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Rebekka Franck Series Box Set: Vol 1-3

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Category : , 0


It's the stuff of a living nightmare...

Three bone-chilling tales from a bestselling author: the first three installments in Willow Rose's popular mystery series about the journalist Rebekka Franck and her friends and family.

99 Cent Bargain from September 30 - October 5, 2015

Dogs with Bagels

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Liliana is the disappointing daughter of hardworking immigrant parents. She is a girl looking to be rescued from her own insecurities and bad decisions. Unable to afford rent in New York City proper, she is craving a life of luxury that isn't hers, while subsisting on bagels and coffee. In desperate need of support - emotional and otherwise -, she clings to potential saviors, never bothering to question if the attachments she forms really fit her. In a parallel story line, her mother, Maria, is trying to reject all offers of help, especially those of her estranged husband, whose unexpected generosity forces her to revisit past mistakes she hasn't come to terms with. Enmeshed in her own drama, she doesn't notice her daughter's troubles until it's too late. Desperate to keep Liliana from making a mistake that will alter the course of her life, Maria reveals her best-kept secret, a story so shocking it might have the power to jerk Liliana back to reality. It could, on the other hand, alienate her forever. DOGS WITH BAGELS is a story about the American dream gone bad. It is also a story about mothers and daughters, about female friendships, the struggle to survive in one of the world's most expensive cities, and women's secret desire to have wild passionate sex with their exes.

Free Days: 10/01-10/05 

Black and Gold Vigilante Justice Action and Adventure Crime Thriller series books 1-3

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Criminals have had it easy for too long. Not anymore. A dark vigilante has arrived. He has a burning passion to set things right and a need to release the burning anger within. But when young Jess throws herself into his mission with reckless abandon even survival is a challenge. Welcome to Black & Gold.

Free Days: 10/01-11/01 

A Most Peculiar Season Series Sampler

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Regency Romances With a Difference! The year is 1811 and the Prince of Wales has finally been declared Regent to rule in place of his incapacitated father. But that is not the most peculiar thing about this London Season... An audacious thief is lifting jewels from under the very noses of their aristocratic owners. Some suspect The Mayfair Shadow may be a member of the ton! An infant is abandoned on the doorstep of three notorious rakes - but which one is the father? Are a series of gruesome murders at Vauxhall connected to the exiled royal house of Moldavia? A perfect young lady, betrothed to England's most eligible earl, vanishes from a ball on the eve of her wedding. And what about rumors of a virile Viking warrior in the Prince Regent's court? Enjoy sample chapters from this entertaining Regency series created by a group of award-winning and bestselling historical romance authors!

Free Days: 10/01-10/14 

Ominous Obsession

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Category : 0

Raff Rafferty joins the New York City Police Department and investigation of the baffling disappearance and possible murder of a gorgeous model in the colorful, bizarre-and sometimes dangerous-world of high fashion.

Emily's House (Book 1 of The Akasha Chronicles)

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Emily learns of the ancient Celtic magic coursing through her veins and that she is the only one that can stop an ancient evil one from using the world' most powerful machine to achieve his selfish goal and destroying our world in the process.

99 Cent Bargain from September 29 - October 2, 2015

Breaking Braydon

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Playboy billionaire Braydon Decker changes women more often than designer ties. Scarred and humiliated as a teenager, he pledged long ago to never trust a beautiful woman again. But then he never imagined meeting one quite like Jain Parker. Jain, a dedicated medical research scientist, learned early in college that her good looks were a hindrance and she'd have to tone down her beauty to be taken seriously, thus, Plain Jain was born, and men were no longer an issue. Of course, she didn't count on running into Braydon Decker. A successful venture capitalist, Braydon holds the key to whether Jain's research company sinks or swims. When the two are forced to work together on a fundraising campaign, they're instantly drawn to one another, despite their individual vows to remain unattached. As they navigate unchartered waters, their inability to trust wages war with their desire to love. Hearts are broken and trust is shattered when betrayal and lies are revealed. Will the truth bring them healing and forgiveness, or will it be too late?

