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Morbus Dei: The Arrival

Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | No Comments

VOLUME 1 OF THE HIGHLY GRIPPING MORBUS DEI-TRILOGY Getting caught in a snowstorm, deserter Johann List ends up in a secluded mountain village ridden by fear and superstition. Soon he realises that there is something wrong with this village, that it lies beneath a grim shadow - animals get killed, people disappear, hooded shapes lurk in the dark woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, they decide to leave the village together. But even before they are able to elope, the situation escalates - a life and death struggle begins. Authentically and vividly the author duo tells a story full of tragedy and emotion and allows you to travel back 300 years in time. Morbus Dei: The Arrival - a brilliant combination of mystery thriller and historical novel. New translation: more than 300 reviews on Amazon.de (avg. 4.4) for the German edition!

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