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Shadow Heart

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 | No Comments

This story focuses on a woman who has come of age and begun to realize the fears she's carried through her childhood from growing up in a family battling alcoholism. Abandonment, devaluing, fear of everything good ending-all are why Nicky Young has been happy to stand back in the shadows, watching and observing and stepping out only when safe. Now, in order to transition into a life she'd always imagined, she needs to risk the embrace, rise and fall of love and heartache, and the heartache and joys of life. The rage of her father's addiction pushes and pulls her back, but with all her heart she wants to break free and start a life that is brilliant and unafraid of failure. But can she? What if you were afraid to even turn the doorknob to your front door when coming home because of what might wait inside? What would it take to make you step out of your shadows, to once and for all break free from the twisted security of familiarity, and take a chance, a little risk, that could change everything? This is the family saga and love story that tells about the horrible, beautiful, twisted, amazing vulnerability of family dysfunction and how one woman overcame fears of abandonment and deep intimacy. This is the story of how one woman chose to risk it all so she could really, really, be alive.

Free Days: 04/21 - 04/23 

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