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Fennore: The Six

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After a group of teens ambush ninth-grader Quinn Stanhope, she finds them lying scattered on the ground, and him-the British boy who's been following her for weeks-standing protectively over her.

It's two weeks before summer break in sleepy Franklin, Tennessee, home to one of history's bloodiest Civil War battles. It's also home to Quinn and the Brit, who are thrust together by a thousand-year-old Druid seeking surrogates for her Fennore-ancient Irish warrior-spirits.

Those of Irish ancestry are dying in droves, victims of a drug the Russian Mob has been distributing across the southern United States via a notorious biker gang. The drug only kills the Irish and does so within days of the user's last dose. To destroy the drug, its creator, and its mules, the Druid needs her greatest warriors.

Merging Fennore with modern-day teens is not without risk. Merge too quickly, and the surrogate will die. Merge too slowly, and the body count of dead Irish multiplies. The Druid seeks the perfect balance as she allows her Fennore to gift the teens with centuries of knowledge and martial skills.

Now the time for caution is over. Quinn and the Brit are manipulated by the Druid, thrust into their new lives and pitted against men hardened by lives of crime and brutality. But as the Fennore grow stronger within the teens, the Druid realizes she may have set in motion her own end. For there is one thing her Fennore lust after more than biker blood-her immortality.

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