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Reckless Nights in Rome

Posted on Saturday, February 13, 2016 | No Comments

A queen of romance, USA Today Bestselling author CC MACKENZIE, brings you the book that began it all - a burnin' hot story to set your ereader on fire. No cliffhanger. Hang on to your hats, ladies, we're going to Rome! Meet Bronte Ludlow, the free spirited and smart-mouthed pastry chef on a bold mission to save her beloved family home. Now meet Nico Ferranti, the gorgeous Italian hotel mogul determined to buy it out from under her. They have nothing in common. He's a street kid made-good. She's an aristocrat. And when they meet, they have even less. The one thing they DO have is chemistry. An unquestionable, rip-off-my-panties and take-me-now chemistry. He wants her house and home. She wants him GONE. And so the story is set for an explosive romance...

Free Days: 02/14 - 02/17 

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