Free Days: 09/30-10/04 

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara

Monday, September 28, 2015 Category : 0

Despite her highly abnormal name, Calandria Arabella Philomena Louisa Anastasia Richards tries very hard to fly under the radar. So she knows her life has gone crazy when she passes a note to her best friend: "Lewis-something strange happened to me this morning. I got a message in my Alpha Bits that said I was a princess and I had to help this place called Albion in their fight against an evil queen. C. P.S. Dad says you can come for pizza tonight." On her quest to stop a bloodthirsty queen, Callie will have to steer a near-sighted dragon, decipher an ancient riddle, and learn to command a tiara that talks back! And to save this magical world she only just discovered, Callie must risk more than she ever thought possible... "Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara is rip-roaring, side splitting good fun! It's a modern day fairy tale filled with magic, laughter, and a delightful cast of characters that will sweep you off your feet!" - USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean

Free Days: 09/29-10/02 

Gypsy Hunted

Sunday, September 27, 2015 Category : , , 0

Misery meets Medium... Reluctant psychic Gypsy Shields (she prefers the term "intuition consultant") finds herself in trouble when, on her way home from a blind date, she interrupts a kidnapping in progress. Her heroic attempt to intervene is repaid with a collision between the attacker's van and a brick wall. She awakens in hospital, paralyzed on her left side and unable to speak. Unable to share vital information about the crime she witnessed. Fortunately, her telepathic connection with her niece helps her throw a line out, attracting the attention of a police detective: Connor Reardon, Gypsy's date the night of the attack. Stepping in to protect Gypsy, Connor even listens to her claims of psychic power. She soon senses he's concealing certain powers of his own. Nor are they all he's concealing. A part of Gypsy's new ally's mind is closed to her. What she cannot know is that Connor suspects the kidnapper is someone close to him, and the victim holds secrets that will tear through Connor's department, putting careers and lives at risk. Including Gypsy's, as she is left recovering in hospital and vulnerable as the attacker turns his sights on her once again. Can she use her powers to track down the perpetrator in time to prevent her own murder?

Free Days: 09/28-09/30 

Descendants of the Rose

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Category : , 0

In this debut novel of her new paranormal mystery series, Juliette Harper, author of The Lockwood Legacy books and The Study Club Mysteries creates a cast of characters, most of whom have one thing in common; they don’t have a pulse.

99 Cent Bargain from September 24 - October 24, 2015

Stone Age

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Described in Congress as one of the greatest potential problems facing our power-grid and American way of life. “Any day now we will be hit with a solar storm that will return us back to the Stone Age!" - Noted astrophysicist, Dr. Carrington Reid [CMEResearchInstitute.org]

99 Cent Bargain from September 24 - 28, 2015

Journaling to Become a Better Writer: Seven Keys to More Authentic Fiction

Category : 0

How do you capture that spark of life that lifts your story off the page and resonates with readers in their very soul? You delve into your own soul and learn how to wrap words around your unique human experience. The best way to do that is keeping a journal.

99 Cent Bargain from September 26 - October 4, 2015


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Little Molly Messenger is kidnapped on a sunny June morning. Three days later she's returned, apparently unharmed. Molly's mother, Chris, is so grateful to have her daughter back that she's willing to overlook the odd circumstances. A few days later, the brakes go out on Chris's car. An accident? Maybe. Except that it turns out that Chris, the IT manager at a large Chicago bank, may have misappropriated three million dollars. Not convinced that his daughter is safe, Molly's father hires Private Investigator Georgia Davis to follow the money and investigate Chris's death. Doubleback, the sequel to the acclaimed Easy Innocence, reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman (An Eye For Murder, A Picture Of Guilt, An Image Of Death, A Shot To Die For). The two women track leads from Northern Wisconsin to an Arizona border town, where illegal immigrants, smuggled drugs, and an independent contractor called Delton Security come into play. Georgia and Ellie go to great lengths to find the truth, and Georgia discovers that you can cross a line, but sometimes you have to double back. Doubleback was chosen by the Great Lakes Bookseller Association as their Autumn, 2009 "Great Lakes Great Read."

