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Hollywood Jury

Friday, July 31, 2015 Category : 0

In Hollywood Jury, the tenth book in the Hollywood Alphabet Thriller Series, Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner Bernie continue their assignment in Section One, an elite homicide unit that works out of Hollywood Station. Kate's job quickly becomes more stressful than she could ever have anticipated when a deranged serial killer begins a murderous spree on college campuses. At the same time Kate works part-time on another case with Hollywood fixer Pearce Landon to save a condemned man who they are convinced is innocent. Things become even more complicated when Kate's new partner begins to unravel, her love life is in shambles, and she learns a truth about her deceased father that no one, including Kate, ever imagined. Throw in Kate's meddling best friends and private investigators, Natalie and Mo, who are convinced the term badass was invented just for them, Kate's former partner Charlie Winkler who comes out of retirement looking for love, and Kate's duties as maid of honor for the Hollywood wedding of the century and you've got all the ingredients for another wild ride through the streets of Hollywood. If you're looking for romance, suspense, and a thriller with more humor than a night at a Hollywood comedy club grab your copy of the tenth book in a laugh-out-loud mystery series that continues to both shock and delight.

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Medieval Tyrant

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A young couple thrown together by fate and unfortunate circumstances, longing to live their lives together and without troubles. Against them are the plans of the powers all around them. From the elusive Allfathers that have their hand in almost everything to the power hungry Lords, Kings and nations of the world, everything has turned upside down. Prince Daven is the man all expect to unite the continents, as the heir to the throne. He and his wife Eliza want only to live in peace. She has a terrible secret that can end everything, that she must keep hidden from the Prince. Prince Daven's brother is a power hungry Medieval Tyrant who usurped the throne, killing his father and forcing the rightful heir Prince Daven into exile, as a revolution engulfs the continent. The unlikely romance between Eliza and Prince Daven, and the desire to live their lives and to be left alone conflicts with the plans of all around them who have other designs. Some not so honorable. If Prince Daven and the Allfathers fail, the world may see decades of war and hundreds of thousands dead world wide. If Eliza's secret is discovered, the very lives of Prince Daven and Eliza may be taken from them.

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All Lies


A seemingly innocent date gone tragically wrong plunges Del Honeycutt into a web of murder, lies, greed, and a hidden fortune dating back to a crime committed 85 years earlier by his great-grandfather. Accompanied by the sister of Del's brutally murdered date, a violent journey of discovery and fear begins.

99 Cent Bargain from July 31 - August 6, 2015


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Taken by human traffickers. Brutally murdered in front of her sister. Evie Shepard is back from the grave...and she wants revenge!

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Delightful Hands: Your key to more plus better sex (regardless of his size)

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The hard truth about sexual satisfaction: It's not easy, it's not the same for all women, and it's not like the movies! Delightful Hands teaches men how to use their hands in unique and effective ways to satisfy their female partner instead of relying primarily on their male member. Using these techniques, a man can reliably pleasure his woman to multiple orgasms with sensations so powerful and engrossing as to produce a trancelike state of mind. Couples will relish and appreciate this delightful experience which keeps their sex life lively, fresh, exhilarating, and totally satisfying.

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The Archivist

Thursday, July 30, 2015 Category : 0

When Artificial Intelligence collapses global technology, a secret organization called The Archives travels the world collecting what is left of old technology. Their chief archivist, K'Marr is sent on a mission to retrieve the final puzzle piece that could save the world. But saving the world is never easy.

99 Cent Bargain from July 30 - August 13, 2015

The Alpha's Punishment


It started with a small deception... Now, five long months later, Ashley's alpha shifter fiancé still thinks they've been trying to conceive a baby when she's secretly been taking the pill the whole time. When he finds out, there's going to be hell to pay.

99 Cent Bargain from July 30 - October 31, 2015

The Whisper of Stars

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The year is 2091. With accelerated warming and global population out of control, the survival of humanity hangs in the balance. On the brink of extinction, science delivers one last hope. Human Hibernation. Jennifer Logan is a tough cop in the newly formed Duality Division, tasked with enforcing hibernation. When she uncovers a memory, hidden deep within her mind, her belief in the system she protects is shattered. Together with an unlikely partner, and convinced that her past holds the secret to mankind's future, she embarks on a dangerous search for the truth, one that rapidly turns into a struggle for her life. Pursued by the very people she once trusted, Logan must risk everything for answers to the mystery that unfolds. As her world unravels and the layers of deceit are revealed, she is forced to question everything and use all of her skills to survive. The Whisper of Stars is Book 1 in the Hibernation Saga; a fast-paced, futuristic thriller starring a tough, female protagonist. It features conspiracy theories, romance and intrigue and is set in a dystopian world, making it an ideal read for any fans of the sci-fi genre and also suitable for a young adult audience.

