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Lost in New York

Posted on Monday, December 7, 2015 | No Comments

Everything in Lucy's life seems to be coming apart. Her book deal is falling through, her sometimes lover, Harold Ipswich, is a DEA agent who is in and out of her life, she's estranged from her alcoholic father and enabling mother, and on top of all that she's starting to feel burned out from living in her once-beloved New York City. There's too much money, and too many things people will do for that money. Her friend Patricia is one of those, seduced by wealth and fame and always following the bad advice of her trusted astrologer. She always picks the wrong guys, too. But this time is different, this time she thinks she's found the one. In a way, she has. Lucy, even though she's just an occasionally employed photographer, is not one to let things just happen around her, whether that means saying exactly she thinks to her friend's new boyfriend, or taking into her own hands the search for a murderer.

Free Days: 12/08 -12/12

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