Free Days: 09/27-09/30 

The Unknown Element

Category : 0

Three very different individuals. A dark force rising. The chase begins. A reserved small town sheriff in pursuit of justice. A beautiful and eccentric technology genius striving to understand. A bon vivant French priest committed to finding answers. A horrific event in a sleepy Gulf Coast town pulls them together and the trio find themselves on a quest for the truth about good and evil, travelling first to Wales and the scene of another shocking nightmare, then on to the killing fields of Syria where the stakes rise even higher. Can these three dissimilar people find answers without driving each other crazy? Can they survive while Middle East factional war rages around them? They need to, because the potential fate of millions hangs on it.

Free Days: 09/27-10/01 

The Broken Saint

Category : 0

Seagate and Miner investigate the murder of Maricel Salizar, a young Filipino exchange student at Central Montana State. The most obvious suspect is the boyfriend, who happens to have gang connections. And then there's Amber, a fellow student who's obviously incensed at Maricel for a sexual indiscretion involving Amber's boyfriend. But the evidence keeps leading Seagate and Miner back to the professor, an LDS bishop who hosted her in his dysfunctional home. Seagate takes it in stride that the professor can't seem to tell the truth about his relationship with the victim, but her devout partner, Ryan Miner, believes that a high-ranking fellow Mormon who violates a sacred trust deserves special punishment.

Free Days: 09/27-09/29 

You Can't Get Blood Out of Shag Carpet

Friday, September 25, 2015 Category : 0

After Wanda Jean Milton finds her husband, Hilton, dead on her new shag carpet with a knife sticking out of his chest, she finds herself the prime suspect in the case. But as a member of "the" local Study Club, she enjoys the fierce protection of its members.

99 Cent Bargain from September 24 - October 24, 2015

The House on Persimmon Road

Category : 0

Need Help? Hire a Ghost. She Cooks.  Lottie Roberts has been sitting on her bones since the Civil War, waiting for her ticket to heaven until Justine Hale moves into Lottie's two-hundred-year-old house with three generations of emotional baggage: Her mother, her ex mother-in-law and two pesky children. Lottie senses in Justine a kindred spirit, one filled with heartache and in reduced circumstances, which mirrors Lottie's situation exactly. Justine needs help. Lottie is of a mind to provide it, but before she can say squat, Tucker Highsmith arrives. His dark eyes, lazy grin, and sexy Alabama drawl coupled with the dern braggart's Mr. Fix-it talents just might be the answer to all of Justine's problems--or,  maybe not... Because Lottie has her own agenda, one she has been waiting, hoping and praying for since she discovered her bones on a hidden staircase.

Free eBook from September 25 - 28, 2015


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A Young adult Space Opera with elements of Science Fiction (Creatures, machines, space ships, planets) with elements of Paranormal Fantasy (Magic, spells, sorcerer) The book is action packed and very adventurous. It has been on Amazon's top #10 Space Opera and Space Exploration bestseller lists.

Free Days: 09/26-10/03 

Langston's Daughters

Thursday, September 24, 2015 Category : , , 0

Langston Lockwood’s daughters. His tyranny drove them away. His suicide draws them home. They inherit his land, his millions, and his mysteries. Meet the women of the Rocking L and the men who come into their lives. Together, they begin the journey to discover the truth about The Lockwood Legacy.

99 Cent Bargain from September 24 - October 24, 2015

Cry of the Peacock

Category : 0

An illustrious marriage, a fortune, a position of wealth and influence. These are the dreams and ambitions of any Victorian woman of sense. Or are they? The death of Abbie's father, the overseer of a large country estate, leaves her without means or resources. Her landlords, in an extraordinary display of charity, invite her to live at Holdaway Hall. But why are the Crawfords, who have never paid her any notice before, so concerned with her wellbeing now? It's a question the younger Crawford brothers would like to have answered as well. Certainly Miss Gray is a mercenary upstart. Certainly their brother is mad for fancying himself in love with her. They mean to put a stop to it, but when they learn that her past is closely-even disturbingly-connected with their own, they are forced to ask themselves some very hard questions. As Abbie herself soon learns, there is a great mystery at the heart of her landlords' extraordinary offer. Everything she has ever dreamt of might be hers for the taking, but is the price worth it? More than her happiness alone rests upon her decision. If she refuses Ruskin Crawford's offer of marriage, will she be able to live with the consequences? If she does, will she be able to live with herself? What does it mean to be a man or woman of honor and integrity? What does it mean, after all, to be a gentleman? And what, exactly, is the price of a woman's heart?