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Cowboy On The Run

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Category : 0

Frederick is a cowboy on the run from the law. He stops for supplies in a small town but finds a family in even worse shape than him. He meets a woman who is barely holding it together. Her Dad is sick and left her with the running of the general store. She has to take care of her little sister as well and their supplies are dwindling with winter approaching. Frederick soon finds himself wanting more than just freedom, he wants a family of his own.

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The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve

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The Federal Reserve is a leviathan that overshadows the world economy, dominating it, controlling the flow of money, affecting all our lives. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 in reaction to the bank runs, bankruptcies and financial chaos caused by the Panic of 1907. The stated purpose of the Act was to create a stable monetary system to bring financial stability to the United States and prevent such economic crises as the Panic of 1907 from occurring again. Sixteen years after the passage of the Act, under the Federal Reserve's watch, the nation experienced the worst financial collapse in our history and descended into our deepest and darkest depression--the Great Depression--a crisis far worse than the Panic of 1907. Since the creation of the Fed, we have lurched from boom to bust time and again as financial crisis has followed financial crisis. By any objective measure, the Fed has failed to achieve the stated objectives of its founding. Today, our economic imbalances are extreme and compounding and approaching a day of reckoning. Another financial collapse looms and casts a dark shadow over our future. Under the stewardship of the Federal Reserve, further hardship for our struggling middle class is certain and inevitable. It doesn't have to be this way. Drawing heavily from the writings and ideas of Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Owen Crozier and Carroll Quigley, "The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve" looks back on how we got here and forward to a brighter future through monetary reform.

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Diet & Weight Loss Motivation Secrets You Wish You Knew: Stop the Struggle, End the Guilt, and Enjoy Vibrant Health

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Perhaps the biggest challenge most people face when it comes to weight loss success and adopting a healthy diet is motivation and effective strategies for outsmarting self-sabotaging thoughts. In this ebook, you will learn simple strategies for getting motivated today! Can you relate to any of the following situations: You wake up each day and say, "Today is the day I'm going to get started," but by noon your weight loss motivation deflates like a helium balloon? You reach for a glazed doughnut left over from this morning's meeting, and alleviate your guilt by promising you'll start tomorrow. You have days where you're rip-roaring ready to go and other days when eating well is furthest from your mind. You probably already know what to eat and what not to eat, but life can be challenging and stressful, and having a healthy dieting plan can be difficult. For many, the missing ingredients are weight loss inspiration tools. Maybe you believe a common myth about diet motivation - that you are born with willpower or you are not. Research indicates that this simply isn't true. Dr. Albers provides easy to use behavioral tips that are clinically proven to kick start your efforts and shift your momentum into high gear. Discover how to make the food decisions you really want to make and stick with them without fad dieting or unhealthy weight loss strategies.

Free Days: 07/30-08/02 

Carnies and Wildcats: Ulciscor

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What horror awaits in the basement of the old Daniel Ashley Hotel? In Valdosta, Georgia, a city known as "Winnersville", there are bound to be losers. In 1980, the carnival came and lost one of their own--the carnival owner's 12-year-old daughter--her body found at the carnival's ticket gate, brutally murdered. The killer was never discovered. Her father vowed to return one day to avenge his daughter's death. Thirty years later a mysterious stranger buys the old Daniel Ashley Hotel and for some of the citizens of "Winnersville" things will never be the same.

