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Soul Breather

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2015 | No Comments

TIA STORM, a talented DJ, has no idea who she really is. All she knows is that she's different. And it doesn't stop her getting it on with the sexiest man she's ever met... JAY GARDINER, glacier-cool, rich and devastatingly good-looking. But Fate is cruel, and throws her into the path of the gorgeous, combustible DANTE DUBONNETTI; playboy, rogue...and Jay Gardiner's best friend. Locked into an eternal triangle, Tia soon finds herself embroiled in a dangerously alien world of politics, power and prophecy. It was written: five sisters would be hidden in the world and from their very breath they would bestow great riches and power on the princes who find them. And from the first sister a king would rise to represent them when their all-powerful ancestors returned. With her life no longer her own, Tia must fight to keep her identity, her liberty and her love. But the clock is ticking. Enemies are closing in all around her. Will she choose destiny over love? Fuck it! She's a 21st Century Siren ... She wants it all! SOUL BREATHER is book one in the 21st Century Sirens Series.

Free Days: 12/19-12/20 

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