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Red the Were Hunter

Thursday, March 31, 2016 Category : , , 0

What if you were the key to an ancient prophecy that would begin to heal your lands, but fulfilling your destiny meant you had to turn your back on everything you'd been taught to believe in?

Redlynn of Volkzene, member of the Sisterhood of Red, is heartbroken to discover another girl kidnapped and her best friend slain by werewolves. Defying the head of her order, she sets out to kill the beast she believes responsible. The King of the Weres-- But there are worse things in Wolvenglen Forest than the wolves.

Adrian, reluctant heir to the throne of Wolvenglen, and his band of wolf brothers are bound to protect the humans; especially the Sisterhood. Finding Redlynn unconscious in his woods, awakens in him a passion he's never before experienced and a protective instinct that has him ready to turn on his own men. Problem is, a female is the last thing Adrian needs complicating his life.

But all is not as it seems in Wolvenglen Forest and to save the missing girls before time runs out, Redlynn and Adrian must move past their inner demons and learn to trust each other. In the search for vengeance however, sometimes you must give up what you desire most.

Red The Were Hunter won 2nd Place in the Hook, Line and Sinker Contest and 2nd in the Great Beginnings Contest. And Best New Fantasy Series of 2014 from the Paranormal Romance Guild.

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Deep in the Hollow

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A year ago Jo's life changed forever, and everyone thinks what happened is her fault. But the mystery that lurks behind this small town will reveal not only Jo's innocence, but centuries of blood and despair.

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What I Did For Love...

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Three people. Two choices. One disaster... Jim Meade is 30, single, unfulfilled at work and firmly under the perfectly manicured thumb of his monstrous mother Sylvia. He's also one half of west London's least requested pub band - the other is his outrageous best friend Eric Chapman. Jim can feel his life stagnating, slowly, in front of him. But everything changes the day he meets the gorgeous, funny, Lucy Bradley. They hit it off instantly. Within a week, she's moved into his flat. Within a month, they've big news. But how will it go down with the matriarchal and desperately needy Sylvia? Especially when she's harbouring dark secrets of her own. And how will Eric adapt to his closest friend's changed circumstances? Not in the way anyone imagines. Jim will find himself torn in all directions. But by trying to please everyone, will he end up losing them all? What I Did For Love... is a romantic comedy about pride, attachment, betrayal and dysfunction. Of every kind.

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Long Time Dying - Private Investigator Crime Thriller series books 1-3

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Meet Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley, troubled lovers and private detectives as they face mystery and deadly danger from all sides. The first three full-length books of the Long Time Dying series are brought together for the first time in this exclusive boxed set. Dan Bradley is a relentless investigator with a passion for intrigue and justice. Eva is the analytical heroine who uses cool logic and courage to chase cases to a close. Join the adventure as they face the most dangerous cases of their lives. It starts in OUT WITH A BANG Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley agree to help DI Rowntree track down his missing brother. The case becomes a criminal quicksand of lust, sleaze and corruption threatening to lure Dan to temptation and Eva into deadly peril... Can Dan give in to the charms of the wicked diva Anna Eavis? And how can Eva stay free and survive the murderous threats ranged against her?

Free Days: 04/01 - 04/05 

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend

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At the dawn of Camelot, one young girl is about to take her place beside the greatest king in England's history... She is a mere child of twelve. But in these medieval days, this is the age when childish things must be put away and greater responsibilities accepted-all in preparation for a betrothal of marriage. For young Lady Guinevere, on the advent of her thirteenth Birth Day, the whole idea is quite unbearable. After all, what could be better than spending her youth playing with her best friend Cedwyn, roaming the grounds around the castle looking for mythical creatures or hunting rabbits? However, the wizard Merlyn-her teacher and friend-knows that destiny has a way of catching up with a person. His arrival sets in motion a series of events that will lead Guinevere to her destiny whether she is ready for it or not.

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Enkeli and Yohehku tells a story of two angelic beings, who met at the birth of the world in a time of the First Night. The world is still a young and empty place, with its beauty and its potential being dreamed up, beneath a thick sheet of winter. Together they experience its wonders, and as the love grows in their hearts, so too does the world and the light within it as they begin to awaken, affected by the change. But just as the light is coming out of its sleep, so does the darkness, that has been stirred by the events. And so now the primordial power poses a serious threat the two will have to face.

