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Funny and contemporary! Zilla is a coming-of-age story about a too-tall girl trying to navigate high school athletics. Priscilla Andrews in not the average Los Angeles teen. At six-foot-two, two hundred pounds, she is a physically and socially awkward girl. Kids bully her, and her self-confidence is at an all-time low. Despite her bad attitude and overall reluctance to "join," Priscilla becomes the goalie for her school soccer team. The novel follows Priscilla as she learns that it is possible for a person's biggest "flaw" to become their biggest asset. Priscilla's friends include a comedic, movie-obsessed African American girl, a misunderstood transgender teen, and her own (I-guess-he's-not-so-bad) brother. Zilla is a humorous and inspiring story that follows a young woman as she finds friendship, success, and self-confidence during her high school years.

Free Days: 02/13 - 02/15

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