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Crimson Stars Genesis

Posted on Sunday, November 22, 2015 | No Comments

Leaving the city was Salina's father's choice. Going back was going to be her own. Now with her father's failing health, she is forced to decide if running the family business is truly what she wants to do. Could she really become the head of the Crimson Stars? Would she even be interested in running the largest underground crime ring in Prosperity Beach? At least there was a new diversion in her daily routine. A sexy new addition to the farm's staff did just enough to catch her eye. Would he be interested in her if he had the slightest idea what her family actually did for a living? What if he found out that she could use magic? Working the farm and protecting its people is all she has ever known. Was she really ready to leave it all behind? That decision is made for her when someone hires some green skinned muscle to disrupt things at the farm. Now all that matters is making sure the people that tried to hurt her family pay for what they have done.

Free Days: 11/23 - 11/27 

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