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Self-Defense Survival Guide: How To Survive When You're Fighting For Your Life

Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | No Comments

You have 3 seconds to react to an attack...do you know what to do? Now more than ever threats to our safety in the form of both crime and terrorism exist. From your home to your business to your school or college, you must be prepared. Most people don't have the time or money to devote to traditional martial arts training, but it doesn't take years of training or thousands of dollars to improve your personal safety. Being "armed with awareness" is the first step. Everyone needs to pay more attention to the people, environment and objects around them so that you will be ready to take care of yourself and your family when something happens that threatens your safety and well being...provided you commit yourself 100% without hesitation. Asking yourself the tough questions ahead of time will mentally prepare you for the unthinkable. When you are prepared, you are able to cope with threats to your safety effectively. Although you can't know exactly when an attack or threat will occur, you must be aware of the fact that it CAN occur. Featuring over 200 high-quality photos, detailed step-by-step instructions and an online video companion, you can now learn how to effectively escape, block, strike, trip and throw your attacker - regardless of your prior experience. The Self-Defense Survival Guide will boost your confidence, reduce your worry and stress, and allow you to enjoy a better quality of life through a greater sense of personal security.

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