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Lucid Desire: Free Your Mind... and Body

Saturday, April 30, 2016 Category : 0

If you could do absolutely anything, without consequence, what would you do?

Amy is fed up with her extremely dissatisfying sex life with her husband, Mark. She was once free and wild: an animal; a dreamer. Now her life is mostly about work and staying on top of the mountain of clothes that come from God-knows-where, while her orgasms are a distant memory.

In a moment of desperation she goes to a therapist, and while learning the power of relaxation she unlocks the ability to control her dreams. She finds she can do incredible things.

Tonight, Amy is free to do anything, with anyone.

What would you do?

This steamy novella is for mature audiences only! The fantastical dream scenarios contained within include: shape shifting, gender bending, lesbian workouts, mild time travelling, destruction of a city, cumulo-warriors (read to find out!), and cheating "without consequence".

A standalone story, Lucid Desire is 10 chapters and 25,000 words long. Side effects from reading may include vivid dreams, quiet chuckling, and moist panties.

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Village Books

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Village Books is a local institution, which is good, because most of the staff probably belong in one. If you're looking for a cozy little neighborhood book shop, you should probably try the one a few blocks over.

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Premonition - A Story of Ireland

Friday, April 29, 2016 Category : 0

Writing a memoir is a personal and somewhat intrusive exercise: it can be a duty, it can be a compulsion. Premonition falls into the latter category and even now I have to ask why. Having spent much of my life entertaining the thought, my natural inclination always was to turn away. I'm a horse vet, not a writer. But there we are. Certain inclusions were critical. The silver spoon in Derrygarron which, though I was tiny then, still sits like a beacon in my mind. Then there was the barn they lived in after after being ejected from their home and the nearby strong flowing stream that spouts out of a hole in the ground - their water source, no doubt. It still spooks me. Imagination still asks how they managed to survive the trauma, how they died and why they were shunted into a hovel. I've met many prominent people over the course of my life, but how come I met the man who blew my father off the road in an ambush - nearly 40 years later? And the very family who chased the Moores out of Laois; the people my family bought their land from after eviction. Meeting two ex-Black and Tans later was equally strange. Why these things? Then Fermoy, where the same theme carried on and why did it feel so familiar? And G M? God help us. You might know the answers better than me after you've read this book.

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He Loves Me Not

Thursday, April 28, 2016 Category : , 0

In the game of love, everyone roots for the underdog. You know, that girl-next-door type who wears glasses and has a shy smile and who falls for the most popular boy in school...she's the hero of every story. And when the shy girl takes off her glasses and the quarterback kisses her and the crowd roars and the movie fades to black, people sit back and are satisfied.

But what about the cheerleader? The one he dumps at the fifty-yard line and the one who runs off the field humiliated and sobbing? What about her feelings?

He Loves Me Not tells the story of what happens after the cheerleader is denied her fairy tale ending. Maggie's life was perfect--she had perfect friends, perfect parents, and a perfect boyfriend. But when she's abruptly dumped in front of the entire county by that perfect boyfriend, her life falls apart. With her clique, her friends, and her social standing obliterated, Maggie is resigned to a lonely, humiliating senior year of high school.

...at least until she meets AJ Abbott, a musician who breaks every rule her mother ever taught her. He has no college degree. He wants to be a rockstar. He wears entirely too much black and leather.

But despite their differences, Maggie is slowly drawn into AJ's rock and roll lifestyle, and she'll be forced to choose which is more important--clinging to her nonexistent popularity or learning that maybe there's more to her than her beauty queen tiaras and cheerleader pom-poms.

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Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy)

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Nell can't wait to leave the isolation of her beach to attend University in the city. But when she learns she isn’t human, but a product of two warring alien species, her life somersaults. And now, aliens want to kill her.

99 Cent Bargain from April 28 - 30, 2016

A Touch of Magic

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A dazzling sleight-of-hand artist is recruited by the State Department to pit her skills – and wits – against a master terrorist. He’s about to receive a piece of stolen film used to make US passports, film that could open the door to terrorists around the world.

99 Cent Bargain from April 28 - May 1, 2016


Category : 0

Fugitive human war experiment Eira is saved from death from the most unlikely rescuer, a shapeshifting dragon. She now has a choice to make: keep on running, or turn back and face her dark past.