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Waking Sapphire (The Dream Traveller Series Book 2)

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The enchanting story of Sapphire Whittaker - Dream Traveller extraordinaire and "Fox" her Magical Guardian continues in Waking Sapphire. As she finally embraces her new gifts and travels to the magical world of "Shaka" she no longer has any doubt that her life is infinitely different from your average thirty something woman. Her time as a Dream Traveller has truly begun and she leaves Earth in the desperate hope that she can keep the new magic, which is growing at an alarming rate within her, safe. However, darker forces are eager to capture this power for themselves and Sapphire finds herself pushed to the limit as she is tested again and again on this perilous path she now finds herself walking on. A new dance awaits Sapphire, one filled with love, passion, danger, bloody battles and impossible decisions. The question is... can she survive it, and will she ever return to Earth again?

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Murder in the Worst Degree

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The body that washes up on the beach leads Detectives Milligan and Zachary on a murder investigation that includes the victim's family members, his housekeeper, three long-time friends, and a mystery woman.

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Post-Human Series Books 1-4

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Category : 0

David Simpson's bestselling & award-winning Post-Human series has been downloaded over one million times in the last three years, delighting readers with a blend of thought-provoking philosophy, speculative science fiction, and high-octane, action-packed suspense, mystery, and adventure.

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Father of Lies

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Set in an asylum on the bleak moors of northern England, a highly disturbed young woman is hypnotised as a last resort. With horrific consequences for the entire medical team, as each in turn attempts to unlock her shocking and sinister past.

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Unjust Cause

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Three men conspire to make a false accusation that they had been assaulted as boys in a London Comprehensive twenty years earlier. They hope to get compensation. They name a teacher at random and, despite a total lack of evidence, the man is questioned by the police and later charged. To escape harassment by the Press while awaiting trial, Alec goes to stay with friends in a remote fishing-port in Scotland. While there, he meets a young Russian woman who is also a fugitive: she has been living for months on Russian ship to escape the agents of the KGB who are trying to kill her. Alec helps her to evade her pursuers. They fall in love, but Sophie has to sail away in a day or two and Alec has to return to London to face trial for a crime he did not commit. The future seems hopeless for both but, after many twists and turns, they manage to outwit their enemies and to make a happier life together.

Free Days: 03/31 -04/03

Illusions? Maybe

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When young and shy teenager Glenn leaves secondary school, for the first time he faces the biggest conundrum most teenagers face when they leave school... where to go from there. With no direction and confidence, he struggles to make sense of the world he lives in and where he fits in. That is until he meets the mysterious and charismatic biker and drifter, Mick. An unlikely friendship is formed and he finds Mick to be unlike anyone he has met before with his unique insights into life. It is not long before he finds that there is more to Mick than meets the eye, that Mick has powers that can defy explanation. When the barriers of reality begin to blur around Glenn, he begins to question who Mick really is and what his intentions truly are. Whether he is real or an illusion like everything else around him...

Free Days: 03/31 - 04/03 

Fred's Diary 1981: Travels in Asia

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Category : , 0

Fred's Diary 1981: Travels in Asia, proves that reality is usually more interesting than fiction. This book features the author - who could be anyone's friend - travelling through Asia in his mid-twenties and experiencing a series of adventures that test his resilient and likable character. The aim of the book, however, is not about getting into the author's mind, it is a diary and, because of this format, it brings to life the subculture of young western - Australian and New Zealanders included in the definition - travelers/adventurers crossing Asia in the early eighties. Like other travelers, Fred is out there to enjoy freedom and the relative wealth that his European currency provides him. However, in the process, what he ends up discovering is himself during his 6 month existence beyond the walls of western civilization.

