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Bedrooms, Backseats and Courtrooms, The Truth About Sex in America Today

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Honesty, pleasure and responsibility are all a part of today's sexual culture in America. Sadly, so are treachery, deceit, accidental pregnancy, child support, and lives disrupted. The problems of child support, of dead beat dads, of interrupted educations, abortion, and of an enormous drain on the American taxpayer exist not because a boy or a man has sex. That is a biological imperative. The problems exist simply because too many guys have not yet taken full control of their Sperm every time they have sex. And with the average male being sexually active and single for ten years before he marries, the likelihood of him causing a pregnancy has never been higher. The fact that a guy cannot accurately evaluate the non-pregnancy odds of each of his sex partners is a contributing factor but, if that same guy were in complete control of where his Sperm went, the odds of her getting pregnant would not matter because there would be no chance of an accidental pregnancy. "Bedrooms, Backseats and Courtrooms, The Truth about Sex in America Today" offers the why-to and the how-to for every male to protect himself until he is ready and willing to be a father. It's also for everyone who cares about the future of a boy or man because we share the tools you need to become Sperm Mentors for those guys about whom you care.

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