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Essentially Human

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2016 | No Comments

Essentially Human, a story of Alien Encounters At eighty three years of age, Rachel Inez Astor threw herself from the bow of a cruise ship, only to wake up aboard an alien ship, restored to youth and cut off from the rest of the world. She adapts to her changed circumstances, growing to love the underwater realm. Twenty six years later, Federal Investigator Sam Montgomery inadvertently rescues her and finds himself taken aboard the submerged alien ship. He isn't sure what to make of this woman or the aliens who care for her. Are they a threat? Is she? The world is full of paranoia, restricted freedoms and environmental catastrophe. With the advanced science and technology, the aliens hold the power to restore balance - if they can survive exposure to a frightened planet. They've planned to reveal themselves and have worked for decades to assimilate and prepare to meet humans face to face. The key rests with the reborn Ria, who is learning how to be human once more, and Sam, a man torn between a lifetime of lies and taking a chance on the unknown.

Free Days: 03/27 - 03/31 

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