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Illusions? Maybe

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 | No Comments

When young and shy teenager Glenn leaves secondary school, for the first time he faces the biggest conundrum most teenagers face when they leave school... where to go from there. With no direction and confidence, he struggles to make sense of the world he lives in and where he fits in. That is until he meets the mysterious and charismatic biker and drifter, Mick. An unlikely friendship is formed and he finds Mick to be unlike anyone he has met before with his unique insights into life. It is not long before he finds that there is more to Mick than meets the eye, that Mick has powers that can defy explanation. When the barriers of reality begin to blur around Glenn, he begins to question who Mick really is and what his intentions truly are. Whether he is real or an illusion like everything else around him...

Free Days: 03/31 - 04/03 

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