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Time Maps: Australia, Early Sea Voyages and Invasions

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At least 10,000 years ago the Koori knew enough about aerodynamic flight and torque to be able to design and build such sophisticated instruments as returning boomerangs. Dr. R.K. Fisher and Martini Fisher re-discover humanity from the very beginning. Following "Time Maps: History, Prehistory and Biological Evolution", "Time Maps: Australia, Early Sea Travels and Invasions" discusses evidences of early people and sea travels - discovering that, despite the modern invention of the internet, we are not more "connected" than our ancestors. Written with a Mathematician's precision and a Historian's curiosity, Time Maps covers over millennia worth of developments & impacts of civilizations, migrations, leaders and continents. Illuminating concepts of societies, dynasties, heroes, kings and eras through incisive and thorough research, looking at ideas, theories & world views with a sense of wonder and delight.

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Free Online College Courses Now!

Monday, March 28, 2016 Category : 1

An ebook listing thousands of free online (non-credit) college courses from hundreds of prestigious colleges.

Certificates of completions available for small fees.

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A Boatload (A Jack McCoul Caper)

Category : 0

Tart, Quick, and Hip Mystery... Jack McCoul is not your typical private investigator. When San Francisco con artist Jack McCoul marries a smart, sexy, and sustainability-minded yoga instructor, he vows to give up his life of crime for good. But then her punk brother pulls a heist and Jack gets caught in the middle of a lethal fight over hot computer chips. On one side is a greedy high-tech billionaire with a larceny streak. On the other is a Chinese triad bent on revenge. When a corpse turns up, honesty is no longer the best policy. He needs all the wit and street wisdom he can muster to pull off the con of a lifetime if he's to solve a murder and save his wife. 5 Star Reviews say: "The characters here are delicious, the plot tighter than the proverbial toad's nether regions, the local color spot-on. To all who enjoy yarns and caper novels, Jack McCoul is waiting to entertain you and fleece you of that evening you thought you were going to spend watching TV or cleaning the attic." "Drop dead funny." "A Supersonic Read." Grab a Copy Fast!

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The Passing of Each Perfect Moment: A Novel

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Nineteen-year-old Emily Diaz is lost, left to wander in a familiar landscape devoid of life. She is lost in a world in which her friends, her loved ones, the entire human race has moved into the future without her. Racing to catch up, she finds herself in a futuristic world of incredible advancements. Medicine is extending human life. Famine and poverty have been eradicated. World peace has been achieved. Humanity is reaching deep into the cosmos. It is all so perfect...perhaps too perfect. Emily is skeptical. She begins asking questions. As she finds cracks in the utopian facade, a powerful force from a distant world begins to call to her, begins to beckon her. It wants her, and it will not give up until it has her. She finds herself torn, both terrified and entranced by this mysterious force. She wants to run from it but is inexplicably drawn to it. She doesn't know what it wants or why it only wants her, but as time marches on, her compulsion to face it begins to take precedence over her fear. Her determination to face the mysterious force sets her on the path toward an unexplored planet sixteen light-years away...where it waits for her...waits to answer the questions she has been asking...waits to show her what it has in store for her...waits to fulfill her destiny. Emily Diaz has a date with destiny. It is a destiny that will have a monumental impact on the fate of humanity.

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Emma Frost Mystery Series vol 1-3

Sunday, March 27, 2016 Category : , 0

3 International Bestselling Mystery Novels.
Bone-chilling tales from a Bestselling Author.
Sold in more than 200.000 copies!

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The Chronicles of Mara Lantern Series: Books 1 & 2

Category : 0

This 2-book boxset contains Broken Realms (Book 1) and Broken Souls (Book 2). Mara Lantern doesn't believe in metaphysical powers and alternate realities. That's about to change. After a jetliner plunges into the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon, everyone survives. So why do crash investigators have a hangar full of bodies, one for each passenger except Mara? Before the plane goes down, she glimpses a new reality, one with scales and snouts, fangs and gills. She sees a boy running down the aisle carrying a ball of blue light, chased by a girl who could be her clone. By trying to help, she unwittingly unleashes dozens of creatures on an unsuspecting world and sparks a series of events that threatens her life, her family and everything she believes. To save them, she has to embrace a power she cannot comprehend.

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Limits of Destiny Volume 1

Saturday, March 26, 2016 Category : 0

Alexia Welson is very beautiful and men do not fail to notice. Still, she feels unhappy and depressed because she's never managed to fall in love.

