> > The Mushroom Farm: and Other Reflections from a Spiritual Journey

The Mushroom Farm: and Other Reflections from a Spiritual Journey

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"The Mushroom Farm" is offered as nourishment and inspiration for personal spiritual growth. Each carefully woven story in the book stands alone, and is intended to provide strength, solace, comfort and reinforcement, particularly to Christians, as they experience similar challenges and events in their own lives. The stories are based on the author's life experiences just as they happened and have been woven into Holy Scripture selected for that day. The cross referencing to scripture allows the reader the opportunity to explore their own stories in relation to God's word. Through this sharing of experiences, the book's purpose is to offer hope and strength in troubled times and enhance one's joy in those special moments in life. The stories contain the experience of a growing awareness of the Holy Spirit from more than fifteen years preaching experience as a Deacon, the combined effect of these timelines is to reveal a "forward movement" in Dolan's ability to discern the Divine in his life. God is always present and available to us, but we as human beings have the opportunity for a growing discernment of that presence if, as Bishop Griswold describes it, "we just watch, listen and learn". After reading "The Mushroom Farm", the reader will be able to relate these stories to their own spiritual journeys and be more sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit on their own journey through life...

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