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Choose Courage In Your Relationships: Empower Yourself First

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2015 | No Comments

Even solid relationships ebb and flow, but you can be the lodestar that influences their quality and value. Though you can't control others, your own choices and actions will lead people in your professional and personal life to outcomes for mutual benefit. Empower Yourself First shows you how to summon your own strengths to do that. "Choose Courage in Your Relationships: Empower Yourself First (Choose Courage Handbook #3) focuses on you, where the choices start, where new experiences and shifts in habits will create enjoyment and progress. Expect manageable motivators in small, adaptable steps, as well as quotes, photos, and humor. They will help you expand your repertoire while honoring who you truly are. You'll find fresh, encouraging, essential ways to empower yourself with (1) effective listening, (2) making expectations work for you, and (3) appreciating your interpersonal capacities.

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