But this quickly changes. At a birthday party, she meets the most eligible bachelor in Switzerland-the young and incredibly ambitious multimillionaire Alexander Kraftberg.

Despite her friend's warnings against getting involved with him due to his notoriety as a big womanizer, the two begin a love affair full of great passion and powerful sexual attraction.

However, their future is threatened by Alexander's depraved and dark past.

Upon finding out about his lifestyle, Alexia is shocked. She begins to feel torn and terribly insecure...

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Recalibrate for Life 2.0 - Transition Stories for Business Leaders

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In Recalibrate for Life 2.0, find conversations with business leaders who share insights, ideas and strategies as they carve out a path to a life change.

Key takeaways and questions to ask yourself follow the conversations. Recalibrate for Life 2.0 introduces a simple, three-step plan that will get you started.

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The Littlest Hero

Category : 0

In an effort to follow his quest for adventure and his personal code of honor, a young adventurer, becomes a freedom fighter for Texas liberty and learns what life, love, loyalty, courage under fire and the misery of war are all about.

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Essentially Human

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Essentially Human, a story of Alien Encounters At eighty three years of age, Rachel Inez Astor threw herself from the bow of a cruise ship, only to wake up aboard an alien ship, restored to youth and cut off from the rest of the world. She adapts to her changed circumstances, growing to love the underwater realm. Twenty six years later, Federal Investigator Sam Montgomery inadvertently rescues her and finds himself taken aboard the submerged alien ship. He isn't sure what to make of this woman or the aliens who care for her. Are they a threat? Is she? The world is full of paranoia, restricted freedoms and environmental catastrophe. With the advanced science and technology, the aliens hold the power to restore balance - if they can survive exposure to a frightened planet. They've planned to reveal themselves and have worked for decades to assimilate and prepare to meet humans face to face. The key rests with the reborn Ria, who is learning how to be human once more, and Sam, a man torn between a lifetime of lies and taking a chance on the unknown.

Free Days: 03/27 - 03/31 

Jesus - New Insights into His Life and Mission

Friday, March 25, 2016 Category : , 0

This book is a comprehensive summary by Professor Dr. Walther Hinz based on lectures given by Joseph and Lene through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner.

The text provides the key to a profound understanding of the New Testament for all who can approach the Bible with an unbiased attitude.

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The Greeks of Beaubien Street

Category : 0

Jill Zannos is a Detroit homicide detective who manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates the most devastated neighborhoods in the city she can't help but love.

99 Cent Bargain from March 25 - April 25, 2016

Hollywood Assassin

Category : 0

Things could be worse for LAPD Detective, Kate Sexton. Okay, so her ex-husband cheated on her and the DVD of his indiscretions made the rounds of the entire department, she's broke and living above an appliance store with her canine partner, Bernie, who is a sexual predator, her British friend, Natalie, has a vocabulary that would make Howard Stern blush, and her mother is hallucinating about having sex with a dead president. But things could get worse, like Kate could be stalked by a sadistic serial killer while she tries to solve a thirty year-old murder and save the life and reputation of a cop wanted for the crime. Come to think of it, maybe things couldn't get any worse because this is Kate's life. Can Kate elude the killer, solve the cold case, keep Bernie's sexual wanderlust under control, keep her best friend out of trouble, save a cop from death row, and find love again? Only time, loads of trouble, and tons of laughs will tell. Hollywood Assassin has more twists and turns than a car chase down Sunset Strip with a Hollywood starlet at the wheel. Hollywood Assassin is the first book in the Hollywood Alphabet Thriller Series.

Free Days: 03/26 - 03/27 

Wasteland Gods

Thursday, March 24, 2016 Category : 0

Billy Kingston's life was destroyed when his young son's brutal murder was broadcast over the internet. Consumed with thoughts of revenge, he accepts an offer from a divine being to not only bring the murderer to justice but also to return his son to life. At a cost.

