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What I Did For Love...

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2016 | No Comments

Three people. Two choices. One disaster... Jim Meade is 30, single, unfulfilled at work and firmly under the perfectly manicured thumb of his monstrous mother Sylvia. He's also one half of west London's least requested pub band - the other is his outrageous best friend Eric Chapman. Jim can feel his life stagnating, slowly, in front of him. But everything changes the day he meets the gorgeous, funny, Lucy Bradley. They hit it off instantly. Within a week, she's moved into his flat. Within a month, they've big news. But how will it go down with the matriarchal and desperately needy Sylvia? Especially when she's harbouring dark secrets of her own. And how will Eric adapt to his closest friend's changed circumstances? Not in the way anyone imagines. Jim will find himself torn in all directions. But by trying to please everyone, will he end up losing them all? What I Did For Love... is a romantic comedy about pride, attachment, betrayal and dysfunction. Of every kind.

Free Days: 04/01 - 04/02 

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