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A Noble Story

Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | No Comments

When hard work fails to pay off, relationships fall flat, and carefully-laid plans unravel, it is easy to lose heart. The narrator of A Noble Story is a man whose dreams have faded and who zombie-walks through meaningless work days, drinks himself to sleep each night, and keeps company with the ghosts of lovers past. That is until he sees a dancing pickle twirling a sign on a street corner. The pickle is giving it all he's got, caught up in a rhythm all his own. He is so sincere and dedicated in his efforts, he doesn't look as ridiculous as he should. In fact, he seems somehow dignified. Even noble. Who is that guy? And what's his story? As the answers to these questions begin to unfold, the narrator finds himself believing again. And just like that, he's on his motorcycle, leaving his job and the city behind for open country roads and adventure. He may have no idea where life is suddenly leading him or if he'll even survive, but for the first time in a long time-he's enjoying the ride.

Free Days: 04/06 - 04/10 

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