Free Days: 09/25-09/26 

Through The Force of The Spirit: Understanding the Spiritual Cosmos

Category : 0

This book will challenge long held certainties and beliefs. It tells of the origins, evolutionary journey and eventual destiny of the spiritual energy that is found within all forms of life and throughout the cosmos. How does that energy manifest within us and other life forms? Does it survive the death of the mortal shell? Is Gaia Theory correct and our planet is, indeed, a living entity? Does our destiny lie beyond our solar system? This book lays the foundation for a spiritual quest as it examines these ideas and leads the reader towards the goal of cosmic consciousness. Reading these pages will energise your spiritual mind and enable you to walk towards the light of a true spiritual awakening.

Free Days: 09/25-09/27 

Lost Girls

Category : 0

Twenty three years ago, Maudie Sampson's childhood friend Jessica disappeared on a family holiday in Cornwall. She was never seen again. In the present day, Maudie is struggling to come to terms with the death of her wealthy father, her increasingly fragile mental health and a marriage that's under strain. Slowly, she becomes aware that there is someone following her: a blonde woman in a long black coat. As the woman begins to infiltrate her life, Maudie realises no one else appears to be able to see her. Is Maudie losing her mind? Is the woman a figment of her imagination or does she actually exist? Have the crimes of the past caught up with Maudie's present... or is there something even more sinister going on? Lost Girls is a psychological thriller from the crime writer Celina Grace, author of The House on Fever Street: a dark and convoluted mystery which proves that nothing can be taken for granted and no-one is as they seem.

Free Days: 09/25-09/27 

The Living And The Dead

Category : 0

For fans of STEPHEN KING and DEAN KOONTZ... author TODD TRAVIS (Creatures of Appetite) has gathered a haunting collection of suspense stories exploring the monsters, both living and dead, which surround us all.
 - A brilliant biophysicist on the verge of proving there is no life after death discovers, to his horror, that the dead are determined to stop him ...
 - An abused small town boy finds a special friend in the woods next to his trailer, but his friend isn't like other children and cannot leave the woods, not ever ...
 - A group of determined graduate students seek Bigfoot on a remote Alaskan range seek but discover a monster far more deadly than they ever imagined ...
- An elderly store manager, disturbed by a stranger eyeing the armored truck deliveries to his store, decides to take matters into his own hands ...
- A beautiful young woman walks the streets of Manhattan at night seeking men, but for her own dark purposes, because for her, night is for hunting ...
- A mysterious little girl somehow "invites" herself along on an abduction, leading her captors to wonder who really is in charge ... Five stories of suspense and terror and a short novel exploring the darkness everyone eventually faces when it's their time to die, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD is a collection one may want to read with all the lights in the house on ...

Free Days: 09/25-09/29 

Two Nights with His Bride

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Category : 0

Soap opera star Nancy Parsons is madly in love with Hollywood’s favorite leading man, and they’re getting married on her parents’ horse ranch just outside Marietta, Montana. But the bride’s childhood friend Wyatt Wilder knows Nancy’s making the biggest mistake of her life -- and he's the man for her.

99 Cent Bargain from September 23 - 27, 2015

Stolen Light

Category : 0

In this art-world thriller, Riess draws the characters with a broad brush, but they all have the capability, chemistry, and give-and-take of a strong mystery-solving duo...complex and intriguing..." - Kirkus Reviews The story of "Stolen Light" begins with the killing of a sugar plantation owner in Cuba during the revolution. Now, more than 50 years later, a young art-magazine writer and a more seasoned art historian team up for an academic endeavor. They wind up delving into the murder of the surviving daughter who had sought their under-the-radar help in recovering her father's stolen artworks. The investigation takes them to London and Florence, where the mystery and their passion for each other unfold.

Free Days: 09/25-10/25 

Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory

Category : 0

"Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory" tells my story of rising from extreme abuse as a child to living a life that is full, happy and rewarding. In it, I offer tools to help with disconnect, lack of motivation, or low self-worth. The book is all about taking what is going on right now and putting it to work to create a better life. The seven keys are the qualities within you that can get you through anything and help you to get a grip on what is important to YOU and propel you to a new sense of being able to make the most of your life.