Free Days: 07/30-08/02 

Stolen Memories

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Every soul has a companion on his journey through life - an angel who looks over him and protects him and to whom he is extremely attracted. The soul's desire for the angel is desperate, full of sorrow and pain. If the desire becomes too much, the angel takes on human form and then the soul meets his true love. The fabric of our life is stitched together with precious threads of captured memories, stirring emotions, and lasting events which are permanently etched across the tablet of our mind. What if those life-forging memories were gone? Would we no longer exist or would life start anew? To even imagine such a catastrophic possibility is frightening, but for Emma, a young woman battling brain cancer, the challenge was all too real. Her tale is fictional but it mirrors those of thousands of individuals who have traveled down strange paths of new memories and forgotten love. Emma's story begins 15 years before being admitted to a well-known Portland hospital for brain surgery. It was a different time, devoted to higher learning and the tender devotion of her sweetheart, Mark. Their union had been loving...but not lasting, ending suddenly at Emma's behest. Mark, now a brilliant psychologist at a prestigious hospital, often looks back, weighing the good and bad of those days to help him focus on the future. He has tried to move on, dating Lea, a young intern, who has helped him to once again feel...and hope.

Free Days: 07/30-08/03

Shadows Within Us

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Category : 0

SHADOW PEOPLE In the beginning of time the first human were inseminated with Shadow People, who quickly murdered all remaining good persons. That left a breeding stock of murderers to populate the whole Earth. Earth is outpost to murderous symbiotic lifeforms-a vast empire of hundreds of millions; all humans are sons of this life form. SYMBIOTIC LIFE-FORMS The Cuckoo Catfish will dart in and lay its own eggs in the mouth of another fish called the Cichlid. The Cichlid, totally unaware of the deception, will diligently raise the Cukoos as its own (feeding and protecting). After a period of time, the Cucocks fish will grow to maturity, and devour their siblings Cichlids. Such is Earth truth, horrible, sickening, and it continues till this day to the inhabitants of Earth. Earth is a hideous place, the vulgarity that takes place in the darkness of night, unbeknownst to the sleeping. What I have seen... I write.

Free Days: 07/28-08/02 

Fever: A Ballroom Romance, Book One

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Rory is an anxious, unfulfilled lawyer whose passions for life and dance are set aflame by sexy, mysterious Russian dancer, Sasha. But will she leave everything she's worked for to become his full-time partner, both on and off the dance floor? And will vengeful former partners and demons from their pasts sabotage them? The start of a fun, sexy, suspenseful series set in the world of ballroom dancing by an award-winning author.

Free Days: 07/29-08/05 

Hope for Garbage

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"The fulfilling story of a young man who can turn trash into treasure." - Kirkus Reviews Welcome to the cruel world of Trevor McNulty. No matter how hard he tries, this seventeen year-old just can't get a break. Through no fault of his own, he finds himself living with his alcoholic uncle on the outskirts of Cleveland. His days are filled with garbage-picking and hanging out with his seventy year-old neighbor, who also happens to be his best friend. One early morning while scanning the streets in a posh suburb, he meets Bea, a rebellious rich girl with problems of her own. She's smart, cute, and a glimmer of light in his dark world. But in the midst of their budding romance, Bea's beautiful mother enters the picture with an agenda of her own. She sets off a chain of events so shocking and destructive, Trevor's crazy life soon becomes more than he can handle. While he is desperate to save his relationship with Bea, he learns that nothing in his world can be saved unless he first saves himself. Hope for Garbage is a story about resilience-about overcoming adversity under the most extraordinary circumstances-about never, ever, giving up hope. Because sooner or later, everybody gets a break.

Free Days: 07/29-07/30 

Free Draw

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A Nice Jewish Boy, His Lesbian BFF, and MURDER MOST MARIN... Unafraid, unlicensed, and, in this case, unpaid, unofficial Bay Area P.I. Jake Samson and his carpenter sidekick Rosie set out to clear a friend of a murder charge. The victim is found stabbed to death in a damp redwood canyon in woodsy, wealthy Marin County, outside San Francisco. It's up to Jake and Rosie to find the real killer, and they've got a number of suspects: the victim's fellow executives at a questionable correspondence school, his divided and bitter family, and his quirky Marin County neighbors--a truly odd assortment of California woods dwellers.

Free Days: 07/29-08/02

Rescue Me

Monday, July 27, 2015 Category : 0

Erin McIntyre is a Survivor. Afraid to love again, certain the only person she can trust is herself. When her past comes knocking, threatening her world apart, the support of a man who believes in her, will be the one thing that will keep her head above water.

