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Snowbound with the Baronet

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Sir Brandon Calvert has spent the past four years trying to forget the beautiful debutante who broke his heart. Just when he thinks he's succeeded, a fateful snowstorm strands him in the company of Lady Cassandra Whitney. Now Brandon must confront the past and the dangerous attraction her nearness threatens to revive! The last person Lady Cassandra expects to encounter on the snowy road to Bath is the man she could not purge from her heart. Her reasons for refusing Sir Brandon's proposal are not what he believes. But how can she tell the rigorously truthful baronet that she deceived him? And how can she reveal the truth without exposing shameful family secrets? Even if she could, Cassandra fears it is too late. Sir Brandon has made a new life for himself, one that does not include the woman who spurned him and drove him to war. Brandon soon discovers that Lady Cassandra has matured from a headstrong debutante into a capable, caring woman. He fears she could make him fall in love with her again if he does not keep his distance. But how can he do that in a tiny farmhouse, when their kind hosts insist on playing Cupid? In the depths of a Regency winter, warm affections are rekindled. Can the flame of love burn bright enough to light the way for two lost hearts to find one another again before they must go their separate ways? Might Lady Cassandra get a second chance to say yes?

Free Days: 12/19 -12/23 

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