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Aftermath of a Murder

Category : 0

Timid housewife Karen Armstrong is forced to confront the flaws in her marriage after her accountant husband is gunned down in the street by an unknown assailant. Howard Armstrong was a difficult and controlling man, but as the investigation into his murder gets underway, Karen learns that these were the least of his faults. Each new revelation hits her like a seismic shock but she tries to overcome her own emotional reactions for the sake of her three children whom she is desperate to keep from learning the terrible truth about their father. She takes them on a trip to coastal Wales where she experiences a peace and sense of freedom that formerly eluded her. On her return she sinks into depression and it is during her attempt to recover from this that she finds a clue that leads to the discovery of the identity of Howard's assailant.

Free Days: 03/25 - 03/27 

Don't Give Up! You Are Stronger Than You Think

Category : 0

It's not always going to be easy to reach our dreams in life. The loftier the dream the more challenging the path. Often times it seems impossible. The road to long-term success is seldom a straight line. It's not where you start in life, it's where you end up that counts. Many times we have all felt like quitting, giving up, throwing in the towel. Failure isn't something many of us can handle gracefully. It's a common human condition but we're somehow always surprised when it happens to us. Believe In Your Dream! Don't sell yourself short. You are stronger than you think. You are made of sterner stuff. One little setback is not enough to stop you. This book challenges readers to realise that every insult, every disappointment, every pain and every hurt that breaks your heart - is fuel for your inner fire! Medals are given to overcomers. Honours are bestowed on champions. Readers will find crucial strategies on dealing with and overcoming the inevitable setbacks of life!

Free Days: 03/25 - 03/27 

Coffee Roasting Made Easy

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Category : , 0

Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

Free Day: 03/24 

Secretly Craved (Billionaire Bear Brotherhood Book 1)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Category : 0

Around the world, there are powerful men living with a dangerous secret. They're architects, entrepreneurs, playboys at the pinnacle of society. If their secret was revealed, it'd all come crashing down. These men aren't just billionaires, they're also bear shifters. And they pledge their allegiance to the Billionaire Bear Brotherhood.

99 Cent Bargain from March 22 - 31, 2016

All the Lonely Spirits

Category : , 0

Medium Abby Nelson and B.Gen. Matthew Jackson must remove the spirits which have taken over an evacuated Army office building. Handling one ghost isn't easy, but dealing with a group of lost orphans, spies and assorted spirits who only come out of the shadows to terrorize the team is daunting.

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One poor decision will haunt her forever. Macy Mercer only wants a little independence. Eager to prove herself grown up, she goes to a dark, secluded park. She's supposed to meet the boy of her dreams who she met online. But the cute fifteen year old was a fantasy, his pictures fake. She finds herself face to face with Chester Woodran, a man capable of murder. Distraught over his own missing daughter, Chester insists that Macy replace his lost girl. He locks Macy up, withholds food, and roughs her up, demanding that she call him dad. Under duress from his constant threats and mind games, her hold on reality starts to slip. Clinging to her memories is the only way of holding onto her true identity, not believing that she is Chester's daughter. Otherwise she may never see her family again.

Free Days: 03/23 - 03/27 

Eden Rising

Category : 0

"The Earth died in less than a minute. Maybe that's an exaggeration. It's not like the planet ceased to exist altogether. It just seemed like it. Cities were reduced to rubble. Millions of people died that day. I've since been told that 95% of the Earth's human population was wiped out. I don't know if that's true-I mean, who can know that for sure? It's not like we still have any of the technology that we once used to determine such things. But I do know that it was almost empty of people-live ones, that is." Thus begins the journey of Ben and Lila, two ordinary teenagers forced to rise to extraordinary heights when faced with a world that has suddenly and inexplicably died. Dealing with the sorrow of all they have lost, but the love they have found in each other, they set off on an odyssey that will bring them to the limits of human endurance and face to face with the frailty of their very existence. From the extreme violence of many of the surviving humans toward one another, to a world physically falling apart at the seams, Ben and Lila are determined to make it through the devastation in their quest for a place to quietly share their life together. In the process, they have to become as violent as the world around them in order to survive, while struggling to hold onto the humanity that will keep them sane.

