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Deadly Passage

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A great thriller built without guns blazing, fists flying or heroes doing impossible things July 24, 2013 HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE The quality of the writing in this book can be summed up in the following way. I know almost nothing about sailing, do not care to know, yet my interest was retained through the pages describing the acts of sailing. This is a great thriller, the senselessness, brutality, emotional coldness and arrogance of terrorism is a major part of the plot. Gold also portrays sections of the American government as being arrogant to the point of foolish and the hard political reality of having to make decisions where people die in order that others can live. The best part of the book is the repartee between Andy and Coast Guard Captain Barney Adams over the radio as Adams is ordered to stop Andy from landing in Florida while Andy refuses to consider any other option. It is funny and profound, yet it leads to a ratcheting up of tension to the point where one has to back down. There is almost no shooting and fighting action in this book, yet there is a great deal of tension and excitement. Gold demonstrates that it is possible to write a thriller without gimmicks. Deadly Passage is a high seas adventure of terrorism and counter-terrorism where ruthlessness exists on both sides of the equation.

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