Free Days: 09/24-09/29 

College Prep Guidebook: How to Ace High School, Excel on the SAT and ACT, and Win Admission to the College of Your Choice

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 Category : 0

The book College Prep Guidebook provides tips and tricks, and secrets for better grades and test scores and for getting into a great college with less work and more fun. It reveals methods for applying and getting into a top university, and even how to get it paid for.

99 Cent Bargain from September 22 - 30, 2015

Chick Lit (And Other Formulas for Life)

Category : , 0

Life is way more complicated than any chick lit story. But what would happen if our confusing, stressful lives started playing out like one? What if we tried to solve our problems the same way the heroine of our favorite beach read did?

99 Cent Bargain from September 22 - 30, 2015

Across Great Divides

Category : 0

Across Great Divides is a timeless story of the upheavals of war, the power of family, and the resiliency of human spirit. When Hitler came to power in 1933, one Jewish family refused to be destroyed and defied the Nazis only to come up against another struggle - apartheid in South Africa.

99 Cent Bargain on September 22, 2015 

Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy)

Category : 1

Nell is looking forward to leaving the isolation of her beach and attending University in the city. But when her father reveals she isn't human, but a product of two warring alien species, her life somersaults as ever-increasing evidence proves him wrong. She is something else. She must now decide if knowing the truth is worth risking lives. With friend Sam by her side, she travels to an alien world where she must battle the growing number of enemies and find the hidden book containing the real facts about her ancestry-whatever that may be!

Free Days: 09/23-09/27 

Hungary for Adventure

Category : , 0

Hungary for Adventure is a hilarious comic farce based around a large family. The story begins when one of the four sisters leaves Cornwall and moves to Hungary with her German boyfriend. We then learn the stories of the individual members of the family via emails sent to and from England and Hungary. The story progresses with a road trip from Cornwall in an old 1950's Austin A35. We spend Christmas with all the family members before the announcement of an unexpected death. This then leads to a ludicrous attempt to dispose of evidence before a train trip from Cornwall to London to attend a star studded private view at a top London art gallery. It's a very entertaining read!

Free Days: 09/23-09/27 

Mr. Pettigrew

Category : , 0

Nearly starved, missing half a leg, Beau Boone stumbles out of a cattle car into the hell on wheels Transcontinental Railroad town of Nemesis, and into gunsmoke and battle to rival that of the war he's just escaped. Mr. Pettigrew and Miss Alice, of the Angel Cloud Saloon, befriend him, and soon he's sitting shotgun in the middle of a smaller, but equally deadly, conflict. And it's a war no one can win.

Free Days: 09/23-09/30 

Night of the Fae (Ana Martin Series # 1)

Monday, September 21, 2015 Category : 0

Humans believe that they are the first evolved race on Earth - they couldn't be more wrong. The Siis evolved millions of years before and now take human form to live in among us. But there is discontent in the Siis world, and a civil war is raging in secret, many of the Siis not wanting to remain hidden. Ana is a normal girl who finds out that her boyfriend isn't human. But knowing his secret attracts the attention of the Fae - once innocent children changed by the Siis thousands of years before. They feed on the negative emotions of humans and are filled with malicious intent that has no bounds. Before long Ana and her loved ones in danger, and Ana will need to find more strength than ever before. Can Ana survive the world of the Siis? Can she do it with her mind still intact?

Free Days: 09/01-10/31 

The Indigo Lounge Box Set

Category : 0

A BOX SET FROM THE EXPLOSIVE BESTSELLING SERIES! Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen...Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGH is the perfect next read for lovers of the internationally renowned EL James' Fifty Shades and Sylvia Day's Crossfire series.

99 Cent Bargain fro September 21 - 27, 2015

The Boat Man

Category : 0

When a trio of gruesome murders occur in consecutive nights in the worst part of Columbus, an overworked precinct has no choice but to put K-9 detective Reed Mattox on it, just six months removed from the death of partner and facing serious doubts around every turn.