99 Cent Bargain from April 28 - May 2, 2016

Waiter to the Rich and Shameless: Confessions of a Five-Star Beverly Hills Server

Category : , 0

A down-and-out musician chops off his hair to become a server at the top of the Hollywood food chain, discovering a cloistered world of money, fame, bad behavior and intrigue.

99 Cent Bargain from April 28 - May 2, 2016

Into The Shadows

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Arriving home from a short holiday in Dingle, Lily Crossways makes a staggering discovery - on one of her photos taken on 'Inch' beach, a woman's desperate face is staring directly at her. Yet Lily knows she was alone that day on the beach. Who is she, is she even real, and why has she appeared to Lily? Unable to let the woman go, Lily makes the uncharacteristic decision to leave behind her safe world in England and return to Dingle to try and find her. Her search eventually leads her to cafe owner David Carson, this woman's brother, who hasn't seen his 'missing' sister in five years. Lily must now convince him to trust in her, taking bold steps to prove herself to him, and together track down his sister before it's too late. Yet are either prepared for the hidden secrets they are about to uncover in their earnest desire to find her, and the impact it will have on those they love?

Free Days: 04/29 - 05/01 

Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Category : 0

Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet is an uplifting poetry collection about living a life of fulfillment.

Becoming is a short collection of inspirational poems and articles about living a life of fulfillment. The author draws upon her own experiences, inspirations, and what she feels most passionate about. The poetry in this book is written about various topics; however, its main theme is about utilizing your God-given talents and gifts in such a way that leads to a fulfilling life. It is the follow-up to her to her award-winning poetry book collection, Unscrambled Eggs.

I've always written what was important to me and my life, and that is the primary inspiration for the book.

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Restraining Order

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All Alexis Fields wanted was to get on with her life. But her world is turned upside down when her ex, a disturbed man, promises to turn her life into a living hell.

99 Cent Bargain from April 27 - May 31, 2016

Red-Line: The Shift (Volume One)

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Her fate... Sarah Randolph believes she's just an ordinary woman, at least until the day she meets Ramsey-a mysterious man who tells her that not only is she not ordinary... she's not even human. Depends on him... John Sherlock Ramsey, an Earth-born Eudoran, is a Protector. He's assigned to help Sarah complete her Shift, a period of intense transformation experienced by those of his species. But her Shift is different and risky, because she's a Red-Line, a member of his kind not seen in over sixty years. Yet she is the key to his survival... As her abilities are revealed and the secrets of their destiny exposed, they must confront an assailant who shares Sarah's unique origins and whose motives are far more sinister than anything Ramsey has ever encountered. Will Sarah's unique powers change their fate? Or will she prove to be Ramsey's last assignment on earth and watch as her people succumb to extinction? Part one of a three-part series.

Free Day: 04/28 

The Jack Ryder Mystery Series: Vol 1-2

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Crazy deal from the Queen of Scream Willow Rose! Get the first two books in the bestselling Jack Ryder Mystery series for FREE! The books have more than 150 raving five-star reviews on Amazon!

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The Oath Breaker

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Category : 0

A savage historical adventure story set in the Roman era Germania, where Hraban will discover his father Maroboodus has dangerous plans in store for his nation after his return from Roman service as an exile.

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Longing for Love

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Tiffany Sturgil is finally divorced and wondering if sexy Police Chief Blaine Taylor thinks of her as often as she thinks of him since their explosive encounter last fall. Despite their clashes, when these two finally get together, readers will need to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand!

99 Cent Bargain from April 26 - May 10, 2016

Accidental Leigh

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What happens when the girl next door becomes a witch? CATASTROPHE! One accidental witch, a little romance writing, and a mysterious summons from the Witches Local 1313 will keep you turning the pages of Accidental Leigh, Book 1 of Literal Leigh Romance Diaries from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie James. A paranormal romantic comedy full of adventure, magic spells, and a whole lot of fun.

