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Tainted Bleu

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Book 1- Tainted Series.

Sacha Bleu is from Louisiana. She left her family's farm after a series of tragic circumstances. Sacha took a bus out of town. The final stop was Miami, Florida. She found a place to stay and struggled to survive in a strange place with no family or financial support. Sacha found work at a local show bar. She was attacked one night after work. Two years later, Sacha is emotional and physically scarred but alive. She becomes a successful business owner with the help of a family inheritance. Sacha tries to adapt to the luxurious life in Miami but continues to struggle with emotional setbacks triggered by the extreme trauma in her past. When Sacha meets Pierce Braxton, a homicide detective everything changes. She keeps her past a secret while Pierce has some dark secrets of his own. A stalker, bloody death threat, and murder will send Sacha on an emotional journey of lies, betrayal, sex, and sacrifice. Will Sacha be able to accept her past to conquer her fears and save her own life?

Free eBook from March 8 - 12, 2016

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