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The Passing of Each Perfect Moment: A Novel

Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2016 | No Comments

Nineteen-year-old Emily Diaz is lost, left to wander in a familiar landscape devoid of life. Her friends, her loved ones, the entire human race has moved into the future without her. Racing to catch up, she finds herself in a shocking futuristic world of incredible advancements. Medicine is extending human life, giving scientists reason to believe that immortality will one day be a reality. Famine and poverty have been eradicated. World peace has been achieved. Humanity is reaching deep into the cosmos. It is all so perfect...perhaps too perfect. Emily is skeptical. She begins asking questions. As she finds cracks in the utopian facade, a powerful force from a distant world begins to call to her, begins to beckon her. It wants her, and it will not give up until it has her. She finds herself torn, both terrified and entranced by this mysterious force. She wants to run from it but is inexplicably drawn to it. As time marches on, her compulsion to face it begins to take precedence over her fear. Her determination to face the mysterious force sets her on the path toward an unexplored planet sixteen light-years away...where it waits for her...waits to answer the questions she has been asking...waits to show her what it has in store for her...waits to fulfill her destiny. Emily Diaz has a date with destiny. It is a destiny that will have a monumental impact on the fate of humanity.

Free Days: 02/19 - 02/20 

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