99 Cent Bargain from September 21 - 23, 2015

Broken Legacy

Category : 0

Thrown into the midst of the Reign of Terror that the French Revolution has become, Lady Eloise has long struggled with the questions arising from her birth. Forced into a marriage she neither wanted or desired, she finds herself drawn to the man who is now her husband.

99 Cent Bargain from September 21 - 28, 2015

Women's Contemporary Fiction, Box Set

Category : 0

"A look at the grit beneath the glitz and one woman's triumph over both"--Nora Roberts on Marie Ferrarella's SAPPHIRE AND SHADOW Johanna Whitney throws away her talent to marry a brilliant film director, only to watch him crash and burn in SAPPHIRE AND SHADOW. In CHOICES, Shanna Brady, daughter of wealth and influence, struggles to find true love after being humiliated and cast aside by her husband. In FLASH AND FIRE, Amanda Foster, child of privilege, vows to make it on her own as a TV anchor despite the dangerous and crippling jealousy ignited against her in the newsroom. Beloved USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Marie Ferrarella is now re-releasing these hard-to-find women's contemporary novels written in the tradition of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber. Marie's unique touch, filled with empathy and wry humor, enhances these heart-tugging stories exploring the tangled emotional lives of modern women.

Free Day: 09/22 

Fever Quest

Category : 0

Through her own recklessness, headstrong Isabella Rockwell (15), raised entirely in India in the 19th century, loses the two people she loves most in the world. Sent to England, she must recreate herself to fit in with the street children who become her family in everything but name. But when the safety of a rich new aquaintance, Alix (14), comes under threat, Isabella must look to the harsh lessons of her past. Instead of taking advantage of Alix, will Isabella put her own needs aside, and cast herself into mortal danger to save her friend? Or will she leave Alix to her fate? A fate tied up with Isabella's own. A fate which will have consequences far beyond those Isabella could ever have imagined.

Free Days: 09/22-09/24 

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom

Category : , 0

Imogene is only five years old when her parents suddenly and mysteriously disappear. Left with no choice but to live with an abrasive relative, she finds comfort in the alliance she's forged with an unlikely friend. She secretly holds dear, her mother's last words. "Five years, Imogene. I shall come for you in five years." Imogene sadly soon learns, that things are not always as they seem. Upon reaching the age of ten, she has new confidence, and eagerly awaits her parents' return. Under the encouragement of her friend, Imogene embarks on a journey to an incredible world, learns who she really is, and where her true destiny lies.

Free Days: 09/22-09/26 

Teaching The Boss

Category : 0

Sam Hunt is hellbent on making it on his own and stepping out of the shadows of his controlling and tyrannical family. But when Sam realizes that his father hired his former secretary, April Morgan, who quit on the spot after a slight run-in with his "fling of the week," Sam knows that something's not right. April is just another one of his father's pawns in one of his sick and twisted games. However, April is on the fast track to success and has no interest in heeding Sam's warnings even though he's been the leading man in many of her nightly fantasies; she's got a job to do and she's going to do it. But when April realizes that Sam was right all along, she and Sam team up to take down their number one enemy: Sam's father.

Free Days: 09/22-10/22 

The Deadly Rose, An Assassin's Tale

Sunday, September 20, 2015 Category : , 0

Pierre-Andre Francois has a well-kept secret; he is an assassin. He kills with style and finesse. Like a skilled painter he brings death in broad purposeful strokes and sweeps of red. Signing each piece of work with a fragrant red rose. Pierre-Andre is also the greatest soccer player in Haitian history. He is the face of many products sold in Port-au-Prince. When he's threatened by a machete-carrying psychopath determined to kill him and all those he love, his skills are put to the test. Can he protect those he love and survive?

Free Days: 09/21-09/22 

Glimmer Vale - Glimmer Vale Chronicles #1

Category : 0

Julian and Raerick stop for the night in the small town of Lydelton only to learn that Brigands have laid siege to it, trapping them there. With no way around the brigands, Julian and Raedrick set out to defeat them and restore peace to the town.

