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Missing prostitutes and gang violence are just the start. Charity witnesses a car crash. The police don't talk to PIs, but maybe they'll explain why the victim had a bullet hole in his head in exchange for the photos and video she collected right at the scene. She can't let it go. Someone has to pay for the violence. Her latest client is a young streetwalker named Val. She's prickly and won't back off. She's used to fending for herself, but her sister Emma has fallen into something big. Anyone who shows too much interest in this particular business is liable to catch a sudden case of death. She needs the help of a pro, and soon, or Emma may not survive to be rescued. As Charity traces each lead with Val in tow, they get closer and closer to the most dangerous criminals in the city - the Chinese gangs that like to kill anyone who gets too curious about their business, drugs or people trafficking. I f you enjoy fast paced and terrifying action, you'll love this page turner. Buy Hubris today and join the hunt for justice.

Free Days: 04/26/16 - 04/26/17

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