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Blueberry Terrace An Appropriate Ending?

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2016 | No Comments

Stanley Johnston a 82 year old Widower, is persuaded by his three daughters to move into a Nursing Home. He sees little evidence of the promised 'total care' where Carers sneak outside for cigarettes and even the Cook complains about resident's large appetites. Money goes missing from bedrooms and Matron is afraid of losing relatives. Later, a resident is found with bruising and a camera is installed in her bedroom. The culprits are discovered, and claim that the 92 year old woman was attacking them. Emily visits Stanley in an exercise class where the Trainer is reading, and says she is studying Health benefits in older people'. Emily quips “You wont get much from reading 'Youth of Today'. Olive's paranoia is upsetting Stanley, but when a new resident, Veronica, moves in Stanley begins to feel contented. He explains that he can't discuss the house with Olive, since he no longer owns it but intends to contact his Solicitor.

Free Days: 04/08 - 04/10 

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