Free Days: 04/27 - 05/02 

You're Not the Only One Who's Anatomically Correct 'Round These Parts: Tales of Phallocentrism

Category : 0

"All these years I've been telling myself if I twirled it a little to the left, it'd be a penis, when, in fact, it was nothing more than matted fur." - Travis T. Bear It's difficult being a stuffed animal, especially when you come to the realization that your entire life has been a lie. Proverbial drunk and right-wing zealot, Travis T. Bear embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery in this wayward coming-of-age story. Along with his neurotic pal, Wimpy, and body image obsessed wife, Moona Lisa Cow, our fluffy antihero searches far and wide for his missing manhood and, in the process, learns an important lesson on the true meaning of masculinity. 'You're Not the Only One Who's Anatomically Correct 'Round These Parts - Tales of Phallocentrism' is the first book in the NOT FOR KIDS book series. James L. Manchester's most recent book is 'You Should Never End a Sentence With a Preposition - Tales of Gun Control.'

Free Days: 04/27 - 05/01 

Self-Defense Survival Guide: How To Survive When You're Fighting For Your Life

Category : 0

You have 3 seconds to react to an attack...do you know what to do? Now more than ever threats to our safety in the form of both crime and terrorism exist. From your home to your business to your school or college, you must be prepared. Most people don't have the time or money to devote to traditional martial arts training, but it doesn't take years of training or thousands of dollars to improve your personal safety. Being "armed with awareness" is the first step. Everyone needs to pay more attention to the people, environment and objects around them so that you will be ready to take care of yourself and your family when something happens that threatens your safety and well being...provided you commit yourself 100% without hesitation. Asking yourself the tough questions ahead of time will mentally prepare you for the unthinkable. When you are prepared, you are able to cope with threats to your safety effectively. Although you can't know exactly when an attack or threat will occur, you must be aware of the fact that it CAN occur. Featuring over 200 high-quality photos, detailed step-by-step instructions and an online video companion, you can now learn how to effectively escape, block, strike, trip and throw your attacker - regardless of your prior experience. The Self-Defense Survival Guide will boost your confidence, reduce your worry and stress, and allow you to enjoy a better quality of life through a greater sense of personal security.

Free Days: 04/27 - 04/28 

Morbus Dei: The Arrival

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VOLUME 1 OF THE HIGHLY GRIPPING MORBUS DEI-TRILOGY Getting caught in a snowstorm, deserter Johann List ends up in a secluded mountain village ridden by fear and superstition. Soon he realises that there is something wrong with this village, that it lies beneath a grim shadow - animals get killed, people disappear, hooded shapes lurk in the dark woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, they decide to leave the village together. But even before they are able to elope, the situation escalates - a life and death struggle begins. Authentically and vividly the author duo tells a story full of tragedy and emotion and allows you to travel back 300 years in time. Morbus Dei: The Arrival - a brilliant combination of mystery thriller and historical novel. New translation: more than 300 reviews on Amazon.de (avg. 4.4) for the German edition!

Free Days: 04/27 - 05/27 

A Dance with Hummingbirds: A Spiritual Romantic Comedy about an Extraordinary Gift from the Other Side

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Losing a loved one is tuff enough, but when Regina Richards experiences the loss of her spouse of many decades little does she expect the extraordinary sequence of events that would unfold. First there was the mysterious whistling that would come from out of nowhere, followed by the black patent leather dancing shoes that miraculously appear in her bedroom (she doesn't dance), and then came the visits from her dearly departed husband, who would explain what is was like on the other side. Surely this would be enough for anyone to begin to think they were losing it. Thank goodness Regina has a great sense of humor and a job where she can throw herself into her work. She will need both. But will it be enough? In the weeks and months that follow a series of seemingly coincidental and chance meetings all come together to provide an amazing and unexpected journey into the nature of love, life, death and grief, healing, and spirituality. Whether you call this a book about spiritual relationships, a humorous love story, or a spiritual romance, one thing for sure is that this charming story will touch your heart and lift your spirit.

Free Days: 04/27 - 04/30 

Fire Heart

Category : 0

My heart is on fire. For the first time in my life I am awake and the desires I've pushed down are smoldering. The shadows of my youth are daring me to step away from them, and new visions are circling through my head that include having intimacy in a way I never dreamed of. Through family dysfunction and by the lack of affection in my household I learned not to get too close. Rage and violence lurked when we became vulnerable and the way I learned to protect myself was to build high and thick walls of defense around my heart. I dream about having a full, open, and intimate relationship. I want a real adult romance with every beat of my heart. But I can't trust anyone enough-especially myself. This is my battle: A fight to break generational chains of dysfunction and addiction, to understand the choices of my parents, to love and trust myself, so that I can love and trust another. This story is about transitioning into joy. I invite you to follow me on my journey and the struggle I'm desperate to overcome.

