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The Wild Irises

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The Wild Irises tells the story of how a hundred years of Armsted family life have been shaped by dark secrets. Escaping an unhappy relationship, Iris leaves London to research the facts of her mother's tragic death. She returns to the remote, mysterious - and sometimes treacherous - Littern Island, where she explores the past and uncovers layers of concealment - and finally - the truth about her own identity. She faces hostility from those who could help her and struggles to build a new life for herself and her family within the island community. Can Iris find the strength and determination to continue her search for the truth? Can she accept that only forgiveness can free her to discover that love isn't always the unsatisfactory affair she has believed it to be? S.J. Richfield gained a degree in English Literature in the 1970's before post-graduate training and working in London for a religious book publishing company. After several years, she moved to the West Country where she took a diploma in Counselling, studied poetry and worked as a private tutor in English and Study Skills. She now lives in Devon with her family and draws inspiration for her spirituality and writing from the local landscape, especially the sea.

Free Days: 02/05 - 02/07 

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