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A village boy came to the capital city after finishing high school, he was associated with the national ruling party and worked in the party headquarter. In no time, he became the personal assistant to the top leader, got to meet all the powerful and influential people of the nation, and even got a portfolio of his own when his immediate boss become the prime minister of the nation. While trying to do his job properly, he had faced many obstacles of bureaucracy and eventually got fed up with the dirty political games that were played out in a daily basis. He resigned and moved out to an outer place of the capital where mostly the poor and neglected ones were resided. He decided to help them out, a very long and difficult struggle pursued, and it eventually changed his life once and for all. What he did to help them? How he managed to do that? And what happened at the end? Read the book to find out more about his struggle, achievement and disappointment that were somehow related to the fate of the nation he was from.

Free Days: 12/16-12/20 

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