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Power Source: Chasing Reality One

Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2016 | No Comments

An exciting new series taking you deep into the unknown. In 2253, natural resources are running low and nuclear power is the only way forward. Prescott Nuclear Fusions have laid claim to Thatchers Rock on the South West Coast and will do whatever it takes to get government approval for the plant, including murder. Tommy, a Government official, has a secret, one which is hidden deep inside the rock. In a confrontation with Prescott, Tommy is killed and his two daughters lost in time. In 2008, Tommy's secret is stumbled upon by Jack and Tiff whilst they are exploring the caves one summer's day. The search for Tommy's daughters begins and events are altered in an attempt to stop the power plant from being built at Thatchers Rock. But other factors come into play when an unexpected solution arrives.

Free Days: 02/19 - 02/21 

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