99 Cent Bargain from September 20 - 25, 2015

Rebecca Rohman Box Set: Love M.D., Love, Lies & The D.A. And Uncorked

Category : 0

Rebecca Rohman creates worlds that although are filled with turmoil, are set in spectacular and exotic locations packed with picturesque scenes so vivid, one can see, think and feel the essence of the place. Her contemporary romances include elements of suspense with steamy love scenes and strong heroines.

99 Cent Bargain from September 20 - 27, 2015

Prey of Desire

Category : , 0

Following the abrupt end of a relationship, college student Kimberly Bradford finds comfort in the friendship with her over-the-top neighbor, Mallory. And, Mallory encourages her to get back out there. She would of course if it weren't for the thrilling little love notes and gifts she's been receiving. Kim thinks they're from her ex-fiancee, not realizing he's been murdered. Worse, whoever is sending her all the extra attention is not only in her inner-circle, but has a connection to that unsolved murder some 25 years ago. That connection puts her life in danger, and exposes secrets better left buried around her closest friends and family.

Free Days: 09/21-09/22 

Snow Swept

Category : , , 0

Mae Edwards thought she was safe from the ruthless men who hunted her. She had no idea that within minutes, she would have to escape, or be killed. Or worse. And now, Mae is on the run from a secret agency that answers to no one--including the U.S. government--and a man with a personal vengeance. She is alone in the world, and falling in love with someone she knows next to nothing about. But worst of all, Mae is on a collision course with a deadly, inner power she cannot control. A power that has killed before, and will kill again.

Free Days: 09/21-09/25 

The Antiquity: An L.A. Crime Novel

Saturday, September 19, 2015 Category : , , 0

The murder of a university professor unearths a mystery involving a 2,000-year-old religious relic stolen by the Nazis during WWII. The relic is rumored to possess supernatural powers. Detective Sheridan is skeptical... until his hunt for the killer leads him deep into a world of dark forces and unexplainable incidents.

99 Cent Bargain from September 19 - 26, 2015

Fae Queen

Category : 0

Caderyn is on a mission. To design a fairy tale garden for a little girl and put her company, Secret Gardens on the map! She does not have time for romance, and she does not believe in fairy tales.

But, fate has a mind of its own...

99 Cent Bargain from September 19 - October 31, 2015

Where Shadows Linger

Category : 0

Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros migrate to Australia after surviving World War II. They try to fit into a society marred by prejudice. Shadows from their past plunge them into mortal danger. They must work together to survive the machinations of old enemies and those that wish them harm.

99 Cent Bargain from September 19 - 23, 2015

Occult Assassin: Damnation Code

Category : , 0

Driven by vengeance... One soldier declares war against the forces of darkness. After a decade spent fighting the enemy abroad and keeping his country safe, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon is ready to settle down with the love of his life. But Talon's world crumbles when his fiancee becomes the victim of a murderous cult. The military man now has a new foe in his crosshairs, and this promises to be a very different war. The person responsible for his beloved's death is a Silicon Valley tycoon allied with the forces of darkness. Fusing cutting-edge computer technology with an ancient evil, the enemy here cannot be stopped by bullets alone. If Talon is to be victorious in his mission of vengeance, he will need to master a new method of warfare -- the arcane arts! He must become... the Occult Assassin.

Free Days: 09/20-09/22 

Special Agent Finnegan

Friday, September 18, 2015 Category : 0

When Special Agent Finnegan O'Reilly gets shot, and the news brings on his father's heart attack, he decides to take leave from further undercover assignments. The O'Reilly has suffered enough and Finn can't be the cause of more distress for this beloved old rascal. Then his boss forces one more case on him - to take place in their own pub.

Acting as the target to expose serial, suicide killers rampaging through New York City, Finn must play the part of a wife-beater, a cheating husband and an all-time jerk. No problem, until he meets his make-believe wife.

Renee Knight enjoys her job as a New York City cop. Her disguises have become a permanent fixture in her life, and no one knows what she really looks like. Except for the father she loves fiercely... the man, whose suicide makes no sense. If it means going undercover in an Irish pub where the culprits hang out, she's their girl. Playing the wife of the bar owner to catch the killers-easy. But they never intend for her to fall for this guy, she does this all on her own. Now she has to hire the assassins to arrange his suicide. Can she catch them, before they complete the mission?

99 Cent Bargain from September 18 - 19, 2015

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