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Helena is incarcerated. She has crossed the lines, but what has she done? Once a week, Helena see a psychologist and talks with him, and the truth is presented piece by piece. For several years she had a relationship with a man who gave her the courage to live, despite her dark secrets, but she was always "the other woman" and finally Helena's fragile world crashes. We meet Helena in shards: talks with the psychologist interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood and Helena's inner conversation with the love of her life. The story is full of nerves and tension rises with the realization of who Helena really is. Seared is a psychological thriller that insightfull depicts a broken womans desperate attempts to create a life worth living.

Free Days: 07/28-07/30 

Three Marie Ferrarella Romances Box Set One

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Three wonderful novels of love and sacrifice from a master story teller! IRRESISTIBLE FORCES--Journalist Shane McCallister rebels against being assigned to cover a mere movie star--Nick Rutledge, but soon discovers he's nothing but seductive both off-screen and on. NO WAY TO TREAT A LOVER--How can Charley Tremayne explain to Reese McDaniels that the reason she disappeared a year before had more to do with her secret undercover work than anything he'd said or done? DECEMBER 32 AND ALWAYS...Pat Hamilton is still recovering from the loss of her husband, when his cousin Blaise returns to help her build the aircraft of his dreams. Is she really ready to let him rebuild their relationship as well?

Free Days: 07/28-07/29 

To Kill An Armchair Husband, A Dark Comedy

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"There's no such thing as changing a husband. In my experience, a woman either lives with her man and deals with the good, the bad, and the ugly, or she divorces him. If neither option is viable, she must come up with a different plan." Once upon a time there lived a happy and satisfied wife, named Charlene. Her husband Billy was the perfect prince: kind, loving, and very lusty. But then one day, POOF! He morphed into a big, old lump. To make matters worse, he started torrid affairs with three sexy mistresses; a leather armchair, a big screen TV, and ESPN. Charlie is heartbroken and growing angrier by the minute. She's tried everything but her husband refuses to change back. What's a wife to do? Divorce won't cut it, too messy and expensive. Besides, how will she ever get him out of the arms of THAT chair? Only one drastic option remains...Murder. But's she's having a little trouble...Billy just won't die. "Hysterical! This is a dark comedy with so much heart. To Kill An Armchair Husband is a beach read you'll want to enjoy over and over again; it'll make you laugh your face off and warm your heart." CL Coons, Author of Collide "To Kill An Armchair Husband is an uproariously funny and surprisingly poignant glimpse into one woman's attempt to resolve a vexing dilemma." Audrey RL Wyatt, Author of Poles Apart

Free Days: 07/28-07/30 

Another Sunset

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"I don't regret the things I've done, I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance. You can change the world with one random act of kindness at a time." A kind drifter with a hidden past arrives in Westville. He meets a protective mother raising her precocious daughter, who thinks more of others than herself, as best she can. She keeps her grounded while encouraging her to reach for the stars. Worlds collide, fate takes a critical turn, and their lives are never the same again.

Free Days: 07/28-08/04

Summer in the City: 111th and Western

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A nostalgic look back to the summer of 1969 in Chicago when a visit with my grandmother brought light to a childhood gone dark. Short-read.

Free Days: 07/28-08/01

Tourist Trap

Sunday, July 26, 2015 Category : 0

Lawyer Rebecca Schwartz would pick the one with the body nailed to the landmark cross! Coincidence? Not so much. She's there because her boy friend's covering the service for the San Francisco Chronicle. The body's there because someone's making a statement he doesn't want the press to miss. Next: mass shellfish poisoning at Pier 39. A very different kind of serial killer is operating here-one who seems to have a grudge against the whole city. And this is a very different kind of serial killer tale-a funny one. (If your don't count the murders, or course.) Rebecca's warm and witty, never takes herself too seriously, and on one occasion offers closing testimony with green hair. A highly embarrassing moment, but the bright chartreuse is all in the service of making her case.

Free Days: 07/28-08/01

Shadow Moon

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Paradise Sailing has now completed the first cruise liner since before the wars on Earth started over 1200 years ago. Vernon Douglas, and his bride to be Marie have chosen the Navigator as not only their wedding venue, but the location for their honeymoon as well. This will be the maiden voyage for the Navigator, and a first for the people of Eden as they begin to venture out to the open oceans of Eden. Vernon has just completed his Paladin training, and Marie has just complete college. The four long years apart did not sway their love for each other. Over the next seven days they venture close to the Viviana coastline, sailing the Granantic Ocean. Their destinations take them on a tour of the coastline through the virtual control of a drone, a newly built community on an island, and the manmade floating city of Aspiration. Meet Vargas Mitchel, a friend of Vernon from the Paladin Academy. His first mission takes him aboard the same boat as his friend. Vargas, conflicted, wants to see his friend, but doesn't want him to become involved. His mission is to gather details of the location of a hidden city in the clouds called Freedom. Did the time spent apart for Vernon and Marie change them? Can Vargas keep his friend out of the mission, or will he be pulled in? Come sail with us, and join the cruise!