Free Days: 04/27 - 04/29 

The Lost Town: Bringing Back Trochenbrod

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Trochenbrod was a bustling commercial center of more than 5,000 people, all Jews, hidden deep in the forest in Northwest Ukraine. It thrived as a tiny Jewish kingdom unnoticed and unknown to most people, even though it was "the big city" for surrounding Ukrainian and Polish villages. The people of Trochenbrod vanished in the Holocaust, and soon nothing remained of this vibrant 130-year-old town but a mysterious double row of trees and bushes in a clearing in the forest. In this new book, Avrom Bendavid-Val makes Trochenbrod's true story accessible, enjoyable, and memorable for young readers. The Lost Town follows his adventures while uncovering the lost history of the magical place where his father was born and raised. An imagined Trochenbrod was the setting for Jonathan Safran Foer's novel, Everything is Illuminated , and the movie by the same name.

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Alien Hunters

Monday, April 25, 2016 Category : 0

The skelkrins. Predators from deep space. Creatures of claws, fangs, and unending malice. They swarm across the galaxy, slaying all in their path. Planets burn in their wake. And now they're heading to Earth. Raphael "Riff" Starfire commands the Alien Hunters, a group of scruffy mercenaries. Galactic pest controllers, they mostly handle small critters--aliens that clog up your engine pipes, gnaw on your hull, or burrow through your silos. Riff and his crew have never faced anything like the skelkrins before. As these cosmic killers invade our solar system, will Riff be the one hunting aliens . . . or will aliens hunt him?

Free Days: 04/01 - 06/30 


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A tenacious reporter becomes prey in a radical paranormal experiment after committing himself into an asylum to track a serial killer presumed executed by the state.

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Glory Days: An 80's Romance

Category : , 0

It's summer of 1988 and Matt is about to start his senior year. He's in love with his best friend, Dawn, and thinks the feelings may be mutual. But trouble at home may ruin everything.

99 Cent Bargain from April 25 - 29, 2016

Triumph and Treasure

Category : 0

Angelina Ellsworth believed in love—before discovering her husband of mere hours is a slave-trader and already married. Flynn, Earl of Luxmoore, led an enchanted life until his father committed suicide. When Flynn and Angelina are thrown together, tender love and sizzling romance are the unexpected result.

99 Cent Bargain from April 25 - May 1, 2016

Reason for Existence

Category : 0

David Jordan. Successful, intelligent, connected, and with a mission. Now at the center of a global crisis. Can he bring peace to the world and maintain his secret? Or will he fail and cost humans everything?

99 Cent Bargain from April 25 - 30, 2016


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Missing prostitutes and gang violence are just the start. Charity witnesses a car crash. The police don't talk to PIs, but maybe they'll explain why the victim had a bullet hole in his head in exchange for the photos and video she collected right at the scene. She can't let it go. Someone has to pay for the violence. Her latest client is a young streetwalker named Val. She's prickly and won't back off. She's used to fending for herself, but her sister Emma has fallen into something big. Anyone who shows too much interest in this particular business is liable to catch a sudden case of death. She needs the help of a pro, and soon, or Emma may not survive to be rescued. As Charity traces each lead with Val in tow, they get closer and closer to the most dangerous criminals in the city - the Chinese gangs that like to kill anyone who gets too curious about their business, drugs or people trafficking. I f you enjoy fast paced and terrifying action, you'll love this page turner. Buy Hubris today and join the hunt for justice.

Free Days: 04/26/16 - 04/26/17

Mistaken Kiss

Category : , 0

Willa, the vicar's little sister knows full well that her prospects are bleak. When she accidentally kisses Alexander Braeburn, her dull predictable world turns upside down. Logic dictates that she should stay away from the handsome Corinthian. He's the black sheep of their village. But how can she resist? She yearns for one more taste of the most tantalizing excitement she has ever experienced. Just one more, before Willa settles back into her dreary life forever.

