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Waking Sapphire (The Dream Traveller Series Book 2)

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2016 | No Comments

The enchanting story of Sapphire Whittaker - Dream Traveller extraordinaire and "Fox" her Magical Guardian continues in Waking Sapphire. As she finally embraces her new gifts and travels to the magical world of "Shaka" she no longer has any doubt that her life is infinitely different from your average thirty something woman. Her time as a Dream Traveller has truly begun and she leaves Earth in the desperate hope that she can keep the new magic, which is growing at an alarming rate within her, safe. However, darker forces are eager to capture this power for themselves and Sapphire finds herself pushed to the limit as she is tested again and again on this perilous path she now finds herself walking on. A new dance awaits Sapphire, one filled with love, passion, danger, bloody battles and impossible decisions. The question is... can she survive it, and will she ever return to Earth again?

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