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My name is Isra. I am one of two remaining angels. You see, when God vanished, Lucifer threw open his gates and unleashed his macabre horde on Earth. Great fiery fissures collapsed cities and rural areas alike, the very ground roiling like a stormy sea of unbearable heat. Angels fell like burning rain from the sky, as they tried to repel the attack and protect humankind. Twisted foul demons poured from the fissures, an unending torrent of misery that corrupted all they touched. We failed. Earth fell into ruin, its oceans and rivers drying into parched wastelands and its survivors left despondent. Most despaired so intensely that they embraced the demons, seeking refuge from anyone. Desperate for water, humans began imbibing blood to sustain their thirst. I call those individuals blood drinkers. Food is sparse, and the animals are all but gone, eaten or slaughtered, so cannibalism is prevalent as well. The other angel, Hale, and I are all that are left. We gather remaining survivors that still hold their sanity and morals. We have separated them into two groups as a failsafe into earthen grottos that still miraculously contain fresh water. Hale believes that we may not have our wings any longer, but it is still our duty to protect mankind, that we must at least try to preserve the goodness of God's children. I remain unconvinced. After all, God abandoned us all. Why should we continue to serve His will?

Free Days: 10/28-11/01 

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