Free Days: 04/26 - 04/30 

Fractured Not Broken

Sunday, April 24, 2016 Category : , 0


WINNER of New Apple Literary Award in the Inspirational and Spirit Categories

Parts of this memoir appeared on ESPN and in Rosie.

Fractured Not Broken is a true story of loss, faith, and a rare love that only happens in nonfiction.In a sweeping and heart-wrenching narrative, Kelly exposes the truth about what happened after a drunk driver rendered her a quadriplegic. She shares how she found her way back--through faith and pain, her community, her family, and the love of a man she prayed for.

"This is a real life story of heroic virtue--especially of courage, humility, and generosity--a triumph of faith, hope and love. This story involves the very essence of the human spirit, family, and community. To know Kelly and her journey of miracles is to know that with God all things are possible." --Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson Bishop of Evansville

The Dark Levy

Category : 0

A thrilling, dark fantasy adventure, where two sisters begin their journey to the Nine Worlds, where they discover their fate, a dangerous beast, treachery, and a fight to regain their souls.

99 Cent Bargain from April 24 - 25, 2016

The Journey

Category : 0

De Vine Tours' two-week walking trip through New Zealand wine country is billed as a trip of a lifetime: sumptuous food, great wine, fabulous scenery, easy walks and wonderful homestay accommodation. For Lindsey McIntyre, writer and illustrator, the tour seems like a recipe for success. She will be able to sketch, research for her new book and most importantly, become more independent. It's time for her to take some vital steps to overcome the legacy of a difficult childhood and move on with her life.

Despite her fears and lack of confidence, Lindsey soon makes friends with fellow tour member, Eleanor, and begins to get to know her other travelling companions: older couple Eddie and Vi; socially inept Cedric; bristly Bianca and the elusive Simon and Andrew. How will these relationships develop over the course of the two weeks? Will Lindsey manage to break free from the traumas of the past? And what will happen when a mystery threatens to derail the journey altogether?

99 Cent Bargain from April 19 - 24, 2016

Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind

Category : 0

Rhet guts fish for a living, content in obscurity until the day he is plucked from the wharves by nine exotic strangers and carted across the continent to a life-sentence of imprisonment. Though he has done nothing (as far as he knows) to warrant such capture, his captors are certain he will one day destroy the world if they do not prevent him. Although it is true that Rhet discovers great powers, he is neither villain nor hero. He is unique in a world where some can pull threads of wind from the air and weave it to do their bidding; he can bring wind into being where there is none. But a quest for domination begins to unravel the very fabric of the world, destroying the balance that must be maintained. It only took one to start the spiral toward chaos, but one alone cannot save the world, no matter how great his power. A new chapter in the story of the human race has begun. A slave will come to rule, a dockworker will meet his fate, and an unlikely group of companions will find themselves thrust to the forefront of the battle for life's existence. And man's future may be only Whispers in the Wind.

Free Days: 04/25 - 04/29 

The Adventures of Super C and Cool Dude: First Flight

Category : , 0

Chris and Sean were headed to College when a tornado changed everything. Now the same scientist who saved their lives needs their help. A villain has emerged.. and the only ones who can stop him... are SUPER C and COOL DUDE! As the mystery of unfolds, a saga begins!

Free Days: 04/25 - 04/29 


Saturday, April 23, 2016 Category : 0

They say the world used to turn. They say that night would follow day in an endless dance. They say that dawn rose, dusk fell, and we worshiped both sun and stars. That was a long time ago. The dance has died. The world has fallen still. We float through the heavens, one half always in light, one half always in shadow. Like the moth of our forests, one wing white and the other black, we are torn. My people are the fortunate. We live in daylight, blessed in the warmth of the sun. Yet across the line, the others lurk in eternal night, afraid... and alone in the dark. I was born in the light. I was sent into darkness. This is my story.

Free Days: 04/01 - 06/ 30

Royal S.O.B.

