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Dangerous Deception

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Raff Rafferty's attractive young daughter, Fatima ('Fati'), now an Los Angeles Police Department patrol officer, is offered a promotion to detective by her Division Commander, Frank Fregoso whom she suspects, may harbor more than a casual interest in her, if she will go undercover at a Kinsey-like sex research center where a young female researcher has been brutally slain. Dr. Bruce Harner, the suave, sophisticated and very attractive psychiatrist head of the center, has steadfastly refused to turn over to Fregoso the list of subjects whom the dead researcher had interviewed. The Division Commander is convinced that the murderer may well be on that list, and the psychiatrist may be less than innocent in the case. Fati accepts the challenge and successfully deceives the center's staff into believing that she is a UCLA graduate student in psychology and is hired. Eventually, she surreptitiously obtains the desired list and secretly begins questioning its subjects on her own outside of the center. At the same time, she finds herself falling for Harner, whom she cannot rule out as a murder suspect. Her poorly concealed interest in the seductive psychiatrist arouses the jealousy of the macho Division Commander. This potentially hazardous situation worries Fati, who realizes that her safety ultimately lies in Fregoso's hands. When subsequent vicious murders are committed at the center, Fati begins to suspect that she herself may be targeted as a potential victim.

Free Days: 10/27-11/02 

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