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Dutch Curridge

Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2016 | No Comments

When Alvis Curridge isn't holding down a stool at Peechie Keen's Bar & Kanteen, he busies himself trying to keep things in line around Cowtown - an old habit from his days with the Fort Worth Sheriff's Department. Sometimes this means tangling with his former boss, or with Ruthie Nell, the spunky reporter for the Fort Worth Press. Things get especially tangled when a baby shows up in a gift-wrapped box at his doorstep. Alas, this is no Moses story. The baby is dead, its young father missing. Part To Kill a Mockingbird and part Ugetsu Monogatari, Bryant's Dutch Curridge combines hard boiled crime and mystery with a good old fashioned ghost story as Dutch, who knows a great deal about the ways of the world, learns a little about himself and how he fits into "the scheme of things."

Free Days: 04/11 - 04/13 

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