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Winter's Bite

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016 | No Comments

Through her own recklessness, headstrong Isabella Rockwell (15), raised entirely in India in the 19th century, loses the two people she loves most in the world. Sent to England, she must recreate herself to fit in with the street children who become her family in everything but name. But when the safety of a rich new acquaintance, Alix (14), comes under threat, Isabella must look to the harsh lessons of her past. Instead of taking advantage of Alix, will Isabella put her own needs aside, and cast herself into mortal danger to save her friend? Or will she leave Alix to her fate? A fate tied up with Isabella's own. A fate which will have consequences far beyond those Isabella could ever have imagined.

Free Days: 01/19 - 01/20 

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