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Shackleton's Folly

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Life on Earth has died. Few humans remain. One adventurer must unravel the stuff of legends to preserve the future. Alec Shackleton wants to save the human race. With humanity's numbers dwindling, his last chance is a legend his murdered father taught him as a child. A lost human tribe supposedly ventured to the stars in search of a new home. Finding the tribe is the key to humanity's salvation. With the help of Dancer, an alien centaur who loves the alto sax, and Electra, a peasant girl with a secret past, Shackleton must gather the pieces of his puzzle quickly. Feuding factions are tearing the galaxy apart, and to find the truth, Shackleton may have to sacrifice the few he loves to save the entire species. Shackleton's Folly is the first book in The Lost Wonder saga, a series of sci-fi adventure books set in the early 24th Century. If you like gripping action, thrilling space adventure, intriguing characters, and a touch of romance, then you'll love adding Todd Yunker's series starter to your collection.

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