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A Boatload (A Jack McCoul Caper)

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2016 | No Comments

Tart, Quick, and Hip Mystery... Jack McCoul is not your typical private investigator. When San Francisco con artist Jack McCoul marries a smart, sexy, and sustainability-minded yoga instructor, he vows to give up his life of crime for good. But then her punk brother pulls a heist and Jack gets caught in the middle of a lethal fight over hot computer chips. On one side is a greedy high-tech billionaire with a larceny streak. On the other is a Chinese triad bent on revenge. When a corpse turns up, honesty is no longer the best policy. He needs all the wit and street wisdom he can muster to pull off the con of a lifetime if he's to solve a murder and save his wife. 5 Star Reviews say: "The characters here are delicious, the plot tighter than the proverbial toad's nether regions, the local color spot-on. To all who enjoy yarns and caper novels, Jack McCoul is waiting to entertain you and fleece you of that evening you thought you were going to spend watching TV or cleaning the attic." "Drop dead funny." "A Supersonic Read." Grab a Copy Fast!

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