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Welcome! Take a leisurely stroll around the galleries within. You will discover: The Peacock's Tail - A picture that carries the darkest of powers. The Realisation - An alien tries to understand the emotions triggered by paintings. The Installation - An artist is forced to confront her past and present. Stone - A strangely marked sculpture with a deadly purpose is created. The Elements In The Room - A gallery comes to life with a message for the Earth. The Distant Menagerie* - Ancient animals emerge in the present through an exhibition of medieval woodcuts. What It's All About - Gallery exhibits take the chance to explain the reasons for their existence. The Anonymous Benefactor 1 - A renowned artist, bored with fame, destroys his reputation, but loses everything. The Anonymous Benefactor 2 - A struggling artist, bored with failure, gains a reputation, but loses everything. Enjoy your visit!

Free Days: 02/12 - 02/14

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