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Premonition - A Story of Ireland

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016 | No Comments

Writing a memoir is a personal and somewhat intrusive exercise: it can be a duty, it can be a compulsion. Premonition falls into the latter category and even now I have to ask why. Having spent much of my life entertaining the thought, my natural inclination always was to turn away. I'm a horse vet, not a writer. But there we are. Certain inclusions were critical. The silver spoon in Derrygarron which, though I was tiny then, still sits like a beacon in my mind. Then there was the barn they lived in after after being ejected from their home and the nearby strong flowing stream that spouts out of a hole in the ground - their water source, no doubt. It still spooks me. Imagination still asks how they managed to survive the trauma, how they died and why they were shunted into a hovel. I've met many prominent people over the course of my life, but how come I met the man who blew my father off the road in an ambush - nearly 40 years later? And the very family who chased the Moores out of Laois; the people my family bought their land from after eviction. Meeting two ex-Black and Tans later was equally strange. Why these things? Then Fermoy, where the same theme carried on and why did it feel so familiar? And G M? God help us. You might know the answers better than me after you've read this book.

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