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Undamned: My Escape From the Old Testament

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 | No Comments

Undamned: My Escape from the Old Testament is the deeply personal memoir of one woman's struggle against the scandalous tyranny of her religion. As L.E. Kinze embarks on a spiritual journey, she arrives at the shattering discovery that her religion is really an addiction that has betrayed her in the most soul-stripping way. Summoning all the backbone she can muster, L.E. Kinze creates an eye-opening spiritual detox program that frees her from domination by others, and the lies that teach shame, unworthiness and fear of imperfection. Undamned is a story of the magical and painful transformation of a woman searching to understand herself and the role God plays in her life. It is a spiritual journey with all the jaw-dropping twists and turns of a suspense thriller.

Free Days: 01/28 - 01/31 

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