Category : 0

A steamy British bad boy romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

Fractured Not Broken

Category : 0

AWARD-WINNING and BESTSELLING AUTHOR WINNER of New Apple Literary Award in the Inspirational and Spirit Categories Parts of this memoir appeared on ESPN and in Rosie. Fractured Not Broken is a true story of loss, faith, and a rare love that only happens in nonfiction.In a sweeping and heart-wrenching narrative, Kelly exposes the truth about what happened after a drunk driver rendered her a quadriplegic. She shares how she found her way back--through faith and pain, her community, her family, and the love of a man she prayed for. "This is a real life story of heroic virtue--especially of courage, humility, and generosity--a triumph of faith, hope and love. This story involves the very essence of the human spirit, family, and community. To know Kelly and her journey of miracles is to know that with God all things are possible." --Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson Bishop of Evansville

Free Days: 04/24 - 04/26 

Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4)

Friday, April 22, 2016 Category : 0

I fell for Hailey the moment I laid eyes on her, before I knew about the three King Kong size battles I would have to fight to be with her.

By the time Linc warned me that his gorgeous sister with legs a mile long was off limits and "emotionally fragile," it was too late. There was no turning back.

Then there's my friend Senn, who had a one-night stand with Hailey. He's trying his best to get a repeat performance during the week of Claire and Linc's wedding. Sorry buddy, bros might come before hoes, but they don't come before sweet southern belles.

And last but not least, the IFC insists that if I want a million dollar contract and a championship title fight then I need to keep up my playboy image to fuel all the female fans' filthy fantasies.

But for Hailey, I'll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

99 Cent Bargain from April 22 - 29, 2016


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Told through the medium of a colony of migrating birds, this is a beautiful love story which explores the meaning of the word 'love' to different individuals. It's about pain and joy, illusion and reality. It's also about the fragility of love and the way it can be destroyed so easily for some, while for others, it's the immutable spine of their very existence. Telemachus is the big red eagle at the end of the northern valley and from whose talons none return. Tom, the central character, doesn't know if he's real or an illusion, as none ever return to say they've seen him. He's the threat that's there in the face of all life, the danger that's met around any corner. In some ways, he's the existential response to illogical teaching and distorted reasoning.

Free Days: 04/23 - 04/30 


Thursday, April 21, 2016 Category : 0

With the aid of a mysterious man, a woman and her son go on the run from an abusive husband and his brother – a sadistic cop – only to discover her rescuer has his own plans for her.

99 Cent Bargain from April 21 - 25, 2016

Torrents of Blood

Category : 0

On a dank and foggy November evening in 1796 a Royal Mail Coach on its way from Hull to York is stopped by two highwaymen. One of the passengers is abducted. Two weeks later the headless body of a man is discovered beneath a hedge in the same locality. In the following weeks more headless bodies are discovered. A constable from the town of Hull and his bookseller friend Nicholas Twygge are asked by the Sheriff and Aldermen to investigate the deaths. Their trail takes them to Hamburg where they find themselves embroiled in events which threaten them and the peaceful lives of the residents of Hull.

Europe-wide murders are being perpetrated in the midst of the political turmoil and fanaticism of the French Revolution.

Free eBook from April 21 - 24, 2016

In Search of the Wise Men

Category : , 0

Raymond finds a mentor in God, Ralph and the classics as he finds himself following the wise men in wealth, health, power and connection.

99 Cent Bargain from April 21 - 23, 2016

Imperfect Love

Category : 0

Lauren Wilson is well on her way to her happily-ever-after. She’s passionate about her career, she adores her handsome, hard-working husband, and with a baby finally on the way, her perfect life is within her grasp.

But then a devastating test result changes everything, and she must rebuild her life.

99 Cent Bargain from April 21 - 26, 2016

AMP Messenger

Category : 0

If you like fast-paced science fiction, don't miss this action-packed read! The first book in the AMP series. In a distant galaxy, humans are on the run. For a thousand years they have fled from an enemy that is bent on their annihilation. The only real defense is their home, a great station called the Grid with a faster than light drive that is unmatched for speed. Don is a Messenger not a hero. But ordinary men sometimes have a way of rising to a challenge. War is coming and fate will place Don smack in the middle of an all out fight for Man's survival. Is Man ready for the 43rd Milgari war? Don Grange doesn't think so!