Free Days: 07/27-07/31

Body Aches (A Reece Carson RN Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Book 2)

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Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur, isn't looking for trouble on New Year's Eve in this cozy mystery series. No, she's standing on a rooftop in her hot boyfriend's arms waiting for the MoonPie drop to ring in the New Year. Instead of celebrating, she's the lone eyewitness to the first murder of the year. And the victim isn't just any Mobilian. He's the co-winner of the biggest jackpot ever won from Powerball, and he's the half owner of Mobile's newest business, Top Hat.

Free Days: 07/27-07/31

And Then There Were Giants

Saturday, July 25, 2015 Category : 0

Years of martial arts training never prepared nineteen-year-old Alysia Knight for the battle she has to face. War is raging in the streets of New Jersey, and surviving the apocalypse means staying clear of monsters preying on the citizens. But all this will be the least of her worries when her parents become targets. Death is inevitable, unless Alysia can muster up the courage and hone her abilities to defeat all that stands in her way. If not, she may end up losing more than her parents.

Free Days: 07/23-09/23 

The Caliban Program

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Months after 9/11, a covert arm of the CIA summons young Lieutenant Eric Ritter to Pakistan. Al Qaeda holds an American operative, and Ritter's history with the kidnapper is key to rescuing the operative before it's too late. While the CIA need Ritter's help, they consider him an expendable asset and throw him into a battle he isn't ready for. Deep inside a hostile city, Ritter will learn what it takes to fight the cloak and dagger war against a merciless enemy, or die trying. Contains an excerpt from INTO DARKNESS, the first full length novel of the Eric Ritter Spy Thriller series.

Free Days: 07/26-07/31 

Louisiana Hotshot

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Confirmed grump Eddie Valentino placed the ad. Hotshot twenty-something Talba Wallis knew exactly how to answer it. And thus was born the dynamic duo of New Orleans private detectives, one cynical, sixty-five-year-old Luddite white dude with street smarts, and one young, bright-eyed, Twenty-First century African-American female poet, performance artist, mistress of disguise, and computer jock extraordinaire. Think Queen Latifah and Danny DeVito. In Louisiana Hotshot, their job is to hunt down a sociopath and pedophile who's molested the fourteen-year-old daughter of their client, hangs out on the ragged edges of the rap and recording industries, and has more powerful allies than a Cabinet member.

Free Day: 07/26 

Opening Hearts (Hero's Heart Series #1)

Friday, July 24, 2015 Category : 0

Pregnant and Alone at 35! Jessalyn O'Donnell returns from her best friend's wedding with a surprise of her own. She knows how it happened - three sex-filled nights with a smokin' hot guy, known only as Sam -- but she has no way to get in touch with him. When smokejumper Sam Ricci returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherhood. His lifestyle is too risky, and he loves his job - almost as much as he loves women. Everything changes when he runs into Jessalyn again and discovers her plans for single parenthood. Sam, the dreamy, steamy, smokejumper doesn't want to be tied down. Jessalyn, the independent, modern, mom-to-be, would rather go it alone. Why, when a twist of fate brings them together again, does it feel so right?

Free Days: 07/25-07/31

The Ranchers Box Set Books 1-3 (Destiny Bay Romances)

Thursday, July 23, 2015 Category : 0

The Ranchers Box Set I~Three full novels
Native Silver
He wants her. She wants his ranch. When Shawnee Carrington returns home to help her grandfather win his fight to keep his land, she goes up against David Santiago, a man she's hated and loved with equal passion for years. She's determined to beat him, and win the horse show his sister always dominates as well, with the help of Native Silver, her beloved horse. But her plans will only work if no one realizes Native Silver is blind.
Destiny Ranch
She desperately needs to find her father. He needs to make sure she can't. Carly Stevens needs to fill in her past so that she can face her future. She takes a job caring for Joe Carrington's loveable yet frustrating children, only to find that she's stepped into the middle of her own mystery--and into a struggle with an irresistible rancher who's own heartbreak has destroyed his trust in love.
Sweet Desperado
She's hanging on for the reward money-but can she last that long? Jessie Carrington is a rancher and that's all she's ever wanted to be, but when she gets a chance to play bounty hunter, she takes it. She needs the money badly. But once she id's the fugitive, he turns the tables and now she's the captive and on an emotional roller coaster ride as she falls for him, ruining all her plans.

