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The DANGER! Kids

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The DANGER! Kids, is the exciting page turning adventure, which debuts C.R.M. International Publishing to the world at large. This story is part of the Classic Stories series, which includes The Adventures of Super C and Cool Dude: First Flight. 12 year olds Kevin and Mike are bored as they ride their bikes around the neighborhood looking for excitement. They decide to form and adventure club by recruiting unique members of the neighborhood. Kev finds Smooth, the self-proclaimed best freestyler in 6th grade, with his black shades, motorcycle jacket, and golden boombox who agrees to be apart of the club. So does Mike's find, Army, the fatigues wearing son of a military man, who brings more than his stern handshake to the table. And last but not least, the group recruits Sal, a tomboy and true rebel to their club. The five friends are barely able to get acquainted with each other before the action begins. Kevin's mom is kidnapped before their eyes, giving the group their first mission. Now the kids will aim to become heroes as this explosive action adventure thrusts them into all kinds of trouble! From escaping an exploding warehouse, standing face to face with bullies and the daring rescue of Sal's mother; the kids have the adventure of a lifetime against the villain Pierre. As Officers Ralph, Johnny, and Jarrett join in, the kids find even themselves in a legendary helicopter chase! Action packed adventure has arrived!

Free Days: 04/11 - 04/15 

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