Free Days: 04/22 - 04/30 

Of Moths and Butterflies

Category : 0

Archer Hamilton is a collector of rare and beautiful insects. Gina Shaw is a servant in his uncle's house. Out of place in the position in which she has been discovered, she becomes a source of fascination...and curiosity. A girl with a blighted past and a fortune she deems a curse, Gina has lowered herself in order to find escape from her family and their scheming designs. But when she is found, the stakes suddenly become dire. All Gina wants is the freedom to live her life as she would wish. All her aunts want is the money that comes with her. But there is more than one way to trap an insect. An arranged marriage might turn out profitable for more parties than one. Mr. Hamilton is about to make the acquisition of a lifetime. But will the price be worth it? Can a woman captured and acquired learn to love the man who has bought her?

Free Days: 04/22 - 04/23 

Sullivan's War

Category : 0

Defending Gibraltar from the might of the Spanish and French forces will stretch Sergeant Tom Sullivan to his limits. But if anyone can withstand the siege from land and sea throughout 1781 it is the Irish veteran of the American War of Independence. Outnumbered and outflanked, his band of brothers from the Light Company of the 39th Regiment of Foot, with Tom at their helm, fight for their lives as well as their country. Sullivan's War, just like this beleaguered 18th century British colony, is no place for the faint hearted. But bravery brings its rewards as Sergeant Sullivan soon catches the eye of British high command as well as Gibraltar's tavern owner, Lara. With love comes hate, and old feuds die hard amidst the chaos of siege warfare. Sullivan's War is a thrilling historical adventure in the months leading up to the infamous Grand Attack.

Free Days: 04/22 - 04/24 

The Link That Could Not Be Broken

Category : , 0

Gavin is a man who has lost his faith in God. During a periodic meeting with his lifelong friend and religious mentor, Dr. Faulkner Brickley, Gavin confesses that he is no longer a believer. Alarmed that his friend has lost the capacity to see that life can be extraordinary, the professor decides it's time to reveal a secret. "We can either choose to use our talents or not to use them," he tells Gavin before dramatically demonstrating to him that God has granted him with an amazing gift. Meanwhile, Gavin runs into his old flame at a funeral. He brought Elizabeth Kashner into the faith, all those years ago. But in his state of grief following the death of his father, he had told Elizabeth he no longer wanted her in his life. Although their chance meeting stirs up old feelings, nothing much comes of it-until Elizabeth goes on a missionary trip to the Russian republic of Ingushetia. When Elizabeth ends up being held hostage, Gavin offers to use his newfound talent to win her freedom. In the meantime, Elizabeth's own plan of escape is to create a bond with one of her captors. As a result of their adventures, lives are changed-in very surprising ways. And Gavin sees that life can be extraordinary. But is this enough to shake his disbelief?

Free Days: 04/22 - 04/25 

The Search For The Goose's Palm

Category : 0

The Search For The Goose's Palm. A totally non-PC account of the travels of a boy from Luton who wanted a bit more adventure out of life than the annual two weeks in Margate could provide. Often hilarious, frequently farcical, consistently idiotic, sometimes unbelievable, but always entertaining.

Free Days: 04/22 - 04/24

Shaken- Young Guns Book 1.5

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Category : 0

There's something to be said for lust at first sight.
Redd wasn't looking for Mr. Right but Mr. Right now.
Nikko wasn't looking for anyone.

99 Cent Bargain from April 19 - 22, 2016

Requiem's Song (Dawn of Dragons, Book 1)

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Weredragons, men call them. Monsters. Cursed ones. People who can turn into beastly reptiles. In an ancient world just rising from darkness, they are everywhere. Some wander the plains with clans of mammoth hunters. Others are born in riverside huts. Some live across the ocean where seafaring tribes are discovering the secrets of bronze and writing in clay. Everywhere their curse is the same--people who can grow wings, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. And everywhere, they are hunted. They hide in forests and caves, dispersed. Many are alone, unaware that others exist. They are shunned, afraid, dying . . . until a group of these lost souls binds together and stands tall. A blacksmith in a world of stone tools. A mammoth hunter exiled from her tribe. A traveling juggler and a wandering warrior. An elderly druid and an outcast prince. They are weredragons. They are cursed and hunted. Together they will forge a new tribe, a home for their kind. A dawn of dragon rises. The nation of Requiem is born.

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