Free Days: 07/24-07/25 


Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Category : 0

LAST CHANCE by Lindsay McKenna (romantic suspense) Lia Cassidy thought she had faced all of her demons. After surviving a vicious assault by two fellow soldiers, she rebuilds her life by finding new purpose with the Delos Charities Home School in Costa Rica. But Lia's happiness is short lived when she becomes a target of the infamous drug lord, Dante Medina. Soon, Lia is once again fighting for her life, hunted by the ruthless "La Arana" and his soldiers. Fleeing into the Costa Rican jungle, Lia must summon every last ounce of strength she has to survive as she awaits a rescue that may come too late. This is her last chance.

Free Days: 07/20-10/20 

ABS! 50 of the Best core exercises to strengthen, tone, and flatten your belly

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Experience 50 of the very best ab and stomach exercises from Yoga, Pilates and other fitness modalities. They have been carefully selected for their ability to produce quick results and are fun to do. ABS! Goes well beyond old fashioned crunches and sit-up so you can have an extremely effective abs workout. Whether your belly is on the soft side or you're a high level athlete, you'll find a great variety of ab exercises that will target all four major groups of abdominal muscles, categorized by easy, moderate and challenging - so it is great for all levels of fitness. This book doesn't make extreme promises like getting ripped abs in 6 days, doesn't recommend crazy diets that you're dying to get off of in a week, and there isn't a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo! When you purchase this book you will get highly effective ab and stomach exercises that will help you strengthen, tone and get a flat belly - in a healthy way.

Free Days: 07/23-07/26 

Telegraph Hill

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"A riveting dark noiresque crime thriller. . . Where this novel stands apart is the lyrical prose and intimate observations of lesser-known San Francisco neighborhoods . . . Telegraph Hill is the perfect book to read this summer!" In Telegraph Hill, private detective Ray Infantino searches for a missing girl named Tania. The case takes him to San Francisco, the city he abandoned years ago after his fiance was murdered. Thrust into his old city haunts, Ray finds that Tania may not be lost at all. Tania saw a murder; and a criminal gang, the Black Fist Triad, wants to make sure she never sees anything again. Ray enlists help from an old flame, Dominique, but now he has three women on his mind. Meeting with various witnesses-ex-cops, prostitutes, skinheads-he relentlessly tracks the evidence. But the hunt for Tania fires his obsession with avenging the murder of his fiance. When the triad retaliates, and blood begins to flow, Ray must walk the knife edge between revenge and redemption on the streets of San Francisco.

Free Days: 07/23-07/24 

Day Use: Sex, Secrets & Stories

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A thrilling novel that presents the story of Dalia Raz, a successful ceramic artist who suddenly becomes a widow after her husband is killed by a mysterious explosion in the factory he worked in. In her despair, following this disaster, she decides to change and rehabilitate her life. She turns her life upside down and opens a business for day use renting rooms by the hour for intimacy purposes. At the same time, she begins to search for the truth regarding her husband's death and investigates a series of explosions that took place in secret military facilities. She refuses to believe that the series of explosions is random and unconnected.Her new unorthodox job exposes her to a new, intriguing world. She collects funny, tragic and dramatic stories about her guests. She writes about her experiences and publishes a book about them.Her new fascinating life exposes the reader to amusing and even occasionally frightening stories. Based on real life events.The book also sheds light on Israel's nuclear secrets. The ending is surprising and unpredictable. The story is based on real life events!

Free Days: 07/23

City of Beads

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The SECOND deliciously sneaky mystery in Anthony- and Edgar-nominated Tony Dunbar's Tubby Dubonnet series. Tony Dunbar is the rare author able to make you laugh and shake in your shoes at the same time. New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is bored. He wants to bill enough hours to pay his alimony and keep his daughter in college, with enough left over for an occasional drink and a good meal, but he longs for something different and exciting.