Free Days: 03/23 - 03/27 


Monday, March 21, 2016 Category : 0

When sixteen year old Benella is locked behind the massive gates of an unforgiving beast's estate, she knows her fate is sealed. Yet, the fate isn't one she expects. Her encounter with the beast starts a bizarre cycle of bargaining for her freedom, a freedom the beast seems determined to see her lose.

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Occult Assassin: Dark Missions (Books 1-3)

Category : , , 0

Enter the terrifying world of former Special Ops soldier Mark Talon and occult expert/tech billionaire Simon Casca. Two men, united by tragedy, with one goal - to keep the world save from black magic occult threats.

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - 24, 2016

The Liberation of Ravenna Morton

Category : , 0

After a lifetime affair with a Greek artist, a Native American woman living on the Kalamazoo River has secrets exposed when a baby she gave up for adoption sixty years before dies. The woman's daughter comes to Michigan to find out more about her mother's birth family.

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - April 10, 2016

Castles in the Air: A Family Memoir of Love and Loss

Category : 0

A daughter is forced to confront the uncomfortable truths of her mother's seemingly ordinary life. By trying to make sense of the past, will she feel able to move on with her future? Honest, yet unsentimental and told with abundant love and compassion.

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - 27, 2016

The Culture Thief

Category : , , 0

From France to London, Marcel Clermont and his team of private investigators track down missing artistic masterpieces from a thief with mysterious and unexpected motives.

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - 31, 2016

Love at First Cruise

Category : 0

She doesn't know whether to jump ship or jump into bed with him.

When fashion writer Mandy Hollister embarks on a Caribbean cruise, she doesn't expect to find sexy millionaire Brad Kinkaid on board. With every port of call, she comes closer to drowning in his seduction...

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - 25, 2016


Category : 0

Melissa is a vampire; Derek is a vampire hunter.

When beautiful, sad Melissa Jones flees to New Orleans with her telepathic best friend, she is looking for a cure--not an erotic encounter with a sexy former Marine.

Derek Alexander left the military intending to become a private investigator, but with two powerful shifters as partners and an immunity to vampire glamour, he instead rose to the top in paranormal justice.

At a bar on Bourbon Street, Derek and Melissa cross paths, and their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Acting on their feelings, they are pulled deeper into an affair, but Melissa is hiding, hoping to escape her cruel maker.

It doesn't take long before the shifters uncover her secret. Still, Derek is determined to confront the Old One and reclaim her mortality--even at the risk of losing his.

99 Cent Bargain from March 21 - 27, 2016

The Good Daughter

Category : , 0

Most good daughters would say they owe their fathers everything. Marisa Peruzzo, Mafia princess, would. She owed him for killing her fiance. She owed him for destroying her mother. She owed him for chaining her to the 'family business'. And she owed him for taking away her lifelong friend. Payback's a bitch.

Free Days: 03/22 - 03/23 

Vegas to Varanasi

Category : 0

Anna has never been the beautiful one; she's always been the nice one. So when the gorgeous man sitting across the table at a wedding reception remembers her from high school--and quite fondly at that--she's taken off guard. Formerly overweight and unpopular, Kiran has never forgotten Anna, the one person who was kind to him when no one else could be bothered, and Anna's a bit flustered as she slowly comes to grips with his intense attraction for her. In what feels like a romantic dream come true, all-grown-up, hunky Kiran invites Anna on a trip to Varanasi. But her troubled, whack-a-do ex-boyfriend starts interfering, creating drama at every turn, which begs the question, "Can nice girls really finish first?"

Free Days: 03/22 - 03/29 

The Long Shadow

Category : 0

Fourteen-year-old Andrew discovers his mother's hidden diary at his grandmother's home during a Christmas gathering. His eyes are opened to a family secret when he reads about her time as a nurse in Salonika during the First World War, and the tragic love affair she had with his father, a Greek Officer who died in battle. Four years later, Andrew is impelled to visit his father's land and trace his roots. What - and who - he finds there will change his life forever. The Long Shadow is filled with descriptions of Greece and its people. Dramatic images of battle and the terrible conditions endured by the Allied Armies entrenched around Salonika in the "Birdcage" are authentic and vivid. Greek music and dance play a vital role, reconciling in Andrew the dichotomy of belonging to two very different cultures and helping him to unite them in his heart and soul.

