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For the Love of God

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The plot for this book is not only superb, it is a 10-star work in that we have more than one mystery, and all of it is woven together so well, we never loose track. The characters are totally believable and so well written that I can relate to them all. This book grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. If you enjoy medical drama, you'll love this novel that accurately depicts what happens when a cult denies sick children lifesaving medical care. While this is fiction, the novel shows practices that continue to this day. Do not misconstrue this novel as anti-religious...it's against those who would sacrifice innocent children based on their own beliefs. A shocking discovery of a cave with tiny unmarked graves shatters the peace of Exton, a small town in upstate N.Y. More horrifying is the forensic analysis that reveals that these young children died needlessly as the result of neglect and abuse at the hands of a religious fundamentalist cult that disavows medical care. The sheriff, an investigative reporter, the local coroner and two forensic experts from Albany develop the case. When the county DA, a fundamentalist, resists vigorous prosecution, the Governor appoints Rosemary and Calvin Brandt to represent the State and speak for the dead children. These controversial attorneys and former fundamentalists have devoted their lives to the protection of children. The final courtroom clash sets freedom of religion against the State's responsibility to protect innocent children.

Free Days: 03/09 - 03/13

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