Free Days: 07/23-07/27

Passion Patrol 1

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A Mafia conspiracy. A female undercover cop. A honed and fit target suspect: sexy international sports star and playboy boxer Freddie La Salle. Emma Calin's #1 Kindle Best Seller in Romantic Suspense, Romantic Adventure and Women Sleuths. The first in a series of stand-alone sassy female police romance stories. British Interpol cop, Anna Leyton, spirals down into a hopeless vortex of sexual and emotional turmoil as she fights to keep her professional cool in her latest assignment. The action flies from London to Paris, California and New York but just who is deceiving who in this fast moving ride across continents? A high stakes gambling syndicate is pulling the strings. A boxing referee is dead in a river and millions of dollars are placed on Freddie's next fight. Anna has to decide what really motivates the art loving prize-bull boxer Freddie La Salle. Can she fake it? Can she nail the gangsters before her cover is blown? What will happen when the charismatic suspect she is tracking turns on his charm and seduces her? Will passion take control as she falls in love with him? The story of a tense and erotic forbidden affair. Can a relationship survive when it is founded on deceit? Can she prove her lover is innocent? Will she escape with her life and her man?

Free Days: 07/23-07/25

You Are F#cking Awesome: Do Something That Matters: A Short Guide to Creative Success

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 Category : 0

I don't believe art has to be a mad struggle to fill yourself with inspiration and then produce something before the enthusiasm drains away, or that artists necessarily have to become poor or crazy. I think smart people can use creativity responsibly, harnessing it into stable systems that produce reliable and measurable effects. But I expect more from you. Because you're f#cking awesome. With clever planning, you can generate far more income than you need, completely sever the connection between time and money, and become a one-person super patron and champion of Important Things. I can teach you a lot about how to start a creative business, how to attract clients, charge high prices, build a platform, sell yourself like a rockstar, become a media darling and make a lot of money. But all that stuff will be so much easier if you make something that matters. A couple years ago "make epic shit" was the groundbreaking catchphrase - but it really just means be innovative and make amazing, interesting and novel stuff that gets noticed. But it isn't enough to grow a successful business. You have to do something that matters to other people. You have to make stuff that transforms lives, melts hearts, inspires souls, and shifts paradigms.

Free Days: 07/21-07/23 

Across the Veil

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Princess Talia from Summerland has been hiding across the veil in the human world for the past five years. Starring in a hit television show as human actress, Natalie Thurmont, her charmed new life is shattered when the past comes knocking on her door.

Free Days: 07/22-07/25 


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Pick a memory. Any memory. Rack a line. Inhale. This is all it takes to relive the best, or, for the more perverse, the worst moments of your life. But beware the side effects... an empty head... nagging soul aches... a dead wife. Join Cornelius Coe, a broken down dreamer, as he swims through blood-soaked memories, trying to keep his neck above the water. Who killed his wife and why? This is, in a word... Vile.

Free Days: 07/22-07/26


Monday, July 20, 2015 Category : 0

Cade, the gorgeous song man, has every reason to steer clear of commitment and train his soulful eyes, heart-melting dimples, and sexy voice on every beauty clamoring for his attention. So why is it that he finds himself truly, deeply and unintentionally, fixed on the one woman who is not so easily swept away?

Free Days: 07/21-07/25 

My Journey to the Ocean

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What if you woke up one day only to find out that everything has changed forever? Elena knows what she wants from life, she has her whole world charted out and is engaged to be married to Alex, but when she takes a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful southern charm of Saint Simons Island, Georgia, her whole world is rocked and rolled when she meets handsome Chris. No one told her she may have to make a choice, but now, faced with the inevitable reality, she realizes that her final destination is not nearly as important as her endless Journey to the Ocean.

Free Days: 07/21-07/22

Living in the Now: How to Live as the Spiritual Being That You Are

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The 99 essays in Living in the Now provide practical wisdom that will help you live in this world as the spiritual being that you are. They can be read in any order and used in daily contemplation. They address many questions raised by the spiritual search, offering insight on fear, anger, happiness, aging, boredom, desire, patience, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, love, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, meditation, being present, quieting the mind, letting go of the past, healing conditioning, dealing with emotions, trusting life, trusting your Heart, and many other deep subjects. These essays will help you become more present and aware of your true nature and feel more loving, happy, grateful, and at peace.

