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Recycled Stardust

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016 | No Comments

Recycled Stardust is a loosely-linked series of poems written in blank verse, and is an attempt to simultaneously address both the human and the infinite, while respecting both and ultimately seeking to understand the relationship between the two. As the title implies, there is a strong cosmic overtone to many of the poems in the cycle, which use the details and minutiae of daily, emotional human life as a jumping-off point for exploring larger ideas. In these poems, stars, nebulae and even Time itself are not merely passive decoration but active participants in the physical existence we call human life; life that, given that the author and his prospective readers are human (one assumes), ultimately forms the fulcrum around which the poems rise and fall. How can we say that we know another person? Can something be both meaningful and meaningless, at the same time? Recycled Stardust tries to answer these questions, but only the reader can judge whether it has succeeded.

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