Free Days: 03/22 -03/26

Jungle Fever Duology

Sunday, March 20, 2016 Category : 0

Keisha Beale has an 'arrangement' with Tristan White, one of the richest men in Chicago. A man who has everything but doesn't think love is something he needs. Will their arrangement survive the emergence of the pesky emotion he's tried so hard to avoid?

99 Cent Bargain from March 20 - 31, 2016

Who's the Lucky Guy?

Category : , 0

When he's fired from his Wall Street IT job, Borden Duffield is certain things couldn't possibly get much worse. But then, after his air guitar antics make him the star of a viral video, a call from his doctor brings even more cause for concern. Suddenly, Borden is unemployed, overwhelmed, and facing the reality that he might not live another year. But when fate guides him to an Indian cooking demonstration, he suddenly sees hope in the form of the world's most valuable spice--the little purple flowers of the saffron plant. Joined by his wife Helen and his best friend Hill, Borden does everything he can to set his new idea in motion--including firing paintballs at local speeders and experimenting with "liquid ass." Their destination? Amish country, Pennsylvania, where they'll learn the secrets of growing saffron and begin gathering intel for their hopefully lucrative operation. But when a clandestine group of criminals begins enacting its own dastardly plan, Borden could be out of luck yet again--and it's not long before the group's moneymaking venture transforms into a high-tech international caper.

Free Days: 03/21 - 03/25 

Cicero's Dead

Category : , 0

In this edgy detective thriller, Southern California heiress Jade Lamont is desperate to find her beloved brother Richard, who has vanished without a trace. To make matters worse, her father, Cicero Lamont, has just died under mysterious circumstances and her mother has committed suicide. In desperation, Jade turns to Nick Crane - an intense old school private detective with a big heart and a crack team of deputies. But even Nick doesn't anticipate the dense web of evil and intrigue that has swallowed up Richard and threatens to claim him and Jade as its next victims. Cicero's Dead is as hard boiled as it is compassionate. Read it, and take a walk on the wild side.

Free Days: 03/21 - 03/23 

Body Wave: A Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Book #1

Category : 0

Death by Natural Causes...or was it Murder? Only one person knows the answer to that question, but Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur and owner of Text-A-Nurse, plans to be the second. Everyone but Reece believes Abigail Hamilton died of natural causes. They point to her age, chronic health conditions, and medications as evidence. Abigail's doctor called her a heart attack waiting to happen, and the police have determined she doesn't merit a crime scene investigation or even an autopsy. Reece is determined to prove that a blood pool isn't required to solve this murder mystery. Armed with her stethoscope, a handy-dandy murder-care plan, and her well-honed nursing instincts primed to interpret clues like symptoms, she becomes an amateur sleuth to find the answers. Haunted by her aunt's recent deathbed confession of a murder cover-up over half century ago, Reece reluctantly realizes Abigail Hamilton was at the heart of her aunt's confession. Not only that, she uncovers other cases of death by natural causes connected to the same drowning victim in the distant past. She never counted on her investigation into Abigail's death, setting off a fatal chain reaction or an incoming hurricane to aid the killer's escape. Worse, she's beginning to suspect that the sweet fireman she's falling in love with may be guilty of murder. When the suspect turns on her, Reece learns that secrets fester like infections, and one day they'll come back and try to kill you.

Free Days: 03/21 - 03/25 

Color My Horse

Category : 0

A desperate heiress must earn the respect of a sexy horse trainer who has little tolerance for greenhorns. But as the forbidden attraction between them sizzles, manipulation and murder threaten not only the horses but also their lives.

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Chosen By The Sword

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In book one, Protected by the Falcon, Ilona is thrust from her easy and steady life and forced to face the unknown, which prompts her to discover ancient tribal secrets. In book two, she obtains unimaginable abilities to protect her family and the future of her people. She can use her powers for absolute good or absolute evil; the choice is up to her. Ilona's birthright as a Healer runs alongside her desires as a woman. She must sort through her feelings about the men in her life. Travel with Ilona from the time her people were nomads, to the castles of the 14th century, to present day, as she struggles to overcome the obstacles placed in her path.

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