Free Days: 07/21-07/23

Scott Kelly

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Six teens are devoted to a game with one rule: If a player gets tagged, they must change their life within the next fifteen minutes. The better the player, the bigger the change. One might give their car away, or punch the school bully. Another might change identities or sacrifice their virginity. Anything to keep evolving, to avoid fitting into a label or caring about the junk they own. But their quest for enlightenment has taken a rotten final turn - one of the players has murdered the game's creator, the teen prophet (cult leader?) David Bloom. Our narrator is being framed for the crime; can he clear his name and discover which of his lifelong friends is the murderer before he takes the fall?

Free Day: 07/20

The Zero Class

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Vernon Douglas is a seventeen year old student at a magic and runic high school on the planet Eden. There has always been a part of him that believed he was destined for greatness, but doubt clouds his mind. He dreams of becoming a Paladin, a symbol for the best of the best in his society, but they don't take people like him in very often. He is a rune user, only being able to use magic by pouring his mana through an object emblazoned with a symbol. This limits what magic he can use. His best friend comes to him with a solution, a newly made available sport called mixed magical arts. It's a sport to test the limits of magical and physical ability. His high school is holding tryouts for the team. Getting onto the team is the key to help him prove he's worthy. To not just himself but to everyone else. His only question is are his abilities enough? Will Vernon have what it takes to get through the tournaments? Are his dreams of joining the Paladin's out of his reach? Follow Vernon and find out.

Free Days: 07/20-07/24

The Grimm Chronicles, vol. 1

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200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world. Literally. Now the characters of the Grimms' stories walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can stop them. For 18-year-old Alice Goodenough, that means taking precious time off from her summer vacation. In addition to volunteering at the local library, Alice must stop the Corrupted who are now actively hunting her down. With the help of her magic pen and her trusty rabbit friend, the world has suddenly gotten a lot more complex. The Corrupted are everywhere, and only Alice can see them for what they truly are.

Free Day: 07/19

No Exchanges, No Returns

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There were never such devoted sisters... Dr. David Lambert and his wife, Brianna, received the ultimate Christmas gift from her fraternal twin. They gratefully accepted it, of course, because everyone knows you can't return a baby like an itchy sweater. Yet, that's essentially what Brianna does when she has a meltdown and unexpectedly divorces David. She runs from their home in Redemption, Pennsylvania, and leaves their surrogate-her sister, Casey-pregnant with his little bundle. When David chose her beautiful twin over her, Casey MacIntyre hid her hurt behind a wall of sarcasm. Now that her sister has divorced her husband, it's increasingly difficult to remember why the hunky pediatrician is supposed to be off limits-especially since Brianna doesn't seem to want him or care if Casey and he get involved. David always liked and admired his selfless ex-sister-in-law-despite that the sassy preschool teacher is always busting his chops. Consequently, after his wife bails on marriage and motherhood, it's only natural he turns to Casey for sympathy. Unfortunately, the exasperating pixie becomes more irresistible with each day she carries his child. He already mistook lust for love once and jumped way too fast into marriage. He's not about to botch up his life that way again. Casey wants whatever happiness she can grab, whether it's temporary or not. The only problem is, if she lets herself love her baby (or David), what will happen to her when her sister inevitably realizes her mistake and returns to Redemption?

Free Days: 07/19-07/22

Memorize the Bible and Understand It

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If you want to please God, then you must grow in faith! And if you want to grow in faith, you must know His word more intimately. So consider taking this time to diligently seek Him and to sharpen your sword for Christ.

Free Days: 07/18-07/19 

With Jesus in the Secret Place - A 120 Day Devotional

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This boxset is an invitation to a deeper intimacy with your Savior. As a devotion each day is written as if from Jesus to you. Listen carefully to His voice and let his words challenge your faith.

Free Days: 07/18-07/19 

The Haunting of Sam Cabot

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There are places that hold evil, houses so vile, so tainted, that people refuse to live in them. Farnham House is one of those places. Once an inn, this majestic old New England manor house is back on the market, and the price is very reasonable. Sam Cabot is a man tired of moving. Now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life in the country with his wife and young son. Little does he know that he will soon begin a long, slow descent into madness and that he will spend his summer living with dead things.

Free Days: 07/18-07/20 

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