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Raising the Strong-Willed Child 2

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Being a parent is one of the most challenging and fulfilling roles that a person could play. It involves a lifetime commitment of guiding, taking care, and providing unconditional love to your little ones. We all know that parenting is very difficult; we could even say that some days are just better than the other especially when your child is strong-willed. If you want more ways and practical tips to raise your spirited child, then this book was made for you! This book, entitled "Raising the Strong-Willed Child 2: More Tips on Family Relationships, Parenting, Disciplining, and Harnessing Your Child's Gifts" contains different strategies to help parents raise their strong-willed child. In this book, you'll discover: The pros and cons of corporal punishment for strong-willed children Different strategies to establish routine for your spirited child Ways on how to deal with sibling rivalry Tips on how to discover and understand your child's love language Characteristics of strong-willed toddlers How you can help your strong-willed child adjust in school Strategies to improve your family relationship How you can harness the gifts of your strong-willed child This book's primary objective is to help you understand how you could improve your home life and effectively guide and parent your strong-willed child in order for him or her to reach his/her highest potential! To get started, purchase this book now and help your strong-willed child be the great person he/she is destined to be!

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