate Kingdom

Saturday, May 16, 2015 Category : 0


Welcome to the chocolaty, imaginative world of Candy. A cute, little girl with chocolate on her mind and in her dreams.  Join Candy's adventure in the Chocolate Kingdom, as she explores the delicious goodness of the empire, literally made of chocolate.  Who hasn't imagined hot and cold running milk chocolate taps and the excitement of living in a land where everything can be eaten?  However, there's a lesson to be learned when too much of a good thing teaches Candy about excess and limits.

Candy's Chocolate Kingdom is book one of the Kingdom Fantasy Series for young children.  It's the perfect blend of vivid illustrations and easy text for children learning to read.  Introduce your child to the wonder of books by downloading this bedtime story today.  Candy will delight and entertain long after the book is closed.

Free Days: 05/17-05/20

AND SO TO SLEEP: The Accidental Mystery Series - Book One

Friday, May 15, 2015 Category : , , 0

Poor Molly! All the woman wants to do is to go to bed like everyone else, and stay in bed like everyone else, but her 'crazy legs' demand that she move them. In bad weather, she walks circles in her house; good weather allows her to wander the neighborhood. One of these walks takes Molly directly into the throes of crime and mishap that spans The Accidental Mystery Series.

Free Days: 05/16-05/20

Arena Mode

Thursday, May 14, 2015 Category : 0

In his twenty-nine years, Matthew Moxon had done virtually nothing with his record-breaking IQ and unparalleled problem solving abilities. He'd been content with his lower-class existence: counting cards at the local casino, and using the winnings to finance his ever-expanding comic book collection. His life was blissfully uneventful until one morning, a dangerous fall lands him in the emergency room, and he discovers a tumor is pressing against his brain.

Free Days: 05/15-05/19


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