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The Apocalypse Club

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 | No Comments

From the twisted mind that brought you the award-winning indie smash "Village Books" comes this hilarious tale of one man's visionary plan to live forever - by wiping out pretty much every other living thing in the process. Mark Simms is a humble insurance analyst who has no idea that his company's CEO, the mysterious George Hudson, is the same man who disappeared over a century ago during a Royal Society expedition to a remote area in central Greenland. The purpose of the expedition: to finally explain the mystery of the origin of all life on earth. One hundred years later, Hudson is almost ready to take the final step towards immortality. His plan involves sinister weather control technology, a massive global surveillance network, transferring his consciousness into a large and heavily-armed cyborg that only malfunctions "on occasion"... and killing pretty much everyone else. He may have forgotten to mention that last part in the annual report. Mark is probably not going to be able to stop any of it, but he's going to try. The only people who believe him are his conspiracy nut childhood best friend, Max, and the elusive Violet Haze, a hacker genius woman from his past who may figure prominently in his soon-to-be-foreshortened future. Like the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "The Apocalypse Club" is about putting a positive spin on the end of it all.

Free Days: 11/25 -11/29 

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